Kevin watched from above, when all was in place Soste signalled to Kevin. The top of the frame started to turn towards the front of the garage and a cable started to lower from the front end of the mast with a hook at the bottom of it. An Ami climbed the boat mast to reach up and attach the slings from the body of the boat. When at last the Ami had jumped clear the cable started its ascent lifting the boat clear. Then slowly it began to swing out towards the position the trailer was parked in. More Ami threw guide ropes to those still upon the deck of the boat, and once tied off the load was lowered to the bed of the trailer. Ami’s grouped to front and rear of the boat guiding it carefully onto the cradle with the newly tied ropes. Once free of the boat slings, the heavy packs manhandled from under the table were lifted into the body of the boat. All cheered at the sight of the boat upon the trailer bed. Kevin and his group reached the ground commander Soste greeted him. “Well-done Kevin, but I get the feeling that was the easy part”.
Kevin’s job as an engineer had made it easy to rewire the battery and control packs in the yellow crane, and by shorting the control wires had manoeuvred the crane into position for the lift. Now he had the harder job of controlling the model heavy lifting truck to pick up the trailer. Easy when you are six foot high and have positive control of the remote control, but after several attempts he managed to link the trailer and truck together. Now all that remains is to rewire the controls inside the boat. Under his supervision Ami began slicing wires then insulating the joins and extending them up to the model wheelhouse here Kevin rewired the remote controls for the boat and using micro switches in place of the remote sending control box. Kevin had directed another group of Ami to enter the main house through yet another cat flap, these were to forage in the kitchen and bring any stores they could. They had turned out to be quite resourceful in entering the cupboards and brought a good supply of foodstuffs.
Having completed the rewiring of the boat Kevin set about securing a small torch to the roof of the truck cab. Finally Kevin reviewed his work all that was left was to bring the truck remote aboard, warriors set off to switch off the main lights in the garage and the remote for the doors was placed near the truck. Kevin nodded to Soste who signalled the warriors at the light switch the room fell to darkness. A few minutes later the doors started to open and the last two warriors clambered up ropes laid over the boat rail and on to the deck.
The truck remote control had been lashed to the fore deck of the boat, Kevin was going to control this by word of mouth relay from the bridge shouting orders to the Ami and several Ami working together via commands from Kevin would push on the remote control levers. With a sudden lurch the truck started off leaving several Ami lying on their backs as they were thrown to the boat deck, Harris among them. At Kevin’s command the truck stopped and the fallen picked up. Kevin was amazed as strange as the technology was to them the Ami had adapted quickly and had mastered most tasks with ease.
Once clear of the garage Kevin directed a Left turn on to the path towards the road, at the current speed it was no problem for the Ami to accomplish but the difficult part was to come manoeuvring the vehicle at a higher speed along the river path. Here it was more likely that Asov might wait in ambush and the quicker the Ami and the boat could pass the less likely of injury or of attack.
Luckily the postman had left the gate open that morning and Kevin had left the house by the rear pathway. The truck lurched to a stop several pathfinders climbed down to cross the road ahead, both checking for traffic and signs of ambush, These warriors would have the difficult task of remounting the truck while still on the move and making the right turn on to the river path.
Having received the all clear Kevin gave instructions to turn on the small torchlight mounted on the roof of the cab. Once on it lit the whole road in front of the truck, again the truck lurched forward the Ami not yet used to moving off smoothly, too fast thought Kevin and signalled for less speed the truck settled down. Then to Kevin’s horror the whole area turned to daylight, looking to his right Kevin could see what appeared to be twin suns moving towards them. It was just bad luck that the car happened to come at this point just when everything was going so smoothly. Trying to judge whether or not the truck would make the safety of the path Kevin floundered, Soste pushed past. “Full speed push on the levers hard”. Those not already lying on the deck were swiftly put there with the greatly increased acceleration. Kevin, Soste, Harris and the bridge crew were no exception.
The car shot past missing them by just a few feet and carried on the driver and his companions oblivious to the fact they had nearly ended all the Ami’s and Kevin’s lives.
Kevin scrambled to the bridge window over the top of prone and dazed Ami’s and screamed, “STOP”. Immediately the truck began to slow but still carried on by the momentum of the acceleration burst they passed through the stone wall gap and entrance to the river path. Kevin could see the grass at the far side of the path getting closer as the truck rumbled forward towards it, not remembering what was there before they reached the embankment. All the Ami working the controls were lying around dazed but otherwise unhurt. As luck would have it a small stone stopped all forward movement and Kevin sighed, relief plainly clear on his face for all to see. Just a few feet ahead of where they had stopped, there was a deep narrow ditch with a little water at the bottom.

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