Kasia stopped before boarding the boat and turned to Hakan, “how will I ever be able to repay you”? Sincere as he could see she was Hakan replied. “Don’t worry my precious minister Bronski will foot the bill for my outgoings in aiding the rescue of his beloved daughter, but if you really wanted to you could stay on and we could live here in peace in this idyllic little villa”. Kasia smiled knowing full well her life would be worth nothing in Turkey for some time, “you are a tease Hakan, but I love you for it”, Kissing Hakan she hopped aboard the motor cruiser and it moved off steadily. The pilot explained the basic course he intended to take towards Greece and how he would sail at a fairly leisurely pace to conserve fuel. The first of the range rovers travelling eastwards had just rounded a bend when they were confronted with a road block and six heavily armed men were spaced around them two of them blocking any possibility of retreat, Hakans men had been ordered to give minimum resistance to anyone trying to stop them so they surrendered the vehicle immediately without hesitation seeing the heavily armed group. A call was placed to Kasim asking for instructions regarding the prisoners the ambush party had taken, and explained the disguised guards in the range rover they had stopped. Kasim told his men to strip and tie them up and head back towards the town to assist him. The other range rover heading westwards and towards the airport had been timed to reach the outskirts of the town at approximately the same time as Hakan and Piotrek had expected the first range rover to be stopped in the mountain pass, the second rover was running early now and had been able to reach the main highway without incident or being spotted. But that did not last long as a highway patrol car with an officer in Kasim’s pay pulled the large car to the side of the road. The problem here was the officer had no direct contact with Kasim for instruction, and finding that this car was also a decoy sent out by Hakan and Piotrek. The officer didn’t know what to do as the party had made no obvious resistance to the patrol car pulling them over. Nearly an hour passed before Kasim was made aware of the second decoy, cursing and swearing Kasim, Mutlu, and Hassan jumped into a car they had borrowed and drove like maniacs to the harbour and the speed boat Mutlu had hired. Assuring Kasim the speed boat would overtake the cruiser they set off from the harbour at high speed. Unknown to them a pair of eyes present in the alleyway when Hassan had been drugged watched as they set off. The owner a master of disguise hailed a local taxi and drove to a very small private airfield just outside town, and as the receptionist recalled later she was hard pressed to recall exactly what the tall dark looking man had looked like, and unprecedentedly the video camera above her desk had broken down for a short time, only to come back just after the man who had checked in with the forged credentials had cleared the field. Even the mechanic that showed the pilot to the helicopter was hard pressed to describe him. All he remembered was the large tote bag he had carried, and when the mechanic had offered help he was sternly rebuffed. The copter took off and swung neatly out to sea heading in the general direction of the nearby Island of Kos a favourite day trip for tourist and locals alike. Halfway out towards Kos the helicopter dropped in altitude and roared over the sea at top speed, the pilot wasn’t long picking up the trail of Kasim’s boat as he knew it wold be surely heading directly as possible for mainland Greece, trying to catch up with the others sailing along at am more sedate pace. Unbeknown to Piotrek and company Kasim had reached out to the grounds man that happened to be an nephew of Hassan, while pretending to help moor the motor cruiser Hassan’s nephew had poured 10 litres of saltwater into the fuel tanks, now the sabotage was becoming apparent, the twin inboard diesels began coughing and spluttering, the helmsman steered the cruiser towards a nearby island, this was one of the smaller uninhabited ones that had been set aside for conservation purposes and few if at all any people ever actually landed there. It was a beautiful day so there was no real hardship to sit in the boat and watch as Piotrek and Hakans pilot tried to fathom out what was wrong with the boat. The girls sat chatting and having a soft drink, after a while they told Piotrek they would have a stroll across the sandy beach to cool off and look around, warning them not to go too far Piotrek never lifted his head from the engine bay. At the altitude the helicopter currently sat at about 100 metres above the sea the mysterious pilot had a much better view of the sea ahead than the crew of the boat in which Kasim and his henchmen currently roared across the wave’s in. driving off to the side so he wouldn’t be as noticeable the pilot came around the back of the small island Piotrek and the girls were stranded on, landing in a flat area of beach out of sight of the stranded party the Pilot reached into the tote bag he carried with him, “hmmm four in the chase boat! I think this and this and perhaps this should do nicely,”

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