Discovery of a power in the Asov

Tethus was in meditation in contact with the group of Asov magicians still in Scotland. He was letting them know all that had happened and to forewarn them he would not be able to contact them once he moved inland with the main force of Asov. Thalis sat nearby quietly in meditation herself awaiting Tethus to instruct her. She was still seething over the perceived slight to her master and at his command would have attacked Arinis bare handed. She was as aware of the intermittent lack of her magic power but had no understanding as to why it happened. On its first occurrence it had badly frightened her nearly as much as finding out she had power it had been a simple exercise that Tethus had taught her and she constantly practised it. At first she thought it was a lack of self control on her part but then she had come to realise that it was indeed more she could not feel the power that often surged through her in such attempts. Even though she had only lately come to her power and knew she did not fully control it yet the lack of it was a frightening prospect to her. Thalis remembered the day she had met her master she had gone down to the river with the other females to collect water and fruit from the berry bushes along the bank. She had wandered off on her own getting ever further away from the group at last realising where she was she turned to return but there on the path was a large water rat. It had been following her there was nowhere to run she was out on the exposed embankment of the river water on one side and the steep bank on the other then she new real fear as the creature began to stalk her. The rat could see an easy meal and was closing for the kill the creature in front of it was hardly more than a mouthful but a meal was a meal. In panic Thalis began to back up and away from the water rat losing her footing she fell over backwards, feeling more than seeing she knew the rat had pounced on her. Nothing had happened she had resolved herself to the fact she was to be killed and a feeling of innermost peace had crept over her. Opening her eyes and still expecting the rat to be over the top of her she was surprised to find it lying by the waters edge still moving but without doubt in a death throe its feet twitching as the last ebb of life left it. Stunned by the sight she looked around for a warrior thinking one had come upon it from behind and seen her plight and attacked it, but no-one was to be seen she collapsed in a dead faint only reviving with a group of old Asov around her. She couldn’t tell how long she was unconscious, she recognised instantly this group as magicians and fearing that worse than her life was at stake immediately prostrated herself before them uttering not a word she kept her head low until she heard the voice of Tethus. “Rise before me.” The words never reached her ears but instead went straight into her head and they compelled her. As if the words themselves had lifted her off the ground unable to do anything but comply she stood up and faced the old Asov. “Tell us child what happened here who slew the rat and saved you.” The old Asov before here was Tethus high magi of all the Asov before she could answer an Asov who had been inspecting the body with a view to cutting it up for rations called for the magi to come inspect the carcass of the rat. It was cooked thoroughly but not a hair on the outside of the body was touched. Tethus quickly took stock of the situation there was but one thing to do. “You have shown potential for the use of power you are called child to serve the magi do you come willingly or not.” Thalis could remember her answer and would never forget the feeling of elation that came over her just at that moment. The joy of realising that she was no longer just a female but now commanded some respect in the clan none but a magus could call her to work. “I serve willingly master” Tethus bade her come along to a secluded part of the village where the magi lived and there in conclave with his other brother magicians they discussed her amazing escape. “That she has the power there can be no doubt even as we approached the after effect of the spell she cast was still emanating from her, I say we take and train her as we have many others.” A buzz of excited murmurs arose from the gathered magicians; Telero a magician still as yet young by comparison to the others assembled arose and spoke. “That she has the power we have no doubt but never have we trained a female in the arts before we break the lore.” Many agreed with him especially the older lore keepers, “Is not our need great? That she should show such power and at such a young age, ha and worst of all of course she is female, greater than many here can muster I wager, she must be trained and her power used for the greater need of the Asov”. Old Benthus sat down beside his old friend and colleague Tethus. Quietly he whispered into Tethus’s ear “Who can deny the greater good of the Asov? I hope you know what you are doing old friend, only in ancient lore is there tales of females with power and they weren’t much more than hedge witches in truth”. But surprisingly from the ranks closer to the rear of the assembly came a voice few had heard in open session it was a mage called Artoro a soothsayer and scryer of signs and omens. “It is time we dealt with the question of females in our society many have small gifts of healing and such like which we most time ignore. Never before in the memory of the Asov has a female shown such power always it was thought that only males could master such, now we find more and more females come to the fore. Now this one shows a magnitude of power only a few here could challenge what will she be like if left untempered and untrained, just the thought of the accidental damage she could do is unthinkable. What if some group of Asov upset her in her daily duties and rise her to anger should they do so might they not end up like the rat. And who then would be at fault for her actions, her because she did the deed them because they angered her to action, or ourselves because we did not train her in the use of the gifts she has. I say vote to train her.” The sudden call to vote by Artoro took Tethus by surprise and he was sure the vote would go against the young Asov. But heartened by the speech given by Artoro Tethus took the floor calling the meeting back to order. “Artoro has the right of it how many others are there ready to take on the training what hidden talent is there among us we may have missed in our ignorance; the power is in the child and needs tempered to this end I will offer to undertake her training.” From this point in her life Thalis new her life would never be quite the same and no matter what she would serve Tethus with all her heart for she knew without his patronage her life would indeed have been forfeit.

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