Beata went on to explain that her dream had been to live near the sea, and when she found a town not so far from Belfast in county Antrim that was right beside the sea it was ideal, now the problem would be convincing Kasim to move there. Kasia asked why Kasim might be uncomfortable there in a nonchalant manner as if it wasn’t really that important a subject and Beata told her that although Kasim was also university educated he hadn’t yet found any actual work other than a few days in his friend’s father’s restaurant. Kasia’s ears pricked up Kasim working? So it appeared he didn’t have access to large funds and had to occasionally top up his finances, this was to Kasia good news it meant the group couldn’t get up to too much trouble and would remain more of a nuisance value than anything else. The girls ordered a cooling sherbet each and settled down to chat the usual girlish things as women often do, after half an hour Beata suggested they go shopping and spend the money Kasim had given her, Kasia readily agreed and off they went on a shopping tour of the town. Kasia made surreptitious glances around watching for the pair that would undoubtedly follow them from the café, all the time seemingly browsing various shops as the pair meandered down the street towards the town centre chatting back and forth as they went. Kasia wasn’t long picking them out of the people walking the streets, to her they stuck out like bad fruit in a basket. Kasim had replaced Mutlu just in time for Mutlu to join Hassan as he left the house to follow the girls on their shopping trip, Mutlu was not impressed at having to follow the women shopping he was as sure as Hassan the whole exercise was a complete waste of time, the couple were just what they seemed, a tourist couple that just happened to meet Beata by accident. Kasim followed Piotrek into the small visitor theatre that presented a short video film about the history of the castle and surrounding area, Kasim was not happy about the theatre, he was concerned he would lose Piotrek in there somewhere, but as it turned out he was seated a few rows behind Piotrek and he was positive Piotrek had no idea he was there or that he had any interest in him, had Kasim known how wrong he was about Piotrek then he would really have been worried and on his way back to pick up Beata right away. Kasia turned to Beata to show her a skirt she had found and could see the pair of followers were well out of earshot. As Kasia turned to speak to Beata knowing the pair of followers couldn’t hear her above the din of the street, Beata spoke first “well what’s the plan”? Asked Beata. Stunned and not sure what Beata had meant she was just about to lay out a simple shopping spree? When the look on Beata’s face said it all, Kasai asked her “how did you know”? Beata smiled “when I was younger me and my brother used to crawl to the edge of the stairs when dad had his private nights with friends or when important people would come to our home in Warsaw, I seen you there many times at various functions, I couldn’t believe it at first when I glanced over the wall, but then you gave me an excellent excuse to speak to you and your partner and the rest you know. Here I am out walking with you and reasonably free and for sure ready to go home”. Kasia couldn’t have been more surprised but kept it to herself in case the pair following caught on to something being different. Looking now directly at Beata she said “let’s go this way” and started walking towards the harbour away from the shops and towards an expensive looking restaurant at the end of the Quay, of course Beata’s two lapdogs followed along just out of earshot of the couple. This was frustrating Mutlu no end he had hoped to get close enough to overhear some of the women’s conversation , but it was Hassan the told him it was pointless to close the gap as the women would be chatting in Polish more than likely and as neither of them understood a word there really was no point to it. Kasia and Beata entered the restaurant and took a booth near the rear wall of the premises so they could better monitor anyone coming or going.

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