Demonstration of power

No major mishaps had happened and Kevin had been able to steer the boat safely to the old river bend, dropping a lead fishing weight that had been found aboard and secured to a piece of string this was acting as an anchor. The boat had come to a rest in the relative calm of the centre of what was now a duck pond. Kevin began an inspection of the boat to see how well it had faired in its battle upriver against the current and the odd bash from a floating piece of debris. Harris was with the wounded below deck taking care and giving what help he could to each when Kevin came upon him. “Kevin there is something we need to speak of please. Your grandfathers ring do you know the history of it”. The Ami Harris had been tending to moaned in pain Harris made a pass in the air above him and he settled back down again on the makeshift bed that had been rigged for him. Kevin looked astonished “Isn’t that the Ami that was shot full of arrows at the ambush site by the bridge”. Harris smiled “Yes it is he has made a remarkable recovery don’t you think, he gets stronger by the hour and all due to my magic I think. And that is the part of it I don’t understand why my magic is working so well. I am convinced it has something to do with your ring”. “Well the story of my ring is simple enough and thinking about it now I just wonder how much truth there is in it the old man was ridiculed a bit for his story telling. It actually belonged to my great grandfather who lived up on the mountain just over to the west. He was a shepherd there and had a small farm raising sheep. The story my grandfather told me was that one night in the spring of the year when my great-grandfather was a young man he was out on the mountain looking for new-born sheep. When he saw a great fire plunging from the sky and there was an almighty explosion just over the hill in the next valley. Worried about any sheep that might be there he rushed to the site but was unable to go into the valley because of the heat. Eventually it cooled off after a day or two and he went down to investigate, he said he had met with leprechauns. They had given him the gold for the three rings he had made, one for himself one for his sister, and one for my great-grandmother I have one but am not sure where the other two went this one we have with us was passed down the line from father to son. I suppose the other went to my grandfather’s sister, as she and my grandfather were the only children of the family. I am sure there is more to the story but I can’t recall it now”. Harris studied Kevin for a moment then looked around to see if there were any more Ami’s around. “Kevin I want you to think of someone close to you” Harris waved his arms in the air in the shape of a large circle and just like magic. A mirror formed in the nothingness there Kevin began to see vague forms of someone lying in a bed, It was Inge. “Harris how is it you are able to do that, I can see my wife sleeping there”. Harris relaxed a little and the image disappeared with the mirror into the air from which it had come. “That is what I am talking about Kevin this was a small demonstration of magic, and until I met you one I was totally incapable of. Now I am able to heal warriors that would otherwise die of their wounds conjure images from places I have never seen before and what else I am now capable of frightens me a little. Before meeting you I was not much more than a weather witch able at best on a good day to forecast a little rain or sun but now I have a suspicion of what is at play here and your ring figures in it. Let me tell you of how my people came to your world Kevin, I have some knowledge of what happened but the details are lost in time only Corta knows all the tomes. Many millennia ago my people lived on a world far from here we called it Aeldarod in many ways it resembled your world here for we had trees and rivers and grasslands and all manner of habitats many you wouldn’t recognise and creatures so alien to you. Well any way we were at war with the Asov they invaded our homelands killed our folk and left no one alive after their passage. We fought but they fought harder, year after year we held them off. Eventually our scientists perfected the massive engines for our spacecraft we called them Arc’s the one my ancestors travelled in was called Anna of Aeldarod I am told they were beautiful. We had hundred’s of these Arc’s but for every Ami that escaped in an Arc there were thousands that did not and had to stay behind. All the knowledge of our race was loaded into these massive ships and we set sail for the unknown depths of space to escape our tormentors.

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