The final straw came late one night when they were sleeping and Kasim received a call which he took out of the room to the toilet. Both had used English to communicate and Kasia had heard one side of the conversation only. Both Kasia and Piotrek pricked up their attention at this and asked more details, making Beata remember things she had forgotten about the late night call. After debriefing Beata they suggested she should go and rest but stay away from windows etcetera in case anyone might catch a glimpse of her and inform Kasim of their whereabouts. Kasia and Piotrek sat talking over the few details Beata had given them. Beata seemed to think she caught the sound of a guttural accent Germanic in origin, but couldn’t be sure, there was some talk of supplying what Beata thought was a vast amount of chemical to Kasim, this was for him to contaminate something but she couldn’t tell what or where or even when. Piotrek took to writing a short report via email back to Warsaw central to whomever he reported to, and Kasia wasn’t so sure it was Bronski now. After rereading and sending his secure mail Piotrek got up and stretched and walked to the door overlooking the patio and the small bay beyond, looking out he saw a sport fishing boat coming near the bay, what attracted his attention was the fact one of the sportsmen appeared to be hunched down beside the gunwale of the boat and possibly pointing a high powered camera at the villa. Piotrek cursed and told Kasia to remain seated then explained what he thought he saw on the boat. Retiring upstairs Piotrek and Kasia kept an eye on the boat and both were positive even at a distance that a member of the group was taking photos of the villa and surrounding area. The photographer had just spotted a movement in the door way and snapped off a quick shot of Piotrek standing there it was grainy and just a little out of focus, but when he had sent the picture to Kasim via an on-board internet connection, Kasim had recognised Piotrek in an instant. Pulling out a map Kasim began planning an assault on the villa, but it became evident he would not have the resources to complete it due to the terrain and the amount of guards Hakan appeared to have at the villa, but Mutlu pointed out that there were only two ways to leave the villa apart from the open sea, one road east towards a small village that ran through an area that would be perfect for an ambush and the other road west towards the town and subsequently the main airport, in Mutlu’s opinion the most likely route the trio would take. Kasim hedged his bets he would use his contacts in the police force to watch the main airport road, then call in a support team from the next village to setup an ambush near the mountain pass. And finally he would take Hassan Mutlu and another on board a fast boat in case they tried to make a break by sea, as happy as he could be with the arrangements he sent Mutlu off to secure a fast speedboat in the marina and sat back and waited. Kasia, Piotrek and Hakan had been sitting drawing up a plan since the pair had come down from watching the group of fishermen anchored about one kilometre from the bay. An hour later a black range rover pulled out from the drive of the villa carrying two men in the front one a driver and two women in the rear and heading off at high speed eastward’s towards the next village and towards the ambush laid out by Kasim’s back up force of thug’s coming westward, thirty minutes later a similar range rover set up in exactly the same manner left the villa and went westward toward the town of Cesme and then to branch off to the highway to the airport. And finally with the sport boat gone now from the bay Kasia, Beata and Piotrek boarded a large motor cruiser Hakan had secreted near the little offshore island about three kilometres away, the range rovers all carried made up guards resembling the trio now boarding the motor cruiser. come down to the quayside to see them off, the boat Hakan assured them would be able to reach mainland Greece where his other operatives would meet them and get them to a small private airfield Hakan used quite often for more illicit purposes.

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