Plans for an Ambush

As Kevin woke from his short sleep he noticed a young Ami that had been on watch was talking to commander Soste, both faces showed concern over something. Soste woke Harris and asked both him and Kevin up to the wheelhouse of the boat for a private meeting. “I have just been informed we are being watched from the far river bank my lookout suspects that a band of Asov is hiding in the undergrowth observing us. I suspect they are unable to reach us because of where we are moored on the river and I am sure they will attempt to kill us all so maybe they wait for a more opportune moment for an attack. I can only think they raced through the night to catch us up and are probably only a small band sent only to watch us so we are in no immediate danger. It would be good Kevin if you can tell me the boat will outrace them and leave them far behind the last thing I want to do is leave them a clear trail to follow right back to Ta-Amihome.” Kevin was lost in thought looking back down the river. “This posse’s a problem I hoped wouldn’t come up but now it has I think I may have a solution. But it may only be a temporary one for all that. Up ahead of us is a bridge across the river some distance after that is a fork in the river. To the left is our destination and to the right the river runs back towards Shane mountain and its source, it is navigable for quite some distance but not long after the fork is a old river bend that is nearly cut off from the main river. If we run hard and fast up to there we can be into the old river bend then drop some scouts off and hide behind the island before the Asov reach us. They will have to backtrack to the bridge to follow our trail on the river again. The few scouts dropped off should be able to monitor when they have passed and we can continue our journey. That will give us a good lead on them and leave us in a position where we will be able to decide whether or not to attack them depending on their numbers.” Strategically speaking it was an excellent plan both Harris and Soste nodded. It would still be a while before the batteries had recharged enough for Kevin to start the boat off up river again. Kevin returned to the main boat deck and settled down to rest again. Sitting down beside some resting Ami Kevin began to listen to the telling of a story by an older and battle worn Ami about when the Ami had lived on the European continent. “After the Asov had discovered our first Ta-Amihome in the North we were forced to flee to the South. For many years we continued to make only temporary homes. Staying in one place for a few months then moving on in the hope we would elude our enemies. At some point our scouts came across a village of Asov. It appeared to be only lightly defended by a few Asov troops and most of the communities were females and young Asov. A plan was prepared and presented to the leader of all the Ta-Ami Mercus our then Furste. He approved the plan so as to give some morale to the Ta-Ami after our long trek and initial defeat by the Asov, morale was at an all time low. The village would be attacked and wiped out no Asov were to be left alive to mention the passing of the Clans. Just as day broke the best of the fighting Clans were in position around the village and launched the attack. All went well at first the sentries were taken care of and very little warning was given of the impending attack. The first resistance was given by a patrol setting out on a morning run. The attacking forces slaughtered them but the alarm was now given and all the Asov old enough to bear arms set about defending the village. Females fought with such ferocity so unexpected by our troops that we were caught off guard and for all that we outnumbered them we were fought to a standstill. The Furste himself came to observe what was happening and direct the battle from the top of a nearby hill, his family as always was in close attendance. Unknown to them they were in the direct line of the main group of returning Asov warriors that had been out on long distance patrol and food gathering expedition. Dropping their supplies they attacked the hill quickly disposing of the Ta-Ami personal guard to the Furste, then set about killing the Furste and all his family leaving us as you know with no direct heir to the throne. As you all now know Asov females also serve in the front-line fighting with male troops side by side and that is one of the reasons we avoid all contact even if the community is a small one as we first thought this one was. We lost so many good troops that day our forces have never really recovered from the setback not to mention the loss of the royal family. From that day on we were harried all the more by the Asov forces our attack seems to have enraged them all the more if that were possible for their hatred of us is undying. Many times on our journey have we encountered the Asov but never has their been a battle so fierce with so great a loss to the Ta-Ami. ” Kevin had listened to the Ami reciting the story enthralled by the detail he had woven into it. Time had seemed to fly by and now it was time to continue the journey and see if the ruse to throw off the following Asov would work. Calling all Ami to their respective positions Kevin made his way to the wheelhouse and started the boat. Having made sure that the changed battery was online and the spare was charging. Knowing the failure of the batteries would be the undoing of them. For there would be no chance to elude the pursuing Asov on foot, no matter how good the Ami were at covering their tracks, and they would be travelling considerably slower carrying the gold band of Kevin’s and the wounded.
The boat swung out into the main river and began its fight against the current such as it was and began making headway up towards the old wooden bridge.

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