Kasim and Mutlu had borrowed a car and were speeding towards Hassan’s last know position, there hadn’t been any word from Hassan after Kasim’s call to him changing his orders and telling him to kill both the women. They eventually found him by dint of the fact there were 2 police cars and an ambulance sitting at the end of the alleyway where he had been concealed in ambush of the women. Mutlu had causally wandered over and had caught Hassan’s eye warning him to keep his mouth shut, Hassan knew that both Mutlu and Kasim had contacts in the local police force and it would not be too long until he was free, refusing treatment from the paramedic’s called to the scene of where he had been found, he was able to leave without police intervention after they asked him some basic information. Realising the police hadn’t mentioned the gun Hassan reported that he had in fact been the victim of a robbery and as he had not been carrying his wallet he reported it stolen, promising to come to the police station later that day when he had recovered to give a fuller statement. Kasim had been on the phone the whole time Mutlu was watching over Hassan and aiding him to the car. “I have called in help from some of our brothers from outlying areas to help locate the missing group” stated Kasim, letting Mutlu drive them off to search the town by car they were just about to turn off the main harbour road when Kasim shouted “wait! Let’s go back and check the harbour”. One of the local fishermen told Mutlu how he had noticed the group leave in an unknown to him boat and head out towards the islands, the fisherman was not pleased to receive such a small tip from Mutlu, but nonetheless accepted it, better something than nothing he grumbled as Mutlu walked away. Kasim began a search in detail coordinating everything from his home where Kasia and Beata had first met over the garden wall. Not knowing which way to go either follow out to the islands where few if any lived or search nearer town and up and down the coast. Deciding that the boat from the description the old fisherman gave didn’t have the endurance to last a crossing to the nearby Greek mainland, Kasim had his men search up and down the coast. It was several hours and lots of running around before Kasim could narrow the field of possible hiding places for the group, it wasn’t uncommon for some of the richest villas in the area to have security staff openly displayed to deter the local thieves. But Kasim and Mutlu had narrowed it down to two possible hiding places, one west of the town a well know racketeer from Istanbul and one east a man well known to Mutlu’s go between’s, Hakan! If it was anybody it was Hakan, Kasim had been sure of this from the first moment he had heard through local police that were in his pay that the property belonged to Hakan the dealer in all things from Istanbul. Kasim was positive this was the man who was sheltering the group, Beata now comfortable in Hakans Villa began telling Kasia and Piotrek on all of the details of initially her meeting with Kasim in Athens, and how he had talked her into moving in with him, then how things had progressed slowly to the point where she agreed to move to turkey and take up residence there, she explained how the Quran had at first made her dubious about the Islamic faith, but on being able to read it for herself and with the aid of Kasim and the old Imam’s teaching and lectures she had come to understand the faith in a different way, and now she understood how corrupted men had used the teachings in the wrong way to influence younger men to join jihadist groups throughout the world. She had even considered re-educating the youths she had met while with Kasim, but eventually having overheard some of Kasim’s conversations decided against it,

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