The meeting went quickly with the board members of the NewTul Company bringing them up to speed with the latetest developments and of course having previously informed them of my newly acquired position as a member of the board in Brighton tools. I found myself distracted all through the meeting. Zuzanna had sent me an intriguing sms, and I couldn’t wait to meet her again to find out just what the hell she meant by (Its not always true that 3 is a crowd, meet me tonight as planned, hmm dress loose lol)

That evening we met in the foyer of the hotel and went to the bar for a quiet drink.
I have a little surprise, we have company for the evening, Zuzanna gestured behind me and I turned to meet Karolina’s gaze.
“One more drink then we can all go to the house, by the way is it all right if Karolina and I stay tonight. Karolina was to stay with me for company as my grandpa has gone to visit his brother in Wroclaw”.
I smiled and agreed to the arrangement, at the same time thinking damn it.
When we arrived home the girls asked if they could have some music and another drink, “what the hell lets party” I laughed.
I knew this was going to be hard but I had no idea how we could be together without Karolina being there its kind of hard to intimate when there are three of you.
It is hard to explain in words but on the way home I could feel something about the situation, something was about to happen out of the normal.
“What about a game” cried Karolina, “something we all can play, cards maybe”? She translated this for Zuzanna and the two girls started laughing and watching me. My Polish was so poor that I didn’t catch very much of what was said. In truth even had I been proficient in Polish I think they talked so fast and without any break that I would still have missed what was said. I went in search of a pack of cards as Zuzanna and Karolina sorted out the rest of the details, a few drinks some crisps etc.
Not realising it I had walked into the oldest trick in the book, the two cousins had me hook line and sinker. We started off innocently enough, jack change it a popular game. After losing a few hands to the girls Zuzanna spoke to Karolina, again the giggles between them. Karolina spoke for Zuzanna, “do you want to make things a little more interesting, maybe a small wager between us”? I agreed, what harm could there be, anyway my mind was filled with Zuzanna and how soon I could get Karolina away to bed, maybe a few more drinks would tip the balance for her and we could put her to bed early and then perhaps……. mmmm.
I hadn’t been concentrating on what I was doing in the game “rozbierz sie! Rozbierz sie! Rozbierz sie!” chanted the girls in unison, stunned I asked Karolina what it meant. The pair of them laughing said we are playing strip poker so strip strip strip. I was so busy thinking about stripping Zuzanna that I hadn’t realised what game we were playing, so taking off one shoe I conceded the point. As I took the shoe off my foot I noticed the hungry look in both the girls’ eyes. So that was the game now I knew what was on their minds I decided to play the game differently. Several hands of cards later, and as many drinks both girls were down to bra and knickers. Neither of the girls was making much effort at covering their modesty, whereas I was still pretty fully clothed. Time to change the rules again, having played cards from a very young age and being quite manipulative with them it wasn’t hard to throw a few hands and let the girls win, for a while. The next rule change was that whoever stripped and lost from now on had to have someone else choose the item to strip and remove it themselves. Rather than putting them off this seemed to excite them even more. Now we were all pretty even me in underpants and the girls in bra and Knicks. I had just started dealing again when Zuzanna was returning to her seat having made a new round of drinks for us all, she stopped just close to my ear and began breathing heavy into it and whispering something I didn’t understand, but had a good idea of the meaning. Of course now I didn’t know who had what in cards, this last hand really was in the hands of luck. As it turned out I was the loser, the girls drew high cards to choose who would strip me, and Karolina won. Carefully she came close on her knees her head just in line with my groin; reaching up with both hands she teased my underpants to my knees. As she exposed me she gave a little gasp, Zuzanna was on the edge of the seat saying something to her. I asked what it was,
“Can I touch it?” Karolina asked and it distracted me from staring at Zuzanna.
“You can,” I agreed and couldn’t believe that she asked it. Or that I had so readily agreed
She knelt down and took my cock in her hand tenderly. I was shaking.
“I saw in some video women can satisfy men with their mouth,” she said without a shadow of shyness in her bookish way.
Suddenly, she surrounded the dickhead with her lips without saying anything. I had felt orgasm as her tongue touched the dickhead. I failed to say anything as I began Cumming straight into Karolina’s eager mouth. She jerked away quickly as soon as she felt the hot streams of my sperm and the cum splattered on her face in thick globs.

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