Tethus sat in his makeshift hut erected by his servant Asov oblivious to the sounds of industry coming from the main camp.
Unknown to all Tethus was still able to contact the rest of his Asov magicians in mainland Scotland by mind speech, a strange mixture of thought words and feelings. Safe in the knowledge that no one including Arinis could or would enter this abode unbidden, Tethus continued his contact, when all was completed he called for servant’s loyal only to him. By a strange magic he and his group of magicians were the only ones the servants were able to communicate with though they understood all Asov speech they could respond to no other. Unusually they were drawn from any clan at a young age they were included in the passage a rite, which showed the level of magic each potentate was able to achieve. A higher score meant training as a magician and the lower ones servants.
Tethus called his favourite a female Thalis he himself had found her, older than most potentates as her gifts had only started to show at a later stage in her development, Tethus had still hopes she would flourish and there was still the added fact she was female. With her ritual bow to Tethus she entered the hut. “Your will my lord a scout returns with news of the Ami group sighted on the beach and of a strange metal found nearby, I have told him to await your orders and report it to no one else”. Tethus nodded in agreement with Thalis’s arrangements “Our conclave of brothers has scried the signs. We are convinced this is where our old enemy Corta abides with the last of the true Cortacrek. And not to far away I think, soon there will be a final accounting, blood will pay for blood, and our people will be avenged. Keep a watch on the wily Paduk he could cause some mischief. If it were not for the patronage of Arinis I would have withered the bones of his body ages past. Bring me food and have a bath prepared I must regain my strength tell the scout that I will speak with him shortly”. Making a playful pat at Thalis he dismissed her while thinking of the pleasures she might bring later.
Lying in his bath Tethus began considering the last few weeks, the hazardous crossing from the mainland of Scotland, at the whims and mercy of the tide and currents he along with the rest had to stay confined within the wooden pallet that had been constructed to ferry them all. He shuddered to think what might have happened if one of the human vessels that regularly frequented the narrow channel had collided with the pallet, perhaps even forced it under the salt water sea, not only would all aboard have drowned, but as he well knew the salt water would have reacted like acid stripping his skin and burning him to the bone, either way drowning or burning it would have been a painful slow death. But all had gone to plan all the pallets had arrived safely on the shores of Ireland, all be it separated by some distance between the pallets.

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