The hunt quickens

Urgo had raced back to the main Asov encampment now beginning to resemble a more permanent base. Ill at ease with the assumptions he had made he must now report to Arinis Lord of the invading Asov army, and that walking slime bag Paduk his first lieutenant. Challenged by patrols all the way from the river bank Urgo became irritated with the delays but knew arguing was a waste of time with his fellow Asov. At last reaching the command tent he prostrated himself before Arinis. “My Lord I have news of the Ami’s but so far they have eluded us. It is my thought they have taken to the river to avoid leaving a spoor trail to follow. I came across a battle site late last night and found six of your Asov slain with arrows and then poorly hidden in the grass at the side of the path, as if done in some haste. Lord what worries me is that we could find little or no trace of the Ami’s that shot them full of arrows. And the blood trail we found from one wounded Ami stopped suddenly and just disappeared, like he had been plucked up to the sky”. Fearing to move at all Urgo kept his head pressed to the ground in supplication. It was Paduk that offered the solution; “perhaps it was death from the sky that took your wounded Ami”. A reference to the owls that plagued the Asov and Ami hunting parties at night, swift and silent in their hunting the Asov hated and admired them. “As Paduk says perhaps it was death from the sky but there is more to tell yet I think. Out with it what else have you found you miserable trail rat”? Arinis kicked the prone form of Urgo as he lay on the ground brining a whelp of fear from him. “Lord I think the Ami’s had some strange conveyance, we found tracks leading from there up river along the path. We followed them and at a site some distance up river we again found Ami track but when the track crossed the hard ground that leads down to the riverside the elf tracks stop. I think the Ami’s took to the river to escape us”. At this point Paduk jumped atop the prone Urgo flailing him with his fists. “You are lying trail rat to save your own miserable skin for failing to find the Ami’s and concoct this story to appease your Lord”. Tethus appeared beside Arinis watching the display of violence meted out to the nearly unconscious Urgo. “There is some logic to what your servant says, I can feel something is slipping away from us. I am not sure what it is yet but with each passing moment it grows dimmer to me, that it is of some import to us I have absolutely no doubt, we must follow it with all haste Arinis. The speed at which it diminishes from us is much faster than an Ami party on foot with possible wounded to attend to”. Tethus bowed to Arinis, “revive Urgo and send one hundred warriors with him up river. I want this party of Ami’s found” Arinis pointed to Paduk. Orders were quickly issued to nearby runners; Tethus removed one of his hands from the voluminous sleeves and wiped his face bringing his fingers together over the bridge of his nose. Under his breath so none nearby could hear he whispered “when they catch up with this party of Ami’s have runners inform you of where they are and how they travel make sure no-one is seen and have them follow at a distance reporting back at regular intervals”. Arinis turned to Tethus a rage within him building; about to unleash it he wisely thought the better of it. Through gritted teeth he hissed, “Think not to order me mage or interfere in my commands. Should it cost me my whole army I will destroy you and all that stand with you, now leave me I have work to do”. With that Arinis marched away accompanied by his personal guard leaving Tethus standing there. Thalis his body servant to Tethus approached she seethed at the way Arinis had spoken to her master Tethus even though she had not heard the words uttered. Tethus patted her hand in a kindly fashion. “Save your anger control it I may yet let you loose upon this puppy Lord. Then will he learn what it is to face my might and my right hand.” Smiling now both turned away to the main camp, others in his party following.

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