Deep within the hill known as Ta-Amihome sits a group of lords and ladies enjoying the delights of a party hosted by Lord Gil of the pathfinders. With a slight nod of his head a selected few lords are singled out for a more private meeting, the doors a to lord Gils inner sanctum are opened by a matched pair of tall warriors chosen for their loyalty to the clan lord. When all have entered the doors swing closed and Lord Gil places his hand on a small metal globe and a spell of privacy is activated, seeing the globe give off a blue aura lord Gil announces. ”Now lords and ladies we are free to talk without fear anything we discuss may be overheard”. Now seated in a full circle all lords equal, each lord views the other. A regal Ami sitting to the right hand of lord Gill stands to address his fellows. “Are we to meekly follow this last order from Corta? And slaughter the returning survey, should we not first seek to find out what information they carry can what they know be so dangerous. Are we children to be kept in the dark“? The regal Ami surveyed the group of peers, knowing his position as lord of the Elad that clan most related to the vacant throne. Made him socially superior to the other lords gathered here. “Lord Aeladin are we here for one of your speeches to garner support for to have you and your clan enthroned, yet again”. The speaker was a blue skinned female of the Lukra clan. Called Kan-an-Lukri chieftain of the Lukra clan had little time for the self-important lord Aeladin. “Are we here to discuss some plan of action or just listen to another clan hierarchy lecture? I say we go to Corta and have him explain his actions, his right to surpass our laws have little credence nowadays the time for unaccountable rule is over”. With this the lady Kan-An swung round in her seat to face Lord Gil. The steady and unwavering gaze left lord Gill uncomfortable in his position as host. Another lord DaeDann larger built than the rest rose from his seat bowed politely to all. “If the good lord Aeladin will relinquish the floor and my lady Kan-An has finished I have news that may interest you all. As you know we of the warrior caste have priority in the safekeeping and security of Ta-Amihome, at Corta’s request I through Kek his mage. I have been instructed to advance the training of all my new recruits and to cut short the apprentice program and promote all that are capable or any that have reached journeyman status. In fact all trades pertaining to war and the waging of it have suffered likewise instruction. My fears are that the Asov are upon us or have at the least landed in this isle, and that Corta and his Cortacrek are aware of this. Why else slaughter the survey party on their return if not for the fact that they have first hand knowledge”. With this a Babel of voices broke out, several of the lords confirming the orders given by Corta to their own clans, and affirming that the Ami’s were indeed arming for war.
All of them knew that if the Asov had indeed landed on this island then they were looking at Armageddon for there was nowhere else to run. This would be the last stand for the Ta-Ami.
The Lady Ka-an gently nodded in the direction of lord DaeDann. “Then the die is cast my lords and ladies mage or no mage Corta’s rule is not insurable. I propose we elect a group to confront him and his Cortacrek and explain all that is afoot here for there are surely many things to explain”. Having spoke for the last time Lord Gil pointed to young newly appointed lord in the time-honoured fashion of a proposal. Lord Ahel of the minor Sunne clan outstretched his hands palm upwards and bowed in acceptance of the position offered to him, knowing there was really little else he could do. As one the rest of the assembled lords With the exception of lord DaeDann and the lady Ka-an, banged the table with their fists confirming his appointment. “Now we shall return to our feast”. Lord Gil removed the ward protecting the room from eavesdropping; the blue glow from the gem died and he led the party in their exit to the main hall.

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