What Mutlu failed to mention was the fact that while standing in the storeroom Hassan had called Mutlu and set his ringtone off on the phone while he was holding it up to the air vent apparent to the booth the girls were sitting in. When Kasia heard the phone ringing behind the wall and just above them, she knew instinctively that someone had been recording the conversation, she signed to Beata to continue talking as if nothing had happened, taking a few more minutes the girl’s called for the bill and in plain English discussed where to go next for shopping. On hearing this conversation and understanding neither of the women seemed to have noticed he was there, Mutlu was a little happier and phoned Hassan to cut back a street or two towards town and pick the girls up there and to keep following them until he and or Kasim returned. Fortunately for Piotrek the bus he had jumped in was going directly towards the girls and he phoned to get an update from Kasia, they decided this was the time to make a run and Piotrek told Kasia to head down into the marina where Hakan had docked a boat for them just in case such an emergency should arise, Piotrek would be there first and have the boat running and ready for the women to board and make their escape. Kasia and Beata made their way towards the marina passing a few shops of no interest, unknown to them 2 sets of eyes had been watching them carefully, one belonged to Hassan who had decided to ignore Mutlu’s instructions, a call came over Hassan’s phone and his whole body demeanour changed, he crept along an alleyway way the girls would pass as they walked down the road towards the boating marina, taking a short gun out of his pocket he attached a large can silencer he had a friend make for to fit this gun, taking aim and waiting he never heard a footstep of the second watcher of the women coming up behind him, next thing he knew he was passing out as a gloved hand clamped over his mouth with some sort of rag in it. Kasim and Mutlu met at the rear of Mutlu’s uncle’s restaurant, calling the Polish waiter over Mutlu began playing the recording to the waiter. A feral gleam came to the waiter’s eye unmissed by Mutlu himself, “how much you pay for translation”? Asked the waiter knowing full well he would ask double whatever was offered. A sum was readily agreed and the waiter told them everything Kasim double checking by having taking the phone and playing it again to the waiter, when the waiter repeated nearly word for word the conversation as it was played the second time little did he know he had just signed his own death warrant. Standing behind the waiter as he greedily awaited his payment from Kasim, Mutlu withdrew a stiletto knife he always kept on his person, taking the waiter from behind and stabbing him through the heart with one stroke, the waiter never had a chance to even cry out. The pair secreted the body in the old storeroom intending to get rid of it later. Meanwhile Kasim phoned Hassan and told him of his new orders. Piotrek was standing at the side of the boat as the women reached the quayside, helping first Beata and then Kasia in to the boat and seating them Piotrek made off into the harbour, none of the party aware of either the eyes watching them from deep in the alley that Hassan was currently sleeping in, nor of the fact someone had intervened and saved at least the lives of the two women. The boat sped off towards the small outlying islands on what Piotrek hoped was a capricious and false route towards Hakans costal retreat and villa. It took just over an hour to reach Hakans villa on the coast just east of Cesme, Hakans dockside guards were expecting them and when they were all in the villa and could relax Hakan put in an appearance in person, “welcome Beata Bronska”, saying Beata’s family name in the correct grammar being ska other than ski like her father. Kasia smiled lying back in her comfortable wicker chair and looking up at Hakan, “I should have known you would know more than you were telling us” semi accusing Hakan of holding back information, but amused by the fact that he did know who it was as a guest in his home.

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