Soste broke into a high-pitched laugh Harris standing beside him couldn’t help but join in. When they had calmed down Harris explained. “When the door began to move upwards in the first instant, we were leaning against it resting. It frightened the life out of us our natural reaction was to run for cover. Many things about your society we don’t understand and your technology is alien to us Kevin”. Kevin laughed and shook his head. “Wait till you see what I have in store for you next then”.
With the two Ami still on top of the wooden bench, Kevin directed them to the wall switch for the main lights for the garage. Warning the group what was to happen Kevin had the Ami through the switch. The garage was flooded with light from the overhead panels. Many Ami stood looking around in awe of the equipment about them, Kevin new none of them understood what any of it did. Located at the rear of the garage was an area where Kevin had stored many of his eldest son’s toys. Among them on a low bench near the floor was the three-foot long fibreglass model boat that Kevin and his son had spent the whole summer building. Now in his present size it looked enormous. Kevin led the way towards the rear of the garage and began to explain to Harris Soste and the others his method and plan of escape from the Asov. “One moment Kevin the commander and I need to go and discuss something” with that Harris and Soste moved off a little from the main group.
There seemed to be a heated discussion going on between them, both Soste and Harris returned Soste was first to speak. “Kevin we are at an impasse, we are governed by a group of elders the Cortacrek. Many of them are mages led by our lord Corta and one of our laws decree that we should have little or no contact with humans. Moreover, we must never interact with human technology. What we have already done is unforgivable, and Harris points out that what you propose is incompatible with our laws.
But my own clan leader lord Gil leads a faction calling for the repeal of this law citing that much of your technology may aid and assist us we live as many of our forefathers did before us and my lord feels we stagnate”. Many others nodded in agreement with statement Soste had made, and an argument broke out among the warriors. Soste called for quiet and when all had settled he spoke. “I understand why Harris pointed out what we are about to undertake and how we breach our law by doing so, but in our present predicament I can see no other way to proceed. Moreover, since this is a question of law I will ask for no vote. I command here the decision is mine alone to make Kevin will you explain all that needs to be done“. Kevin immediately started to organise work parties and assign them different positions and jobs. With everyone in position, they started the work of moving the boat. Kevin explained he had done this before with his son when he was full size using the remote equipment. But a few changes would have to be made. A group pulled out large heavy packs from under a table; strange writings and bright colours adorned the packs, One Ami reached up to assist his brothers in moving the pack when he touched one of the shining metal ends he collapsed. Harris ran to the stricken Ami Kevin watched as Harris made a few passes in the air over the fallen Ami then instructed a few of them to make him more comfortable. Concern showed on Kevin’s face, Harris asked if the package the Ami was assisting with carried power Kevin nodded that it had. “Our kind is very vulnerable to this type of power Kevin it seems to suck the life energy out of us”. Harris and Soste watched in fascination as Kevin pulled out an enormous pair of old rubber gardening gloves left under the workbench on the floor then set about cutting off the finger ends with the blade of a craft knife. “Have the work party’s moving the power cells wear these, and then they will have some protection from the power packs as the rubber will insulate them”. Others manhandled other pieces of equipment. Harris watched as Kevin and a couple of Ami started climbing a large yellow framework with a crosspiece mounted at the top then they disappeared inside a cabin mounted at the top. Another group led by Soste pulled out a model big truck trailer with a boat cradle sitting on its flatbed back. Others were attaching slings around and under the boat itself.

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