Mutlu could see neither he nor Hassan would look like they belonged in such a place so Mutlu ordered Hassan to go back the way they had come while Mutlu would enter via the back door in the hope he could see what was happening inside the restaurant. As it turned out Mutlu entered a storeroom at the back of the kitchens which had an air vent into the booth the women were sitting in. Mutlu took out his mobile phone and began recording what Beata was just starting to talk about. Beata sat down at the table and began telling Kasia how it had all happened, and how she was now convinced that Kasim had selected her because of her father and his connections in government or even further afield. Beata went on to say the questions asked so far had been of no major significance but Beata could tell they were leading up to more and more significant ones. Mutlu standing just the other side of the wall knew but the intonation of the conversation that something important had been discussed even if he did not know what it was that had actually been said. The short but very informative video presentation about the castle and its middle age crusaders had finished and the lights in the small theatre had come on signifying that everyone should leave the auditorium, Kasim rose from his seat with the intention of letting Piotrek leave before him but as it turned out Piotrek had been further down the cinema and there was quite a queue in front of him, Kasim had no choice but to leave and hope he would pick Piotrek up again outside. Piotrek held back as much as he could and when he was sure Kasim had left the room, Piotrek doubled back and ran across the base floor of the cinema and exited through an emergency door he had spotted on entering. Making his way down the small hill and using the cinema as cover, Piotrek slipped out the postern gate he had seen in the video of the castle. Carefully making his way around the castle base line walls Piotrek climbed into one of the tour busses completely unnoticed by anyone. Meanwhile Kasim was frantically searching the faces of the party exiting the cinema to no avail, there was no sign of Piotrek. Cursing his bad luck at losing him Kasim walked down the trail towards town in the vain hope he could pick up some sign of Piotrek, he was pretty sure Piotrek had just got lost in the crowd. It was then Kasim saw the driver of a taxi at the bottom of the hill using his mobile phone, Kasim switched his on to discover several missed calls from Mutlu. Something must have happened for Mutlu to call, panicked now Kasim returned the call to hear Mutlu explain how he had recorded the conversation between the women, and how he felt something important was said between them. Kasim congratulated Mutlu for his ingenuity in using the phone and told him to meet with him at his uncle’s restaurant in the town centre, both knew Mutlu’s uncle had a Polish waiter on staff there. What Mutlu failed to mention was the fact that while standing in the storeroom Hassan had called Mutlu and set his ringtone off on the phone while he was holding it up to the air vent apparent to the booth the girls were sitting in. When Kasia heard the phone ringing behind the wall and just above them, she knew instinctively that someone had been recording the conversation, she signed to Beata to continue talking as if nothing had happened, taking a few more minutes the girl’s called for the bill and in plain English discussed where to go next for shopping. On hearing this conversation and understanding neither of the women seemed to have noticed he was there, Mutlu was a little happier and phoned Hassan to cut back a street or two towards town and pick the girls up there and to keep following them until he and or Kasim returned. Fortunately for Piotrek the bus he had jumped in was going directly towards the girls and he phoned to get an update from Kasia, they decided this was the time to make a run and Piotrek told Kasia to head down into the marina where Hakan had docked a boat for them just in case such an emergency should arise, Piotrek would be there first and have the boat running and ready for the women to board and make their escape. Kasia and Beata made their way towards the marina passing a few shops of no interest, unknown to them 2 sets of eyes had been watching them carefully, one belonged to Hassan who had decided to ignore Mutlu’s instructions, a call came over Hassan’s phone and his whole body demeanour changed, he crept along an alleyway way the girls would pass as they walked down the road towards the boating marina, taking a short gun out of his pocket he attached a large can silencer he had a friend make for to fit this gun, taking aim and waiting he never heard a footstep of the second watcher of the women coming up behind him, next thing he knew he was passing out as a gloved hand clamped over his mouth with some sort of rag in it.

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