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A days photo’s

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Recalled to serve part 23

Kevin sighed and began to relate to Kasia how Bronski had told him about Kasim following them back to Poland, and how Kasim appeared to be intent on revenge. Kasia stood mesmerised, A surprised and fearful “Oh no” was all she could say. Kevin sat smiling and began to tell her how he had hunted through Warsaw to find Kasim. “It was quite amusing really when I did find him, he was holed up in a whorehouse in the outskirts of the city, and he spotted me coming and made a dash out the rear of the brothel running for the old commercial railway sidings. As you may or may not know they aren’t used anymore. Except for the railway preservation society that runs the old restored trains there. He was dodging in and out of the old carriages, and just as I lined up for a clear shot at him one of the old armoured trains came up behind me and passed so close I lost my grip on my Walther gun, Kasim had made the mistake of using this moment to turn and run. As it happened right into the path of another train travelling in the opposite direction, by the time it had passed there wasn’t much left of him on the tracks. So ends Kasim and any living threat to you and your son.” Kevin stood up and took Kasia in his arms and soothed her saying “it’s all over now, your free“. It was about a month later as Kevin and Kasia and Magic climbed into the car, the few personal things Kevin had with him and the belongings Kasia counted to personal to leave to the house packers Kevin had hired were in the car with them, and off they set to their new life. “It’s a long drive but we will make plenty of pit stops on the way and we will even have time to go a little out of our way and visit your brother as we travel”. True to Kevin’s word it had been a long but enjoyable journey two weeks in all to travel about three thousand miles back to the UK and the beginning of a new life for them all in the new home Kevin had bought many years earlier right beside the sea with a rear gate leading out on the small sandy beach in a quiet cove near a small village in Ireland.

Recalled to serve – upon request

by request from a very SPECIAL friend I have continued writing Recalled to serve, here is my latest offering

Recalled to serve part 22

As Kevin had been the only one with any paper identification Kasia left it to him to organise and hire a car to take them to Athens and the regional office, there she could hand Beata over to Bronski’s operatives who would take care of her and return her home to her family in Warsaw. As it would soon turn out, things were not going to be so simple much to Kasia’s dismay. Thinking ahead Kasia asked Kevin to find a local hotel and suggested they stay there for the night. Arriving at the cliff top hotel Kevin pulled his tote bag from the boot of the hired car, it was an old Mercedes diesel and when it had reached halfway up the hill towards the hotel so much smoke was pouring from the exhaust that it completely wiped out any sign of the road behind. Entering the hotel the party approached the reception desk. The manager a fat short man with what Kasia thought was the most terrible moustache she had ever seen. “Ah hello Mr Smith, I was correct in guessing the make-up of you party, I have put your beautiful daughter in a single room and given you and your lovely wife the best connecting double room next door.” Kevin was just about to object when Kasia tugged at his arm, sensing more than seeing that Beata was happy about the room allocation she whispered to Kevin “let it go.” Following the manager they made their way to the rooms, Beata was exhausted both physically and mentally, at this she cried off going for something to eat, Kevin warned her to keep her door locked at all time and open it only to either him or Kasia and then only after they had given the prearranged code word. Kasia headed for the shower and a clean-up. Both had cleaned up well and Kevin suggested to Kasia she take his card and go see what the hotels boutique held in the way of ladies garments for her, skipping off very quickly Kasia headed downstairs and shopping always something to distract a lady with a problem. Kevin was his usual fastidious self when it came to his personal hygiene. Kasia had returned from shopping and could hear Kevin humming a little Irish ditty she knew so well from him, slipping out of her dress and changing from the skin out she was just fumbling with the rear zipper on the dress when Kevin left the bathroom, nothing but a towel wrapped around him he gave a long slow whistle as Kasia pirouetted in front of him. “Let’s go eat and perhaps a short walk before bed to settle our digestion down,” suggested Kevin. Kasia had to turn away as she mumbled “yes a good idea”, Kasia had felt her face began to redden and couldn’t understand why, as lovers they had seen each other naked before, but now Kasia could feel butterflies in her stomach, she dismissed it as hunger pains but knew better. Having eaten a hearty meal and Kevin as always had ordered for both of them, starting with Orektiko as an appetizer. Then moving on to the main course Apáki a beautifully prepared dish of lean pork marinated in vinegar, then smoked with aromatic herbs and shrubs, and packed in salt. Kasia was beside herself as always Kevin had won his way to her heart through her stomach, it was all too much for her, “enough Kevin I couldn’t eat another thing, no not even the Karydopita,” this was a cake of crushed walnuts, soaked in syrup. Agreeing to disagree he got up came round the table to Kasia and helped her leave the table removing her chair as he did, dashing and a gentleman as always thought Kasia to herself, but that was Kevin’s winning way with the ladies it was how he had caught her the first time she remembered, “The concierge has told me there is a beautiful walk across the cliff path to a vantage point overlooking the islands I thought you might like a stroll that way, just to walk off the meal I mean”, The pair set of at a moderate pace up the steps leading to the old and somewhat worn path along the cliff edge. They had rounded a bend when Kasia leading had stepped towards the cliff edge calling to Kevin “look at the moon, isn’t it beautiful so full and round and bright” Kevin said nothing but stepped forward grabbing Kasia by the arm and pulling her roughly away from the edge, just as a piece of ground that had been under her foot gave way and slipped down into the water far below. Kevin worried about Kasia so near the edge had pulled harder than he thought and stumbled back onto the path at the same time catching his foot on a half-buried rock. Falling backwards and pulling Kasia down on top of him as he went, even then letting her fall on top of him rather than risk her hurting herself in the fall. Lying atop of Kevin she could feel his breath on her exposed neck, hot and moist she was overcome with breathlessness, Kevin laid the making no attempt at getting up and as Kasia turned her head towards him her lips all but brushing his as they stared into each other eyes, it seemed to Kasia she was sinking in a sea of warm comforting water her emotions were rising up and flooding over her, her lions were heating up in a way they hadn’t for many years. Kevin gently placed one of his arms around the back of her head and pulling her down to meet his lips by the last few centimetres, as Kasia tasted Kevin’s lips on her for the first time in years she gave in and succumbed to her feelings, they lay there kissing for the longest time. It was Kasia that eventually gave in and gently sat up and began undressing claiming she didn’t want to spoil her nice new dress, Kevin’s smile was golden in the moonlight, he watched as Kasia freed her perfect breasts and reached up tenderly to touch them gently caressing them, Kasia was silhouetted and outlined in the moonrise behind her. Kevin was mesmerised as she dropped her dress and the nearly panties she was wearing, sitting up now still cupping her breasts in both his hands Kevin began to make up for lost time and stripped hurriedly to catch up with the now naked Kasia. Lying back down Kasia now underneath Kevin and gently massaging his manhood, Kasia guided him to her “little cave of love” as Kevin had always called it. Slowly they made love in the moonlight no haste or frantic groping, just gentle and slow. Lying in each other’s arms Kasia felt an afterglow and looked at Kevin’s face the smile of satisfaction told her all she needed to know. It was long after midnight and halfway along the beach that was a forefront to the Hotel Sofitel Grand Sopot. The moon was slowly drifting across the sky, intermittently hidden by clouds of sliver scuttling in the opposite direction blown along by an unfelt wind high above, its gentle light turning the sand to a silver in the darkness of the night, the waves broke ever so gently up the beach each time landing with a quiet swish of water along the whole shore front, and the retreating water carried small pebbles down the beach each chasing after the receding water, all of it adding to the cacophony of small sounds. Kasia drank in every second of it the noise like a full orchestra playing quietly yet building to a crescendo that never came, the bark from her dog Bambi broke her revere and adding to it was her son Magic chasing the retreating waves on the beach, both Magic and Kevin frolicking and cavorting near the waves, and Magic yelling at the top of his voice at each return of water, both of them avoiding the waves where they could and at other times being caught in the tidal rush up the beach. Kevin rushed up the beach to stand just behind her hands on her shoulders, she turned just as he bent down a little to plant a kiss on her forehead. Kasia turned back to watch her child play and rested into Kevin’s enfolding arms, she felt a little shiver, and not a feeling of cold but of a little fear this idyllic night would end all too soon. Six months had passed and Kasia was at home enjoying a peaceful weekend, her son Magic was playing in the garden with the two dogs and Kasia could hear them clearly through the open window as she cleaned her home. At first Kasia didn’t notice the deep throaty roar of a performance engine as it drew near the house. Then it stood out quite clearly, it passed the rear of the house and slowed rumbling as that type of engine does. Kasia’s heart leaped in her chest, there was only one person she knew that drove a car anything like that, and she hadn’t seen him since the end of the assignment six months previously. He had entered Bronski’s office and she herself had been whisked away to a luxurious hotel for the night returning home the next day. All be it considerably richer for her trip abroad. “Kevin” cried Kasia joyously and in the same breath thought to hell with him. Beginning to seethe with anger at the thought Kevin had decided to show himself at last Kasia rushed from the room. If he thinks for one minute I am going to throw myself at him boy is he in for a surprise. As Kasia reached the back of the house she heard Kevin’s broken Polish calling to Magic. She ripped the door open to see Kevin partially kneeling beside Magic with a large parcel in his hands. Both the dogs were at heel on the ground beside Magic as Kasia had taught her son to control them, unseen by Kevin Kasia began to walk towards them both. “Mama” shouted Magic “look I have a gift from your friend” Kevin pirouetted where her knelt a smile spreading slowly across his face at the sight of Kasia, Kasia was distraught not know whether to attack Kevin or throw her arms around him and hug him close. Seeing Kevin so close now she gave in to her inner self and reached out to hug him, still smiling Kevin jumped up into her arms. “I wasn’t sure how you would react seeing me.” Kasia couldn’t talk for tears running down her face and all her emotions breaking out in joyous chorus. Magic was looking surprised at his mum holding her friend and crying, “Mummy are you ok?” Kasia reached down and with Kevin’s aid lifted Magic up between them. Standing there a few moments Kasia beckoned towards the house, settled down in Kasia’s living room Kevin began to tell Kasia what had transpired after he entered Bronski’s office.

Ta-Ami part 27

Plans for an Ambush

As Kevin woke from his short sleep he noticed a young Ami that had been on watch was talking to commander Soste, both faces showed concern over something. Soste woke Harris and asked both him and Kevin up to the wheelhouse of the boat for a private meeting. “I have just been informed we are being watched from the far river bank my lookout suspects that a band of Asov is hiding in the undergrowth observing us. I suspect they are unable to reach us because of where we are moored on the river and I am sure they will attempt to kill us all so maybe they wait for a more opportune moment for an attack. I can only think they raced through the night to catch us up and are probably only a small band sent only to watch us so we are in no immediate danger. It would be good Kevin if you can tell me the boat will outrace them and leave them far behind the last thing I want to do is leave them a clear trail to follow right back to Ta-Amihome.” Kevin was lost in thought looking back down the river. “This posse’s a problem I hoped wouldn’t come up but now it has I think I may have a solution. But it may only be a temporary one for all that. Up ahead of us is a bridge across the river some distance after that is a fork in the river. To the left is our destination and to the right the river runs back towards Shane mountain and its source, it is navigable for quite some distance but not long after the fork is a old river bend that is nearly cut off from the main river. If we run hard and fast up to there we can be into the old river bend then drop some scouts off and hide behind the island before the Asov reach us. They will have to backtrack to the bridge to follow our trail on the river again. The few scouts dropped off should be able to monitor when they have passed and we can continue our journey. That will give us a good lead on them and leave us in a position where we will be able to decide whether or not to attack them depending on their numbers.” Strategically speaking it was an excellent plan both Harris and Soste nodded. It would still be a while before the batteries had recharged enough for Kevin to start the boat off up river again. Kevin returned to the main boat deck and settled down to rest again. Sitting down beside some resting Ami Kevin began to listen to the telling of a story by an older and battle worn Ami about when the Ami had lived on the European continent. “After the Asov had discovered our first Ta-Amihome in the North we were forced to flee to the South. For many years we continued to make only temporary homes. Staying in one place for a few months then moving on in the hope we would elude our enemies. At some point our scouts came across a village of Asov. It appeared to be only lightly defended by a few Asov troops and most of the communities were females and young Asov. A plan was prepared and presented to the leader of all the Ta-Ami Mercus our then Furste. He approved the plan so as to give some morale to the Ta-Ami after our long trek and initial defeat by the Asov, morale was at an all time low. The village would be attacked and wiped out no Asov were to be left alive to mention the passing of the Clans. Just as day broke the best of the fighting Clans were in position around the village and launched the attack. All went well at first the sentries were taken care of and very little warning was given of the impending attack. The first resistance was given by a patrol setting out on a morning run. The attacking forces slaughtered them but the alarm was now given and all the Asov old enough to bear arms set about defending the village. Females fought with such ferocity so unexpected by our troops that we were caught off guard and for all that we outnumbered them we were fought to a standstill. The Furste himself came to observe what was happening and direct the battle from the top of a nearby hill, his family as always was in close attendance. Unknown to them they were in the direct line of the main group of returning Asov warriors that had been out on long distance patrol and food gathering expedition. Dropping their supplies they attacked the hill quickly disposing of the Ta-Ami personal guard to the Furste, then set about killing the Furste and all his family leaving us as you know with no direct heir to the throne. As you all now know Asov females also serve in the front-line fighting with male troops side by side and that is one of the reasons we avoid all contact even if the community is a small one as we first thought this one was. We lost so many good troops that day our forces have never really recovered from the setback not to mention the loss of the royal family. From that day on we were harried all the more by the Asov forces our attack seems to have enraged them all the more if that were possible for their hatred of us is undying. Many times on our journey have we encountered the Asov but never has their been a battle so fierce with so great a loss to the Ta-Ami. ” Kevin had listened to the Ami reciting the story enthralled by the detail he had woven into it. Time had seemed to fly by and now it was time to continue the journey and see if the ruse to throw off the following Asov would work. Calling all Ami to their respective positions Kevin made his way to the wheelhouse and started the boat. Having made sure that the changed battery was online and the spare was charging. Knowing the failure of the batteries would be the undoing of them. For there would be no chance to elude the pursuing Asov on foot, no matter how good the Ami were at covering their tracks, and they would be travelling considerably slower carrying the gold band of Kevin’s and the wounded.
The boat swung out into the main river and began its fight against the current such as it was and began making headway up towards the old wooden bridge.

Ta-Ami part 26

Discovery of a power in the Asov

Tethus was in meditation in contact with the group of Asov magicians still in Scotland. He was letting them know all that had happened and to forewarn them he would not be able to contact them once he moved inland with the main force of Asov. Thalis sat nearby quietly in meditation herself awaiting Tethus to instruct her. She was still seething over the perceived slight to her master and at his command would have attacked Arinis bare handed. She was as aware of the intermittent lack of her magic power but had no understanding as to why it happened. On its first occurrence it had badly frightened her nearly as much as finding out she had power it had been a simple exercise that Tethus had taught her and she constantly practised it. At first she thought it was a lack of self control on her part but then she had come to realise that it was indeed more she could not feel the power that often surged through her in such attempts. Even though she had only lately come to her power and knew she did not fully control it yet the lack of it was a frightening prospect to her. Thalis remembered the day she had met her master she had gone down to the river with the other females to collect water and fruit from the berry bushes along the bank. She had wandered off on her own getting ever further away from the group at last realising where she was she turned to return but there on the path was a large water rat. It had been following her there was nowhere to run she was out on the exposed embankment of the river water on one side and the steep bank on the other then she new real fear as the creature began to stalk her. The rat could see an easy meal and was closing for the kill the creature in front of it was hardly more than a mouthful but a meal was a meal. In panic Thalis began to back up and away from the water rat losing her footing she fell over backwards, feeling more than seeing she knew the rat had pounced on her. Nothing had happened she had resolved herself to the fact she was to be killed and a feeling of innermost peace had crept over her. Opening her eyes and still expecting the rat to be over the top of her she was surprised to find it lying by the waters edge still moving but without doubt in a death throe its feet twitching as the last ebb of life left it. Stunned by the sight she looked around for a warrior thinking one had come upon it from behind and seen her plight and attacked it, but no-one was to be seen she collapsed in a dead faint only reviving with a group of old Asov around her. She couldn’t tell how long she was unconscious, she recognised instantly this group as magicians and fearing that worse than her life was at stake immediately prostrated herself before them uttering not a word she kept her head low until she heard the voice of Tethus. “Rise before me.” The words never reached her ears but instead went straight into her head and they compelled her. As if the words themselves had lifted her off the ground unable to do anything but comply she stood up and faced the old Asov. “Tell us child what happened here who slew the rat and saved you.” The old Asov before here was Tethus high magi of all the Asov before she could answer an Asov who had been inspecting the body with a view to cutting it up for rations called for the magi to come inspect the carcass of the rat. It was cooked thoroughly but not a hair on the outside of the body was touched. Tethus quickly took stock of the situation there was but one thing to do. “You have shown potential for the use of power you are called child to serve the magi do you come willingly or not.” Thalis could remember her answer and would never forget the feeling of elation that came over her just at that moment. The joy of realising that she was no longer just a female but now commanded some respect in the clan none but a magus could call her to work. “I serve willingly master” Tethus bade her come along to a secluded part of the village where the magi lived and there in conclave with his other brother magicians they discussed her amazing escape. “That she has the power there can be no doubt even as we approached the after effect of the spell she cast was still emanating from her, I say we take and train her as we have many others.” A buzz of excited murmurs arose from the gathered magicians; Telero a magician still as yet young by comparison to the others assembled arose and spoke. “That she has the power we have no doubt but never have we trained a female in the arts before we break the lore.” Many agreed with him especially the older lore keepers, “Is not our need great? That she should show such power and at such a young age, ha and worst of all of course she is female, greater than many here can muster I wager, she must be trained and her power used for the greater need of the Asov”. Old Benthus sat down beside his old friend and colleague Tethus. Quietly he whispered into Tethus’s ear “Who can deny the greater good of the Asov? I hope you know what you are doing old friend, only in ancient lore is there tales of females with power and they weren’t much more than hedge witches in truth”. But surprisingly from the ranks closer to the rear of the assembly came a voice few had heard in open session it was a mage called Artoro a soothsayer and scryer of signs and omens. “It is time we dealt with the question of females in our society many have small gifts of healing and such like which we most time ignore. Never before in the memory of the Asov has a female shown such power always it was thought that only males could master such, now we find more and more females come to the fore. Now this one shows a magnitude of power only a few here could challenge what will she be like if left untempered and untrained, just the thought of the accidental damage she could do is unthinkable. What if some group of Asov upset her in her daily duties and rise her to anger should they do so might they not end up like the rat. And who then would be at fault for her actions, her because she did the deed them because they angered her to action, or ourselves because we did not train her in the use of the gifts she has. I say vote to train her.” The sudden call to vote by Artoro took Tethus by surprise and he was sure the vote would go against the young Asov. But heartened by the speech given by Artoro Tethus took the floor calling the meeting back to order. “Artoro has the right of it how many others are there ready to take on the training what hidden talent is there among us we may have missed in our ignorance; the power is in the child and needs tempered to this end I will offer to undertake her training.” From this point in her life Thalis new her life would never be quite the same and no matter what she would serve Tethus with all her heart for she knew without his patronage her life would indeed have been forfeit.

Ta-Ami part 25


The rebelling Ami were nearly escorted out of Ta-Amihome by Lord Gil’s personal Ami guard along with the multitude of Ami that gawked and whispered among themselves as to the reason for their leaving. The lady Ka-An striding at the head of her own group never looked back but hurried to reach the head of the migrating column of Ami. Catching up with Lord DaeDann they talked little of their intended route and final destination neither was sure that the remaining Lords would not attempt some sort of ambush. At Lord DaeDann instructions a combined force flanked the whole group and scouts ran ahead to search out the route to be taken. When Lord DaeDann considered they had travelled a safe distance he called a meeting with the Lords and Ladies that had exiled themselves with him while the main body of the exodus carried on. “We are to travel to a point well beyond the waterfall through the woods, make no mistake the trip will be arduous and difficult if any feel they may have made a mistake in coming now is the time to turn around and head back. When we reach our destination we will have food and comfort I have been preparing for this very contingency in the vain hope it would not come to pass but even as we speak our new home is being completed. As I am sure many of you realise many of my clan is missing and has left long before to prepare for our coming. At first when we found this site I thought it would make a better site for Ta-Amihome it is easily defended and well away from humans and the surrounding has good game that we won’t starve. But as the weeks passed I became alarmed at the orders being issued from the Cortacrek. I decided not to inform anyone of the new location and it now seems I was right to do so. I wouldn’t put it past Lord Gil or some of his cronies to launch some sort of attack against us. So have all your people stay alert till we reach our new position. Any one that has questions may ask now if you intend to stay some I cannot answer if it is your intention to leave then leave now only those who accompany me shall know of our final destination.” The lady Ka-an was the first to Speak. “I represent the Clan Lukra as you all know and I will follow. But I do this only if we are all equally represented and once those that have decided to leave do so I wish to know the final destination and what our intentions are when we reach there.” Many in the group nodded and called in support unknown to them this had already been arranged between the Lord and Lady. As none were dissenting and all agreed to continue on to the new home Lord DaeDann briefed them on the new arrangements and how the new order of Lords and Ladies would be arranged. But this was to be done only when the new home was reached. There was a march of several days before them and a few dangers on the way. It was explained the exact position of the new home would not be revealed to them until they had arrived as a security measure so that none could sneak away and reveal their position to Lord Gil or his supporters.

Ta-Ami part 24

Kevin Yawned and began a slow stretch to loosen up the muscles he was tired after his long night. “Your story of how you got here has answered a few things for me stories of the small people in different lands all going by different names these could have been brethren to you. Or even stories of chance meetings between yourselves and humans like the story my great-grandfather tells of meeting leprechauns in the hills above the town here when he found the metal for the rings. Do you think it is possible that there is still a contingent living in the hills and that the original Ami’s that stayed with the mother ship may have survived here and perhaps prospered. There are many stories of people in this area having some sort of sightings or even in a few cases if the stories are indeed true dealings with folk described as leprechauns. Which in all truth if I had to describe you to someone, it is the first thing I would think of. I think I will get some sleep now I am tired and we have a lot to do tomorrow.” In truth Kevin wanted to be alone for a while he was tired but something was bothering him. And it wasn’t the show of magic Harris had put on. No it was the show he thought he had put on himself, but no one had noticed at the time or had thought it just a lucky break. Kevin thought back to the trip up the millrace of water when the ship had lurched as it hit the stone. The same stone Kevin and his son had hit every time they had tried to drive the boat up the river with the same disastrous consequences. The boat turning turtle in the water but not this time Kevin remembered just as they struck the stone he had willed the boat back into the flow of water and it had responded. Was it just his imagination or was there more to it he was going to try an experiment and find out for sure. But first a little sleep, the sun would be a long time before it rise in the sky and the journey would continue. With the batteries onboard the boat recharging Kevin would feel a lot safer. He knew he still had one battery fully charged and if needs be the first battery still had about half a charge in it and there were still a few tricky pieces of water to tackle yet and a considerable distance to go.

Discovery of a boat

Urgo was marching up the river path with his party of Asov when the scout from the advance party met him. “Urgo we have found something strange on the river the advance party has stopped to watch and wait for you I was sent back to inform and lead you on. Just beyond where the cliffs end the path turns away from the river so the scout party split up each to follow a different route. My group went on up the river it is rough going we have to wade through a marshland and keep closer to the river than is safe. But we can see a craft of some sort lying on the far side we cant reach it but there is movement aboard it. The terrain is hard to follow and the going is slow, as the path has finished. If the craft hadn’t stopped we wouldn’t have caught up with it. They must think themselves safe from pursuit to have stopped now you have reserves with you shall we attack it”. Urgo stopped to gather his thoughts for a moment “you follow the second party and tell them to continue on up the path. If the path comes back to the river we will meet them there if not then in two hours time make your way back here and wait where the cliffs end. If we don’t return in a day then report back to the main encampment with what you know go now.” Urgo called up another runner and sent him back to the main camp with the news and to inform his lord that he would wait and follow the craft when it began its journey once more. The main force moved out with Urgo leading his pace faster at the thought of catching up with the fleeing Ami’s. One of the Asov caught in the tunnel and drowned had been a close fighting friend. Urgo had been lucky not to be caught in the tunnel himself. After a hard trek through the grass and debris alongside the river they at last came to the site where the rest of the Asov scout party waited. Urgo issued orders to make a cold camp with no fires to give away their position, creeping as far forward as he could he spied on the Ami’s upon the boat moored in the river now they would just watch and wait.

Ta-Ami part 23

What we weren’t told was that the Asov had captured a few of these launch sites intact. Presumably to keep the masses from panic, eventually my folk took off from our home world with no sign of pursuit from the Asov. Unbeknown to us Asov had mastered magic to a great extent as well and though their ships were not as fast or as well equipped as ours they were masked by Asov magicians. And slowly but surely caught up with us we were surveying your planet from space when the Asov ship fell upon us we had decided that your planet was as unsuitable as others we had come across. Mainly because your people were already here and occupying it with the size difference and all it was felt we would be incompatible. Now the Asov ship ambushed us from orbit around your moon. We opened fire on it and did considerable damage but the captain of the Asov ship drove on to us and crashed his stricken vessel into the Anna mortally wounding her. The Asov ship was without power and the orbit quickly decayed sending them spiralling down into the atmosphere of your world. I presume with the ship as badly mauled, as it was the last thing anyone was doing was watching in any detail what was happening to the Asov craft. It obviously crashed on your planet somewhere in the Southern hemisphere and many of the Asov survived enough that they were able to rebuild there numbers and continue the battle against us. Meanwhile the Anna our ship was also losing power but we had many lifeboats that were able to hold all the members of the Arc. Though the stories say that the captain of the Anna and a large part of the crew stayed to the last to see to the safety of all the rest and rode the ship down through the atmosphere of your planet eventually crashing somewhere in the northern hemisphere. And because of the captain and the crew over a controlled period of time the boats were launched and many clans landed on your planet to survive the collision in space. Each of the lifeboats would have been able to hold a large clan and all of their belongings. But as the lifeboats began to descend through your atmosphere many were pushed off course partially by storm patterns and partially by the fact they were launched at such different times and over different parts of your world and landed far away from each other some on different continents. Our group was a little luckier than most many of the lifeboats landed quite close some no more than a few days walk away others a little further. At first it was hard on the clans we were not used to the climate we originally came from a very warm planet with an orbit much closer to our sun. Many died from the cold in just the first few weeks we had landed in the northern end of your largest continent a place of many lakes and mountain’s. Here for many generations we stayed in the hope that more of our kind would seek us out and join us, some did but many did not. We managed to live there and do more than just survive we were beginning to thrive again as a community. That was when we found out that the Asov had also survived and were again hunting us. It was lucky that the Asov that found us were not much more than a large raiding party sent far ahead of the main column to scout. If there had been more we would not have survived that first assault, as it was many thousands died because of the surprise attack they launched against us. Had they waited for reinforcements we would have been totally annihilated. Forewarned now as we were our high command decided it was time to move and for reasons I am not aware of this land was our final destination. If you speak to commander Soste he can tell you more about the journey here his ancestors were the people who led us here. It has taken many generations for us to reach this land. Many were lost on the way but always we were told this was the Promised Land and here we would be at last able to live in peace. For a few years now that illusion has held true but now alas as you know it is no more and the Asov are once again upon us this time I can see no redemption there is nowhere else to run Kevin. When the Asov trace us to Ta-Amihome we will have the last battle and there will be an end to the Ami’s”.

Ta-Ami part 22

Demonstration of power

No major mishaps had happened and Kevin had been able to steer the boat safely to the old river bend, dropping a lead fishing weight that had been found aboard and secured to a piece of string this was acting as an anchor. The boat had come to a rest in the relative calm of the centre of what was now a duck pond. Kevin began an inspection of the boat to see how well it had faired in its battle upriver against the current and the odd bash from a floating piece of debris. Harris was with the wounded below deck taking care and giving what help he could to each when Kevin came upon him. “Kevin there is something we need to speak of please. Your grandfathers ring do you know the history of it”. The Ami Harris had been tending to moaned in pain Harris made a pass in the air above him and he settled back down again on the makeshift bed that had been rigged for him. Kevin looked astonished “Isn’t that the Ami that was shot full of arrows at the ambush site by the bridge”. Harris smiled “Yes it is he has made a remarkable recovery don’t you think, he gets stronger by the hour and all due to my magic I think. And that is the part of it I don’t understand why my magic is working so well. I am convinced it has something to do with your ring”. “Well the story of my ring is simple enough and thinking about it now I just wonder how much truth there is in it the old man was ridiculed a bit for his story telling. It actually belonged to my great grandfather who lived up on the mountain just over to the west. He was a shepherd there and had a small farm raising sheep. The story my grandfather told me was that one night in the spring of the year when my great-grandfather was a young man he was out on the mountain looking for new-born sheep. When he saw a great fire plunging from the sky and there was an almighty explosion just over the hill in the next valley. Worried about any sheep that might be there he rushed to the site but was unable to go into the valley because of the heat. Eventually it cooled off after a day or two and he went down to investigate, he said he had met with leprechauns. They had given him the gold for the three rings he had made, one for himself one for his sister, and one for my great-grandmother I have one but am not sure where the other two went this one we have with us was passed down the line from father to son. I suppose the other went to my grandfather’s sister, as she and my grandfather were the only children of the family. I am sure there is more to the story but I can’t recall it now”. Harris studied Kevin for a moment then looked around to see if there were any more Ami’s around. “Kevin I want you to think of someone close to you” Harris waved his arms in the air in the shape of a large circle and just like magic. A mirror formed in the nothingness there Kevin began to see vague forms of someone lying in a bed, It was Inge. “Harris how is it you are able to do that, I can see my wife sleeping there”. Harris relaxed a little and the image disappeared with the mirror into the air from which it had come. “That is what I am talking about Kevin this was a small demonstration of magic, and until I met you one I was totally incapable of. Now I am able to heal warriors that would otherwise die of their wounds conjure images from places I have never seen before and what else I am now capable of frightens me a little. Before meeting you I was not much more than a weather witch able at best on a good day to forecast a little rain or sun but now I have a suspicion of what is at play here and your ring figures in it. Let me tell you of how my people came to your world Kevin, I have some knowledge of what happened but the details are lost in time only Corta knows all the tomes. Many millennia ago my people lived on a world far from here we called it Aeldarod in many ways it resembled your world here for we had trees and rivers and grasslands and all manner of habitats many you wouldn’t recognise and creatures so alien to you. Well any way we were at war with the Asov they invaded our homelands killed our folk and left no one alive after their passage. We fought but they fought harder, year after year we held them off. Eventually our scientists perfected the massive engines for our spacecraft we called them Arc’s the one my ancestors travelled in was called Anna of Aeldarod I am told they were beautiful. We had hundred’s of these Arc’s but for every Ami that escaped in an Arc there were thousands that did not and had to stay behind. All the knowledge of our race was loaded into these massive ships and we set sail for the unknown depths of space to escape our tormentors.