Dreaming of glory

Newly promoted patrol leader Urgo stood at the site of the battle between Asov and Ami’s, at the old pump house, awaiting the return of the scouts sent to locate the fleeing Ami party. Listening to the still fast running water in the pipe he shuddered. Not the sort of death he would wish for, alone in the dark and drowning in that pipe. His thoughts ran to his favourite dream of entering Ta-Amihome at the head of his Asov patrol.
Then fighting his way unstoppably to the throne room and cutting the head of Corta the arch mage. Then brandishing his trophy for all to see and being carried shoulder high to his lord and presenting him with the head of the mage. How all would hail his victory he would bathe in the adoration of the females. “Urgo” came the shout, breaking his revelry and waking him. A scout from the river party had returned breathless he pointed downriver towards the old bridge. “We have found several of our Asov dead badly concealed at the side of the path at the old bridge near the road”.
Urgo never spoke a word he just gestured with his arm for the scout to lead the way. His face set in a mask of fury he signalled the rest of his company to follow. Eventually they reached the site where the Asov were concealed, Urgo surveyed the faces of the dead, “No great loss these, looters and brigands the lot, has anyone found out what they were doing here”.
As he asked his feral eyes searching around as if reconstructing what had happened in his mind, a young as yet untried Asov stood forward. “Sir they were hunting game and left camp some hours ago to track up the river, so say their companions.
Also we have found Ami blood over here by these strange tracks but no sign of a body carried away”.
Urgo moved over to the site pointed out and looked around the ground it was as if whatever body fell here had been lifted into the sky no drag marks or an attempt to conceal the fact someone had fallen here and lost a great amount of blood, maybe the body had been claimed by Death from the sky. Splitting his patrol he took the greater part and started up river while sending the smaller crew towards the road and Kevin’s home.
Urgo was wily enough to send trailblazers ahead perchance they would run into the Ami’s waiting in ambush. He had no fears about defeating them he just didn’t want to be first in line to die, as the Ami’s always seemed to know which Asov was leader and to target them first. Leaderless the Asov were disorganised and tended to regroup. What seemed an age afterward the party came across a site where the strange tracks turned and crisscrossed back and forth then disappeared onto the hard light grey surface leading down in to the river?
Only a few tracks led on up the river like a small patrol on scout duty and these had just appeared on the trail beside the large tracks, like someone had been travelling on something and had just dismounted.
Fortunately once the boat had floated free from the truck it had carried on into the river, leaving no other trace to the Asov of what had happened and thus discounting the need for Kevin’s original plan to hide it in the gully further up the river.
Urgo directed Asov down to the river edge and motioned for them to search the water edge up and down river for any sign of Ami’s track. Urgo directed the larger part of the patrol and told them to follow the main path of the scouting party alongside the river path if they made contact with the Ami they were to send runners back to report and the main party were to follow in stealth, but if no sign of the Ami was found then they were to make camp and wait until daylight and Urgo’s return where ever they were at that time. Selecting two other Large Asov Urgo went to report his patrols findings to Arinis. He had strange thoughts but would reveal them to none other than his lord. What puzzled him was if the Ami’s did travel along here on some transport who or what was their form of locomotion.

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