The Limousine sped off and no other person in the traffic stop paid any attention to the incident, as with most things concerning the government it was perhaps best not to know or get involved in it.
Thirty minutes later the car stopped in an underground garage in an antiquated government building that most people in Warsaw ignored, unknown to them this was the headquarters for Polish anti spying and terrorist operations.
Kasia knew this building all too well she had entered this way many times when she had been a field operative working directly for the director known only as Bronski. Kasia was not at all happy to be here again she had resigned her position and left two years previously. Kasia had risen through the ranks very quickly a combination of her quick wit and how easy she could interpret situations as they arose. This combination had gained her some notoriety and brought her to the attention of Bronski. Originally she had joined the service as a data analyst but soon outgrew this and applied for other more active positions, she got her wish when she met Bronski he had been intelligent and Sauvé, and her eagerness to please him had been apparent from the start. Bronski had sent her to the secret training grounds and she had studied hard beating many male colleagues in many of the systems she had applied herself to. After one year’s training she had returned to Bronski harder and wiser than she had left him.
Arriving at the directors door Piotrek offered to take Magic while the director interviewed Kasia, but she would have none of it, Magic would stay she would not be parted from him. Piotrek sensed it would be futile to argue and turned and left. Kasia knocked gently on the door, “come in Kasia” Bronski was sitting at the desk that seemed to fill in the whole room, he had told Kasia many years earlier the desk had been made from what had been left of the chancellery doors to the Reichstag in Germany after it had been destroyed during the second world war. A previous director had recovered the remains as war booty and had shipped then to Poland.
Kasia took a seat in the low comfortable leather armchair in front of the director. “What a beautiful son you have Kasia, I’ve been watching your career in web building hosting and can see you are doing well there”. Kasia looked directly into Bronski eyes she had never been able to read what was behind this mirror like eyes before, but now she sensed more than saw something was bothering the director, his eyes seemed unfocused but she ascertained he had been genuine in his compliment about Magic. “Ok director let’s just cut to the chase, why have you brought me here, you remember our last little chat in these very chairs? Then I told you wild horses would not drag me back to work here, and you certainly couldn’t have used a wilder stallion than Piotrek to get me today”.
“Kasia I have a real problem it’s convoluted to say the least but I am positive you are the woman than can do this job. You have the skills the training the smarts, and last but not least the heart to carry it through and complete it.” Kasia was just about to tell the director to stick his job when she realised he was genuinely upset, she had never seen emotion in all the years she had worked for him, whatever was upsetting him was not only work but personal.
“Ok I am all ears as they say in the West. Spit it out” Kasia sat listening to the director at first it was no more than the usual government business but then it took a sideways leap, the directors own daughter was involved, she had been kidnapped by a Muslim terrorist group while she was studying in Athens the year before, a combination of indoctrination and a certain amount of Stockholm syndrome had been involved. Now the directors daughter Beata was in the hands of a terrorist cell based somewhere in Turkey, and she was being manipulated to ask her father for information about security issues in Europe. Bronski was caught between his work as the head of anti-terrorism and his role as a father. Kasia felt pity for him, but what did he expect her to do, she was too long out of the service and had few if any contacts in Turkey, and then only in Istanbul. And even supposing she did consider helping Bronski what she would do with Magic she could hardly take him on a field assignment, and a dangerous one at that, these people weren’t like the old secret service operatives, at least they had a set of rules that were given at least some relevance. These maniacs were of a different breed, most were religious fanatics at the best and others were just psychopaths.
Bronski had already guessed Kashia’s objections, and prior to bringing her to his office he had made arrangements that he hoped would satisfy Kasia and allow her to take the mission on, all be it in a private manner but with his full support.
Bronski started to explain to Kasia that he and his wife Kinga would take care of Magic for the period that Kasia was abroad, Kasia knew Kinga Bronski well. They had met and chatted many times at social government functions as well as having been a personal guest several times at the Bronski’s home, Kasia knew well that Kinga would take the greatest care and give all the loving that Magic would need during her absence. Her absence? What the hell was she thinking, no she wouldn’t do it, she could feel Bronski’s influence slipping away now, as if she had been under a hypnotic influence, as she turned to tell Bronski NO she saw the look of abject fear on his face. “You are my only hope, if the department finds out what has happened they will relieve me of my office and with that all control over the situation.” Kasia sat back in the chair and watched Magic play on the floor. Breathing deeply she said” Ok but there are conditions”. There was unexpectedly no refusals to Kashia’s conditions and in fact Bronski offered more than Kasia had thought to ask for. That evening Kasia slipped out of the Nowy Świat residence of the Bronski’s and started the strangest mission she had ever been assigned,

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