Many of his old and worn parts damaged beyond the ability of the remaining Cortacrek to repair, indeed the knowledge of how to repair his malfunctioning parts or even how to replace them now lost with time. Corta summoned his co conspirators. ”As each of you know this will be my final resting chamber so delicate are my circuits that I fear to move at all now without damage, that the Asov are close now there is no doubt.
Each of you knows my memory cells must never fall into their hands. Nor indeed any part of me for in that lies a danger beyond your comprehension for Ami kind, it is suffice to tell you that I must be totally destroyed should this refuge be invaded. But I think as great a danger approaches with our brother Harris. Yet he has no knowledge of what he brings, perhaps it is no more than a concept a thought or an object. But be assured it brings a fundamental change to all we know Ta-Amikind would never be the same again if Harris and his party were allowed to reach Ta-Amihome. Now leave me when you are finished my servicing and see that my orders are carried out. Obliterate the survey party it must never reach these halls”. As one the three chorused “your will mighty Corta”. With that they departed resealing the portal after them that none could enter without their leave.
Alone now in his chamber was once again glad he never had the upgrade chip for emotions fitted, emotions would surely be a hindrance to the orders he had just issued. But still his logic software was aware that he had just condemned the survey party, and in some strange way he regretted it, if only he could have foreknowledge of what was returning with Harris, perhaps he could better prepare for it and deal with in some more logical manner. Was this regret were androids capable of building their own emotions, surely not. His semi organic brain could not cope with such a complex equation.

8. Getting the boat

evin woke from another fitful doze to the sounds of the camp breaking up with darkness now fully upon them the group prepared to move out.
As silently as they could they crossed the bridge Kevin could feel every fibre of his body screaming at him, those dammed Asov could be out there just waiting in ambush.
Kevin moved up to the head of the Column beside Soste and indicated the wall beside the path. “Tell the pathfinders to go along the wall till they come to an opening then we cross obstacle number two the main road from Larne to Ballygally”.
It took nearly an hour as Kevin thought before they reached the breach in the wall; Kevin smiled in the darkness he had often thought of the wall, as low, now it was an immense mountain of stone. This would be the most dangerous part of the journey, crossing this road even late at night had caught many a small animal out. But with the aid of the pathfinders going on ahead and checking around Kevin’s property they made it safely across. Kevin directed the group towards the garage at the side of the main house. “I fitted a cat flap here recently so this will be our way in, let me go inside with a few men that we can open the main door it will be easier for the wounded”. With that and a heave up Kevin entered the cat flap. Moving cautiously across the garage floor Kevin and his group made their way towards an impossibly high looking wooden workbench. “Anyone good at climbing”? Asked Kevin, Two Ami stepped forward; Kevin showed them where he had anchored some power cables to the side of the bench. He explained to them where on the bench to look for the string they would need to tie to the remote control he had left there for the garage doors. Once that was lowered, Kevin would operate the door and let the rest of the group in. After a few mistakes with similar pieces of equipment, the remote was lowered to the floor. Kevin opened the door a little enough to admit the group outside, but to his amazement and horror, they were gone. Another from his group cautiously crept up to the door and looked about Kevin saw him signal in the moonlight night. Then a few minutes later the rest of the group appeared with Soste at the head of it staring around as he entered. “Where did you go to and why?”

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