Kevin stepped around the tree and out behind Edyta and Zuzanna and facing Karolina.
“Czesc” said the voice behind the girls, startling them both for a second but no more than this. Zuzanna whirled around and dived at Kevin jumping high into his arms and kissing him passionately. The girls just stood there smiling and giggling. “Well it seems I am the only one that’s not introduced here “said Edyta.
A few seconds later Zuzanna began speaking to Karolina “how? When? Where? Why?” everything came out in a rush.
With Karolina here she could speak to Kevin and understand all that was said, but did she really want that?
Kevin suggested a local coffee shop and the all went together after Edyta had finally been introduced.
After a few coffees and a lot of explaining from Kevin about what had happened and how he was now living here in Zegansi it was time to go home.
Zuzanna arranged to meet with Kevin that weekend and not having a phone gave the address of her apartment, explain that she had lots of course work for an exam on Friday, as did all the girls.
The week seemed to drag past slowly for both of them Kevin week being a little quicker because of all the newness of all his surroundings. But the evenings were a drag, so he often went for a walk and on a couple of occasions met both Edyta and Karolina going to Zuzanna’s to study. They promised to pass along greetings and left.

Friday night and Kevin drove to the south end of the park as arranged , Zuzanna was waiting .Zuzanna and I drove in silence as we headed for my new home. We reached the house in no time and as she exited the car I noticed for the first time that day how great she looked. She was wearing a white, spandex mini skirt and white pumps with an ankle strap that were easily 5 inches tall. On top she had a peach blouse and I was convinced that she was not wearing a bra. I watched as her tight ass wriggled in the fabric of her skirt as she walked to the front door. She opened the door and stepped into the house. I bolted from the car and quickly made my way inside as well.
I shut the front door behind me and watched as Zuzanna ascended the stairs in front of me. I was drooling as I stared at her ass. I wanted her and my whole body was throbbing because of it. I climbed the stairs behind Zuzanna and noticed that she stopped in the dining room. I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist. I kissed her neck from behind and pulled her tight to me. She spun around in my arms and faced me. She kissed me on my mouth, her tongue snaking around for attention. I planted my hands firmly on her ass, squeezing it tightly as we kissed. I could feel my body respond to her touch.
Zuzanna moved from my arms and walked into the living room. She sat on the edge of the couch and hiked up her skirt, revealing that she was not wearing any panties. I almost dropped when I saw her gorgeous bald patch under her skirt. I made my way to where she was sitting quickly and she immediately grabbed my belt.
Zuzanna tore off my pants and boxers while I ripped off my shirt and threw it to the side. She instantly took my rock hard cock into her mouth and began sucking it sloppily. I was in heaven as my shaft passed over her sexy lips again and again. She lubed my prick with her saliva as she engulfed it over and over. I sigh heavily as she removed my dick from her mouth and began to pump it firmly with her hand.
Zuzanna then leaned back on the couch and I knelt in front of her. I placed my firm tool to her opening and thrust forcefully inside of her. She was very wet and I was lightheaded from the pleasure I felt. I rocked my hips allowing my pole to enter and exit her moist love tunnel repeatedly. I continued to pound her right there on the couch, not wanting to ever stop.
Zuzanna wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her with each thrust of my hips. I forced my manhood into her again and again as she squirmed wildly with pleasure. It had been way too long since I had been with Zuzanna and I wanted to cum hard within her. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to me with each push inside of her. I was nearing climax.
Zuzanna was gasping and wiggling in front of me and I continued to penetrate her powerfully. I jammed my shaft into her box tight little love tunnel until I could take no more. I exploded intensely inside of her, spewing my spunk until there wasn’t a drop left in my rod. I looked at her firm body and gorgeous face and wanted more.
I pulled back, allowing my cock to fall out of her pussy. I then flipped her over without a word and pulled her waist to me. I entered her from behind vigorously and began pump my dick into her. I rammed her from behind again and again. I used every ounce of power I had to attack her body with mine. I crashed into her vagina over and over with my rock hard tool.
“OH GOD,” Zuzanna screamed loudly as I continued to thunderously insert my cock inside of her.
I am not sure at what point Zuzanna peaked, but I was rapidly nearing my second orgasm. I devastated her twat with each vicious thrust of my hips. I couldn’t hold out at all and I discharged my second load inside of her walls. Her pussy milked my stick of every ounce of cum that I had. I withdrew from her and crashed to the floor in the living room, completely spent. Zuzanna did not move at all.
I am not sure how long I laid there catching my breath but at some point I stood up and collected my clothes. I dressed and stared at Zuzanna, who had still not moved. I moved close to her and kissed her on the cheek.
“I have to go back to grandpa’s work comes early in the morning,” She whispered in my ear.
I turned and headed for the door.
“You are fucking amazing,” she called after me. Zuzanna turned her head and I saw her blurred glance. She lay without being shy. It was clear she was in heaven.
“You bring out my A game,” I called back as I went to get the car out and run her home.

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