“If we hadn’t stopped,” muttered Kevin.
Harris, Soste and the other bridge crew regained their collective feet and peered out the window at where Kevin looked. “Barra God of luck” muttered several of the Ami Soste

9. Picking up the trail

Arinis lay on the floor of his hut his favourite females around him waiting on his every need; cuts of meat from a rat found killed at the water edge were hand fed to him, as were fruits found on the bushes nearby. An Asov trailblazer stood giving an account of the search for the Ami party and concluded “lord the Ami’s are as skilled as any at concealing their tracks. No sign has been seen of them since your crèche brother was found at the outlet of the pipe, many tracks lead away but all disappear after a short distance in to the undergrowth. But one report disturbs me.
The rat found dead at the waters edge showed no sign of what attacked it. Signs are that it exited the burrow hole and died where it stood perhaps a bird but I don’t think so. My conclusion is that the Ami’s have slipped back towards the beach and if they have, then there they will die”. Arinis thought for a moment then shooed his servant girls away. “Have you sent patrols out to cover the beach area”? The tall warrior wavered for an instant “yes lord” Arinis moved and in an instant had a blade at the warrior’s throat. “Now tell me. The but”? Arinis stared into the warrior’s eyes. Sweat ran down his forehead and entered the corner of his eyes the warrior blinked and closed his eyes. “I have just returned to camp and been given the information about the rat lord. I was on the other side of the forest leading the hunt there. No patrol has yet been assigned the river or back to the waterfront”. Feeling an easing of the pressure the Asov opened his eyes in time to see Arinis blade slice towards his neck and sever his throat. A few seconds was all it took for him to die. Calling for the patrol leaders second in command Arinis stepped back and wiped his blade. “This fool forgot his duty, I hope you won’t. Cover the beach area and both sides of the river find these Ami’s or report back to me that you have not. As of now you are patrol leader take this husk away and throw it in the river out of my sight”.
Tethus sat in his bath eyes closed using his mage sight to witness all that had just happened within Arinis’s hut. “It would seem the lord Arinis grows frustrated at his inability to find the Ami’s”. He mused to himself aloud as none were nearby that could either understand his speech or enter his hut. That Arinis had cut the throat of a loyal captain did not surprise Tethus in the least he was well aware of Arinis’s excess’s and would continue to indulge him as long as the lord could bring success. Tethus smiled again to himself at the thought of capturing Corta intact if possible still functioning. Both he and his inner circle were well aware of his status as an Android. Tethus relished the thoughts of being able to access the memory of one who had lived on the home world Aeldarod. The technology and the knowledge all would be his. Since leaving the home world in pursuit of the Ami’s both Asov and Ami’s had regressed. A falling population and constant pursuit by the Asov plus the strange rulings by Corta all combined with a failure to stay in any one place for any great length of time all added up to help the Ami’s decline. The Asov on the other hand never had that many technicians and rarely had they time to train replacements any that died were a greater loss to the Asov than to the Ami’s. The mages had come to ascendancy at this point with their strong ability in magic they were able to hold off and eventually undo the Ami’s, giving the Asov time to breed new warriors and vastly outnumber the Ami’s. Tethus knew all this and sat contemplating his handiwork

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