Thalis was not the first but only one of a very few Asov of either sex that had shown an increase in abilities since the arrival of the Asov on this planet. The old order of Asov that had built and launched the Arcs that had flown them here had long ago died killed in battle or just aged. There had been many casualties after the near disaster in space when the Asov had ambushed the Ami Arc from behind a nearby planet. Unbeknown to the Asov the Ami’s had been ready for the attack and had improved shielding also the sensor net aboard had given the warning of the ambush. The Asov faced total oblivion, in a final mad rush the captain of the Asov Arc had crashed headlong into the side of the Ami Arc. Mortally wounding it and causing it to crash land in the Northern Hemisphere on this planet and in doing so many lifeboats had vacated the Ami Arc prior to landing. The lifeboats all had different trajectories and had landed on several landmasses thousands of miles apart. Meanwhile the Asov not having the luxury of lifeboats stayed with their stricken craft and lost many thousands in the great crash. Tethus knew all this for he was one among a few allowed to read the old tomes hidden away by his order a journal and record of what had befallen the Asov. Most Asov believed this was their home planet knowing no different. Even the reason for the Asov undying hatred of the Ami’s and how the Arc had crashed on the hot southern continental landmass, the familiar conditions aiding the Asov to repopulate quickly, the hot climate and desert so like their own home world before the exodus. Of those that left the home world to continue the struggle not one in five survived the landing. Tethus felt proud of the fact his people had at first recovered and then began to repopulate. But the loss of so many of the original technicians as poor as they had been had never been recouped and the most of the surviving Asov had been strong in body rather than mind. Tethus himself had been born on the great trek following the surviving Ami’s and the story of Corta the ever-living mage. Tethus with the aid of others before him had been able to translate many of the old tomes but not all some spoke of things he didn’t fully understand but he knew Corta held the secrets he longed for. He was a key to the door of knowledge and with his help he could raise the Asov nation to a position in which even the bigger folk of this world they had colonised would eventually fear them. Raising from his bath his attendants dried and dressed him. Remembering the report about the strange metal the scout had found Tethus ordered Thalis to take him to the site it was stored at so he might inspect it. This was something Thalis had come to realise of Tethus he wasn’t afraid of new ideas and would try any new thing that might give advantage to him. Asking the scout where he had found the metal sheet and looking at the size of it Tethus was surprised that the scout had reported so few were able to carry it back to the camp. Had Kevin been with the group he would have told Tethus the metal sheet was aluminium a lightweight metal used in the fabrication of many items by humans. The scout took Tethus to an area previously prepared an Asov was there with an Ami bow and arrow standing just a few yards away from a piece of the metal worked free from the main sheet and set up on a piece of wood. The scout took aim and pulled the bow back with all the might he had then let the arrow fly at the bit of metal. The metal tip of the Ami arrow never penetrated the sheet instead bouncing off and skimming into the forest. Tethus eyes lit up with glee “How hard is it to cut out a piece of metal from the sheet about the height and width of an Asov” he asked. “Not too hard my Lord” replied the scout. “Then cut as many as you can with the dimensions I have given you and fit hand grips as best you can. I think I may have something for Lord Arinis that may for a change please him.”

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