As the pair of followers watched with interest the apparent argument between the couple it was obvious they were going to split up and go different ways, Mutlu was glad he had decided to bring Hassan along on this tedious journey. As Mutlu had thought the man walked off in the direction of the castle, and the woman had meandered down the street stopping regularly to browse the shops, Mutlu put Hassan to watching her, and instructed him if anything went wrong to call him on the mobile phone immediately. Mutlu waited just enough to give Piotrek a good head start as he was sure of where Piotrek was heading. Hassan was having a harder time with the amount of times Kasia stopped to browse the shops looking in the window of nearly every shop she passed, Hassan was cursing his luck having to follow Kasia, and unknown to him Mutlu had thought this out and was taking the easier mark to follow. Kasia casually strolled on towards the general direction of the café she had met the young girl at. Piotrek had arranged to meet Kasia for something to eat about 17.00 at this same café. Kasia had just passed by the entrance to the alleyway to the café and walked on like she had no intention of entering, then as if she had just realised the alleyway was there she walked back and entered the alleyway walking up the lane slowly she entered the café area and sat In the same seat she had occupied previously. Kasia had nearly given up waiting but making a show of checking her watch and looking down the lane as if watching for her husband, so it did come as a surprise when the young woman sat down beside her and introduced herself as Beata from Warsaw. When Hassan had followed Kasia to the café he entered the house opposite and disappeared, Kasia was enthralled that the girl had kept the appointment all be it a little late, but that was a woman’s prerogative. While Kasia and Beata were becoming fast friends both Hassan and Kasim were discretely watching from behind curtains, Hassan remarked that he was sure the couple were nothing special just ordinary tourists, Kasim did not seem so convinced, he was still wary of the couple, even though Hassan had told him about the apparent argument about where they were each going to go, and how randomly Kasia had passed the street end below then only at the last minute came back to walk up to the café. Both Kasia and Piotrek were not sure what Kasim looked like as he didn’t even have a description posted in any of the intelligence communities throughout both Europe and the USA. It was Kasim’s suggestion to Beata to go out and he told her perhaps she should dress western style as it would draw less attention, a lot of tourists seemed to take pictures of typically dressed Islamic women in their burkas. And from his vantage point here in the house he would be able to watch the interaction between the women across the street. Hassan called Mutlu to check his whereabouts and was told that he was at the castle on the tourist trail following Piotrek, Kasim didn’t think the women were going to be any trouble he would call Mutlu back to assist Hassan in watching the two women then even if they split up he would still have a set of eyes on both of them. Kasim headed off to meet Mutlu to relieve him from watching Piotrek. Beata hadn’t changed the story she originally told Kasia, nor had she elaborated on it any way, which made Kasia all the more positive there was something yet to be revealed. Beata had explained how her partner Kasim had given her money to go out today and enjoy herself in the company of the Polish couple she had met this morning, saying it might help to relieve any homesickness she might be feeling if she had company and language of Polish people for a while, it struck Kasia as strange that the girl hadn’t mentioned telling her partner about the impromptu meeting earlier, but that her partner Kasim was aware of it did not go unnoticed by Kasia. Beata went on to explain how her plan had been to come live in Turkey and become acclimatised to Turkish and Islamic customs, then slowly to work Kasim round to the idea on moving to Europe, she explained how her dream was to live and work in London initially then if it was possible to move to Ireland and live in or near the capital of northern Ireland Belfast.

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