1. Confrontation

The main doors to the grand hall exploded inwards as Ami rushed in to the meeting outnumbered and overwhelmed by the sudden entrance the thirty odd guards of the Cortacrek were quickly placated by the invading group. The room now secured Lord DaeDann and the Lady Ka-An calmly entered the chamber. Standing now in front of the whole assembly, the Lady Ka-An bowed to Lord Ahel. “My lord we came to listen to Corta’s wisdom in this affair of the Ta-Ami population I feel sure he will tell us all what it is that so threatens us that it is worth the destruction of such a noble family. Is that the truth of it Corta”? The familiarity of using Corta’s first name was not lost on the assembly all heads turned to see what the reaction would be.

At that Lord Gil and Lord Aeladin entered with more Ami troops, as by the minute more and more ruling lords appeared. And as each party entered the hall they moved off to take up sides, in the event and the possibility of the ensuing battle to come.

Corta shook his head as if in weary resignation of the fact all was now undone “I had at least hoped the brethren would hold together as long as the threat was great enough I see now I was wrong. The great threat I speak of is not from the Asov though that is real enough I fear, no even now we feel the presence of an even greater enemy one I believe we cannot fight and which will be the end of us all.” A great shout came from all assembled within the great hall, “what could be worse than the Asov finding our last refuge”. Corta’s voice rose above the shouting in the great hall, “let all save for the ruling lords and ladies and the inner Cortacrek leave the hall”. Lord DeaDann and the lady Ka-An nodded to their respective warriors to leave as did other lords and ladies. When the hall was quiet and all had left Corta spoke to the assembled parties. “It is not that I will not tell you the danger, it is that we don’t fully understand it ourselves. Whether it’s the survey party itself or something they bring, or even if it is something that follows them we are not sure. But for months now the Cortacrek have been having premonitions of a holocaust let loose upon the Ami’s here, you may not be aware but to a great extent the Cortacrek’s powers have not been as they should. Alas we fear the fey power of magic may be about to finish altogether and leave us totally defenceless to the Asov. That was in main the reason why the survey party was sent out to see how or if we could maintain some other sort of warning if the Asov come upon us. This was to be repeated in all directions and some sort of relay would have given some warning of the approach of any invader”. Again a great murmuring started in the hall as nobles talked to nobles as to what should be done. The lady Ka-an stood forward “Lords and Ladies I think it is time that Corta and his Magi stood down it is time for the nobility to lead the way. I suggest we form a council and take control of our own affairs”. Lord Gil was but a hairsbreadth behind Lord Aeladin who took control of the floor. “What need have we in a council it is well known that my family stand next in line to the thrown I have the support of many ruling Lords and Ladies I say we reinstate the Crown. I stand before you and propose my position as Furste Leader of all the Ta-Ami, who will second me”. As if rehearsed before Lord Gil of the pathfinders called for seconding of the title of Furste. Once again lines began to be drawn those supporting A call for a council and those for an ultimate leader in the Furste. Many nobles wanted the Furste but were not prepared to support Lord Aeladin and his Clan, as this would leave him in total control of everything. But some of these Lords were as suspicious of the role of council. Many of the smaller Clan leaders stood back taking no side to await the outcome without committing one way or another hoping to take best advantage. All eyes once again turned to Corta sitting on his dais above all the rest he surveyed all sides in the dispute. “Neither I or my Cortacrek can readily give up the warrant given to us ages past, to protect and lead the Ta-Ami so I cannot support either your call for council or a reinstatement of the Crown”. Several Lords and ladies huddled in-groups with their respective leaders. On numbers alone Lord Gil and Lord Aeladin held the majority. The quiet Lord DaeDann who had stood in support of a call to council now took his turn on the floor. “My lords and ladies we are at an impasse Lord Gil and his faction hold the majority, a majority I cannot and will not support but I will not start a civil war and put Ami against Ami just to stop him. Instead my Clan and I will absent ourselves from these halls and welcome any that wish to leave with us. I must also tell Lord Aeladin without the full consent of all the ruling families he can never be crowned and as Corta will not support him either he is no further forward than he was. So with your leave I go to join my Clan in self-banishment from these halls and any that will accompany us goodbye”. Lord DaeDann walked out of the halls followed by many minor Clan Lords and the lady Ka-an. “I hope my Lord has a safe abode for all that follow “. The Lady Ka-An walked along beside Lord DaeDann as lost in thought as he was.


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