What we weren’t told was that the Asov had captured a few of these launch sites intact. Presumably to keep the masses from panic, eventually my folk took off from our home world with no sign of pursuit from the Asov. Unbeknown to us Asov had mastered magic to a great extent as well and though their ships were not as fast or as well equipped as ours they were masked by Asov magicians. And slowly but surely caught up with us we were surveying your planet from space when the Asov ship fell upon us we had decided that your planet was as unsuitable as others we had come across. Mainly because your people were already here and occupying it with the size difference and all it was felt we would be incompatible. Now the Asov ship ambushed us from orbit around your moon. We opened fire on it and did considerable damage but the captain of the Asov ship drove on to us and crashed his stricken vessel into the Anna mortally wounding her. The Asov ship was without power and the orbit quickly decayed sending them spiralling down into the atmosphere of your world. I presume with the ship as badly mauled, as it was the last thing anyone was doing was watching in any detail what was happening to the Asov craft. It obviously crashed on your planet somewhere in the Southern hemisphere and many of the Asov survived enough that they were able to rebuild there numbers and continue the battle against us. Meanwhile the Anna our ship was also losing power but we had many lifeboats that were able to hold all the members of the Arc. Though the stories say that the captain of the Anna and a large part of the crew stayed to the last to see to the safety of all the rest and rode the ship down through the atmosphere of your planet eventually crashing somewhere in the northern hemisphere. And because of the captain and the crew over a controlled period of time the boats were launched and many clans landed on your planet to survive the collision in space. Each of the lifeboats would have been able to hold a large clan and all of their belongings. But as the lifeboats began to descend through your atmosphere many were pushed off course partially by storm patterns and partially by the fact they were launched at such different times and over different parts of your world and landed far away from each other some on different continents. Our group was a little luckier than most many of the lifeboats landed quite close some no more than a few days walk away others a little further. At first it was hard on the clans we were not used to the climate we originally came from a very warm planet with an orbit much closer to our sun. Many died from the cold in just the first few weeks we had landed in the northern end of your largest continent a place of many lakes and mountain’s. Here for many generations we stayed in the hope that more of our kind would seek us out and join us, some did but many did not. We managed to live there and do more than just survive we were beginning to thrive again as a community. That was when we found out that the Asov had also survived and were again hunting us. It was lucky that the Asov that found us were not much more than a large raiding party sent far ahead of the main column to scout. If there had been more we would not have survived that first assault, as it was many thousands died because of the surprise attack they launched against us. Had they waited for reinforcements we would have been totally annihilated. Forewarned now as we were our high command decided it was time to move and for reasons I am not aware of this land was our final destination. If you speak to commander Soste he can tell you more about the journey here his ancestors were the people who led us here. It has taken many generations for us to reach this land. Many were lost on the way but always we were told this was the Promised Land and here we would be at last able to live in peace. For a few years now that illusion has held true but now alas as you know it is no more and the Asov are once again upon us this time I can see no redemption there is nowhere else to run Kevin. When the Asov trace us to Ta-Amihome we will have the last battle and there will be an end to the Ami’s”.

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