Kevin Yawned and began a slow stretch to loosen up the muscles he was tired after his long night. “Your story of how you got here has answered a few things for me stories of the small people in different lands all going by different names these could have been brethren to you. Or even stories of chance meetings between yourselves and humans like the story my great-grandfather tells of meeting leprechauns in the hills above the town here when he found the metal for the rings. Do you think it is possible that there is still a contingent living in the hills and that the original Ami’s that stayed with the mother ship may have survived here and perhaps prospered. There are many stories of people in this area having some sort of sightings or even in a few cases if the stories are indeed true dealings with folk described as leprechauns. Which in all truth if I had to describe you to someone, it is the first thing I would think of. I think I will get some sleep now I am tired and we have a lot to do tomorrow.” In truth Kevin wanted to be alone for a while he was tired but something was bothering him. And it wasn’t the show of magic Harris had put on. No it was the show he thought he had put on himself, but no one had noticed at the time or had thought it just a lucky break. Kevin thought back to the trip up the millrace of water when the ship had lurched as it hit the stone. The same stone Kevin and his son had hit every time they had tried to drive the boat up the river with the same disastrous consequences. The boat turning turtle in the water but not this time Kevin remembered just as they struck the stone he had willed the boat back into the flow of water and it had responded. Was it just his imagination or was there more to it he was going to try an experiment and find out for sure. But first a little sleep, the sun would be a long time before it rise in the sky and the journey would continue. With the batteries onboard the boat recharging Kevin would feel a lot safer. He knew he still had one battery fully charged and if needs be the first battery still had about half a charge in it and there were still a few tricky pieces of water to tackle yet and a considerable distance to go.

Discovery of a boat

Urgo was marching up the river path with his party of Asov when the scout from the advance party met him. “Urgo we have found something strange on the river the advance party has stopped to watch and wait for you I was sent back to inform and lead you on. Just beyond where the cliffs end the path turns away from the river so the scout party split up each to follow a different route. My group went on up the river it is rough going we have to wade through a marshland and keep closer to the river than is safe. But we can see a craft of some sort lying on the far side we cant reach it but there is movement aboard it. The terrain is hard to follow and the going is slow, as the path has finished. If the craft hadn’t stopped we wouldn’t have caught up with it. They must think themselves safe from pursuit to have stopped now you have reserves with you shall we attack it”. Urgo stopped to gather his thoughts for a moment “you follow the second party and tell them to continue on up the path. If the path comes back to the river we will meet them there if not then in two hours time make your way back here and wait where the cliffs end. If we don’t return in a day then report back to the main encampment with what you know go now.” Urgo called up another runner and sent him back to the main camp with the news and to inform his lord that he would wait and follow the craft when it began its journey once more. The main force moved out with Urgo leading his pace faster at the thought of catching up with the fleeing Ami’s. One of the Asov caught in the tunnel and drowned had been a close fighting friend. Urgo had been lucky not to be caught in the tunnel himself. After a hard trek through the grass and debris alongside the river they at last came to the site where the rest of the Asov scout party waited. Urgo issued orders to make a cold camp with no fires to give away their position, creeping as far forward as he could he spied on the Ami’s upon the boat moored in the river now they would just watch and wait.

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