Thinking “it wasn’t as if we planned this”, at the same time knowing from the moment she saw Kevin naked in the room after his shower she had yearned for it. Shaking the cobwebs from her mind Kevin and Kasia made their way carefully back down towards the hotel, all the time Kasia’s heart had been pounding in her chest first from the lovemaking and the subsequent feelings it aroused for Kevin and also for the guilt of leaving Beata unprotected. Reaching the hotel Kevin gave Kasia the pass key to the interconnecting doors between the rooms, Kasia entered as quietly as she could. The bed was empty! Oh god no thought Kasia, at the same time spinning around towards the on suite bathroom door as it opened, there stood Beata fully naked in the light of the door. Kasia gently closed the door behind her and spoke softly to Beata, “are you ok? I look around and see the bed empty and thought” as Kasia spoke she walked across to the window and checked it, turning around she was confronted by Beata climbing back into bed, “Kasia you seem to have sat down on some dirt the back of your dress is filthy” Beata was smiling knowing full well she had caught Kasia out. Kasia practically ran from the room mumbling apologies about disturbing her, just as the door was about to close she heard Beata’s last remark, “just to let you know I fall asleep pretty fast and am usually a sound sleeper.” Kasia closed the door and walked over to the window where Kevin was standing smirking with a Cheshire cat grin on his face. Kasia was mortified, both of them were laughing at her, Kevin knew instinctively what Kasia was feeling at that moment, encompassing her in his strong arms he whispered “of course she knows what we were at, she may be young but she’s proved she not altogether stupid” with that Kevin lifted Kasia into his arms and walked her to the king size bed, Kasia still smarting a little from Beata’s observational comment, was just about to protest as Kevin’s lips found hers and at the same time switched off the bed reading lights, the only illumination in the room. With a deep sigh of resignation Kasia surrendered to her emotions for the final time that night. Kasia and Kevin spent the rest of the night entwined in each other’s arms their physical passion spent for the night, at the breakfast table the next morning the atmosphere was a little strained, it wasn’t until Kasia put down her Knife and fork and with a deep sigh turned to Beata. “Have we upset you?” asked Kasia, “No damn it neither of you have upset me, it’s just me being jealous of what you both apparently have, I just wish I could find someone and have what you two have,” Kasia looked at Kevin surprised and Kevin as surprised looked at Beata asking, “what exactly do we have Beata? You think there is more to this than just two old friends spending a relaxing night together?”? Beata smiled at Kasia and looking at both of them as she leaned back in the restaurant chair, “if you two can’t see what’s going on between you then you’re both blind deaf and dumb, or you think everyone else is”.

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