Kevin sighed and began to relate to Kasia how Bronski had told him about Kasim following them back to Poland, and how Kasim appeared to be intent on revenge. Kasia stood mesmerised, A surprised and fearful “Oh no” was all she could say. Kevin sat smiling and began to tell her how he had hunted through Warsaw to find Kasim. “It was quite amusing really when I did find him, he was holed up in a whorehouse in the outskirts of the city, and he spotted me coming and made a dash out the rear of the brothel running for the old commercial railway sidings. As you may or may not know they aren’t used anymore. Except for the railway preservation society that runs the old restored trains there. He was dodging in and out of the old carriages, and just as I lined up for a clear shot at him one of the old armoured trains came up behind me and passed so close I lost my grip on my Walther gun, Kasim had made the mistake of using this moment to turn and run. As it happened right into the path of another train travelling in the opposite direction, by the time it had passed there wasn’t much left of him on the tracks. So ends Kasim and any living threat to you and your son.” Kevin stood up and took Kasia in his arms and soothed her saying “it’s all over now, your free“. It was about a month later as Kevin and Kasia and Magic climbed into the car, the few personal things Kevin had with him and the belongings Kasia counted to personal to leave to the house packers Kevin had hired were in the car with them, and off they set to their new life. “It’s a long drive but we will make plenty of pit stops on the way and we will even have time to go a little out of our way and visit your brother as we travel”. True to Kevin’s word it had been a long but enjoyable journey two weeks in all to travel about three thousand miles back to the UK and the beginning of a new life for them all in the new home Kevin had bought many years earlier right beside the sea with a rear gate leading out on the small sandy beach in a quiet cove near a small village in Ireland.

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