The gunfight was extremely one sided with Piotrek only able to return spasmodic fire in response to Kasim’s men’s automatic fire, it was a blessing that Piotrek had only a very small scratch from the fusillade that had been coming from the speedboat. Just then Piotrek felt the speedboat bump against the hull of the larger motor cruiser, “make every shot count” thought Piotrek as he prepared for the boarding that would surely come in the next few seconds. He clearly heard Kasim ordering the men aboard, but there was some hesitation among them as none of them were willing to jump into Piotrek’s gun sights, Kasim’s voice was raised in anger as he urged the men onwards into the larger motor cruiser. Two men jumped aboard Piotrek recognised one of them as Hassan and another unknown to Piotrek presumably the speedboat pilot. Piotrek drew a sight first on Hassan because of him being the nearer of the two and dropped him with a double body tap straight to the heart. The second dived for cover behind a low seat in the rear of the cruiser, and not thinking Piotrek sat up a little to get a better shot just as Mutlu opened up on him with the AK47 at point blank range. Piotrek didn’t even have time for a last thought, he died instantly riddled with ten bullets to the body and head. Piotrek’s last shot had seriously wounded the pilot of the speedboat rendering him less than useless to Kasim. Mutlu and Kasim carefully descended into the motor cruiser looking for Kasia and Beata. Having searched thoroughly throughout the motor cruiser and finding no one both the men returned to the main deck it was at this point that Mutlu noticed the holed tank on the speedboat, bringing it to Kasim’s attention he added “should we not call up reinforcement’s and another boat to tow us home”? Kasim seemed to think this over. “No we will wait until we have eliminated the women, men can be a little squeamish about shooting women” remarked Kasim. Mutlu moved over the rocks eastward around the island while Kasim elected to go westward, on reaching the sandy beach on his side Mutlu called to Kasim, “I have footprints in the sand here, both sets of the women’s footprints went this way”. Hurrying back towards the waiting Mutlu Kasim joined him on the sand and both of them began following the tracks eastward around the island, it took only ten minutes before Mutlu pulled Kasim towards the nearby sand dunes and pointing ahead where Kasia and Beata had been attacked by the over flying birds, then raced for the cover of the rocks at a right angle to the beach, just as Mutlu pulled Kasim towards him a shot missed Kasim by only a fraction. “Damn” said Kasia that Kasim has more lives than a cat to be so lucky. Beata agreed but lay quiet in the rocks just behind Kasia where she had placed her for safety, and pretty much out of any direct line of fire,. Kasia held only a .40 Smith and Wesson automatic, a reasonable weapon at close range with good stopping power but pretty ineffectual at the current range, they were outgunned and out classed in firepower, all it took was one of them to pin them down with a semi feed of shots from the AK47 and the other could either get around or make a more frontal attack. Kasia was sure neither had the balls for a frontal attack so she began watching for an outflanking manoeuvre from the two men below. Kasim indicated to Mutlu to begin climbing the rocks above them in an outflanking manoeuvre. Mutlu was taking every precaution he could he climbed over the top of the hill for cover from Kasia’s Smith and Wesson to walk straight into the strange helicopter pilot. Mutlu was at a disadvantage as he had strung the AK 47 across his back to leave both arms free to climb, the stranger spoke with an odd lilting accent “don’t do it” he warned but Mutlu sensing this was his last moment on earth went for the gun anyway. Mutlu never either felt saw or even heard the report from the large calibre gun the holder suddenly drew from underneath his coat. “One down, one to go” the stranger moved to the top of the hill and peered down at the situation below. Kasim had moved position and was in a much better place if for no other reason he might just be able to catch Kasia or the other girl with a lucky shot.

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