It was long after midnight and halfway along the beach that was a forefront to the house. The moon was slowly drifting across the sky, intermittently hidden by clouds of sliver scuttling in the opposite direction blown along by an unfelt wind high above, its gentle light turning the sand to a silver in the darkness of the night, the waves broke ever so gently up the beach each time landing with a quiet swish of water along the whole shore front, and the retreating water carried small pebbles down the beach each chasing after the receding water, all of it adding to the cacophony of small sounds. Kasia drank in every second of it the noise like a full orchestra playing quietly yet building to a crescendo that never came, the bark from her dog Bambi broke her revere and adding to it was her son Magic chasing Bambi up the beach, both of them frolicking and cavorting in waves, the dog barking at each return of water and Magic cheering him on into the surf, both of them avoiding the waves where they could and at other times being caught in the tidal rush up the beach. Kevin stood just behind her hands on her shoulders, she turned just as he bent down a little to plant a kiss on her forehead. Kasia turned back to watch her child play and rested into Kevin’s enfolding arms, she felt a little shiver, not a feeling of cold but of a little fear this idyllic night would end all to soon

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