The morning was fresh; a slight rainfall during the night had left the air damp, but not oppressive as mornings can be. Zuzanna walked along the main street towards the hotel Piastowska, nearly skipping in her excitement to see Kevin again. Last night had been terrible grandpa hadn’t asked what had kept her so late she had felt his eyes boring into the back of her head as she excused herself and went to bed early. Did he know? Alternatively, at the very least he suspected something had happened between them.
Dismissing all with a shrug of her head she continued on to the hotel, entering the foyer and approaching the reception she spoke to the receptionist. “Dzien dobry, umowilam sie z Kevin!” She faltered again for the second time she realised she did not know his name just his first name Kevin. She gave the room number instead. And asked the receptionist to call, “I am sorry Mr McCormack vacated the room early after a receiving a long distance call, he was in a great hurry. I don’t have any messages or forwarding address for him.” Seeing Zuzanna distress at receiving this information the receptionist added. “I do have some other information; I shouldn’t really give it to you but in the circumstances.” Smiling at Zuzanna, she turned the registration book towards her. “I am sorry but the registration book is private and confidential and I can’t TELL you what is in it.” With that, she turned away and walked towards another customer further up the reception desk.
Zuzanna pounced on the open book quickly found Kevin’s sign in information and copied some notes to a small book she always kept in her pocket for just this sort of situation.
Hurrying from the hotel, unsure what to do next her mind panicked. Can he have been so fickle to take her to bed, and then just walk away, and leave her? Had she meant so little to him?
OMG! One more thought had just struck her. Last night in their haste then had not used any protection, was it possible she was pregnant?
Nearly in tears now she hurried on down the street, it was Saturday morning and there were not many people about, with her mind unable to concentrate on the simplest of problems she found herself next to the café. The one Edyta and Karolina had talked about seeing Jorgen and his blonde-haired woman in.
Slowly at first but gaining momentum by the second, her confusion turned to anger, first at her betrayal then abandonment by Kevin, and now the same for Jorgen. Revenge on them all was the order of the day. But something at the back of her mind cried. “Danger!” Nevertheless, caught up in her anger she ignored this small lonely voice. Her mind clearer and was fully functioning again she smiled to herself.

Damn Jim Logan and Brighton Tool Company thought Kevin, as he flew over Berlin on the way to London. Half past four in the morning and everything had been top speed and a rush to make the plane. Why had he left his position as senior engineer at the factory? Because of the money of course this job as senior negotiator and sales director paid twice as much, but of course there was the travelling, this last year he felt as though he was a true gypsy, never staying anywhere more than a few weeks. The benefits were good he had seen most of Europe and even been to the Far East twice.
Zuzanna! He could not get her out of his mind, such an angel and the sex it was incredible even though he knew she was a virgin when she entered his room all had come so naturally to her. Well he was damn sure he would return after this emergency meeting in London. All the usual cloak and dagger stuff from Logan. The telephone call had been brief, return soonest board meeting and you are needed to attend. What could it be his sales performance was perfect so no problem there? Well time would tell, his meeting with the Polish firm had gone better than expected; he had sold nearly double the quota he had expected to sell and to cap it all had arranged for a near merger with his company and the Polish NewTul group so what then was the problem?
Tiredness took over and Kevin drifted off to sleep with the perfume scent of Zuzanna that had remained on his shirt haunting his dreams.

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