3. The Asov

Arinis Leader of all the Asov clan’s in Scotland stood in a rage. Few Asov would wish to be close at this time. The news that the leading element’s, Those who had followed the Ami’s into the pipe had been drowned, among them his two crèche brothers Analis and Hecus this did nothing to reduce his anger. Though the fact that both had been a threat to him in his role of commander well not any more he thought.
Though tithes of sibling’s and family mattered little to the Asov nation, as a whole they were of some little account.
In the near guttural language of the Asov an old one approached talking with authority. Arinis swung around to see who challenged his rule, instantly crouched and ready for battle. But as he recognized the one who spoke he seemed to relax his battle ready stance and dropped his head in a more subdued manner. “Old one had any other spoke at this time I would have killed them before they had finished their words, but you ahhhh, now I have to listen to you berate me for my haste”.
Arinis motioned for aides to come and bring water and help him remove his battle armour. Tethus was the oldest of all Asov magicians and only he of all could challenge Arinis and live for his arts were mighty. And even Arinis feared them, as a child he had watched as the old sorcerer rendered a mighty warrior to nothing more than a pile of ash, at the whim of the ruling lord of his clan. Arinis had learned the lesson well enough to know never to challenge him. As powerful as the warrior had been Tethus had been quicker and more deadly with his magic. “Well mage what to do now, shall we Harry them or let them set trail for us and follow quietly in their tracks, then pounce and eradicate this viper’s nest of Ami”. The old Asov sat down supple for all his years and stared off into the distance as if caught in a trance. Knowing better than to interrupt him Arinis sat close by and refreshed him self, but all the time watching closely at Tethus.
After a few minutes Tethus stirred, all movement around him stopped. Even Arinis waited, “Though I can sense them I can not see where they are. Nor where they are going, this land obscures them from me as if a mist was about them I hear their call as if from a distance but am unsure of the direction“. With this Tethus blinked and looked at Arinis as if seeing him for the first time. “We are in great danger here Arinis my sight is blocked and my foretelling is gone though my other art’s are undiminished I can be of little help”. With this Tethus arose and walked off leaving Arinis thinking. Calling over his
Second in command an Asov of very small stature by Asov standards. Paduk by name, one Arinis protected for his cunning knowledge of warfare and strategy. “What think you lord, are all his art’s as good as he say’s or might this be a time for you to cast off his mage overrule of Asov kind”. “Paduk take my weapon and kill the mage. If you are sure his arts are gone report to me when you have done so, for on your advice I attacked the Ami’s when all was not ready as you suggested”. Replied Arinis “Lord forgive me, I was sure the Ami’s were trapped with no escape. As for Tethus even as depleted as I think he is he is still too dangerous for any but the greatest of warrior’s to attack and have any chance of success”. Arinis gave a mighty roar and as near a laugh as an Asov can give. ”Paduk is it any wonder I have protected you all these. Years your mouth can be more than a match for ten swords, yes Tethus is still strong in mage craft even here, I will neither match him myself nor allow any other to try but there will come a day. Marshall the clans we will enter deep into the forest and make a more permanent camp, set out the watch and break the trail“.
With this Arinis marched off leaving lackeys and Paduk to run in his wake.

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