At the site of the near disastrous crash the last of the Ami’s pathfinders was just about to mount the side of the truck when an arrow took him in the back. Six heavily armed Asov charged from the old bridge. They hadn’t been a patrol just a few Asov that had wandered off from the main camp looking for game rats mice anything they could get. Crossing the bridge they had witnessed the headlong flight and ungainly stop of the truck. Then spying the Ami’s and not stopping for a moment to think to alarm the camp they charged.
Soste spotted the Asov in instant-calling archers to return fire, before the last Asov could even reach the truck all were slain. Soste ordered warriors to move the dead bodies and hide them as best as time would allow others were to backtrack and see if any Asov had escaped to warn the main camp. The job completed the warriors returned and made their report that there appeared to be no more Asov in the vicinity. With careful manoeuvring the truck was turned onto the path to the river again, each manoeuvre improving the skill of the Ami operators. The truck skipped along at a fair speed under the moonlight for commander Soste would not allow Kevin to turn the torch light on again perchance an Asov patrol should see it and come to investigate it and discover them.
“How far up river must we go until we can put the boat in the water Kevin”? Asked Harris, Kevin thought for a moment and said. “About half way between the bridge and the pipe is a ramp into the water, it’s a flat area of concrete and will allow us to reverse the truck in to the river and float it free then it is just a matter of sailing up the river home”. “What of the truck and the flatbed that carries the boat what shall we do with them, I don’t want the Asov having any idea what we do”. Kevin thought for a moment and replied “A little further up the path is an old river bed; we will drive the truck there and let it roll into the gully and disperse the tracks as we make our way back to our boat”. Rounding a bend Kevin spotted what he thought was a large stone nearly the size of the truck in the middle of the path,
Suddenly it began to move across the path and down to the river, just as it was about to disappear into the undergrowth he recognized it as a hedgehog as much frightened of the truck as he of it.
At last they reached the ramp down into the river and the serious task of getting the truck into the water began. What Kevin had failed to mention was that the only two occasions he had attempted this with his son he had capsized the boat and had to lift it out to pour all the water out again and dry out the electrical components. He was sure of a successful launch this time.
Slowly inch-by-inch the truck crept down to the waters edge, the slings and tie downs had all been released as soon as the boat was far enough into the water it would float, Kevin hoped.

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