Monday mornings were not the best time of day for Kasia, she believed Monday mornings should happen about 11.00. But her son rarely gave her much peace as he rose early after a good night’s sleep, Breakfast complete and Magic dressed and ready for his school or as he liked to call it work, Kasia and Magic made their way towards the car for the early morning commute to first school and then to Kashia’s new job as a web designer for Polska technomatics, a small but upcoming technology firm in Poland. Now in the middle of her morning commute to Plonsk Kashia’s mind began to wander a little, the fatigue and dreariness of driving this regular route were taking its toll on her. Snapping out of her doldrums Kasia noted a large grey car that was a few cars back in the traffic line, strange she thought I’m sure I’ve seen the model before. Now she thought about it she had noticed the car several days before in the village. It was difficult not to have seen it as her home village was so small. What worried Kasia was that it looked like some sort of official vehicle, no obvious markings but none the less official, and invariably that meant problems for Kasia, she thought she had finished with that life for good after the Kobelinski incident, now memories began to flood back, ones she thought she had suppressed for good. Or even forever. Life now revolved around her son Magic 4 years old and the centre of her life, he was the main reason she had left the service, that and the fact she hated the infighting and politics of it all, she never had been interested in it, all that had mattered was getting the job done, it had been her national pride that had driven her.
Unusually up ahead there was a traffic hold up, things never really got bad on the main road and repairs were held off until spring and more favourable weather. As Kasia reached the traffic lights she thought this is really strange too many workmen around, and they don’t look like workmen. Panic began to rise in her as she looked around for an alternative route, for a moment she considered turning around and heading back, but heavy traffic stopped her before she began to make the manoeuvre on the small road. She was now hemmed in front and back by other cars. Probably just my overactive imagination thought Kasia, the thought had not fully come to her mind when she became aware of one of the road workers coming from the front and getting closer to her car, he was looking directly at her and she knew it was indeed now a trap. Reaching for the glove box on the other side of the car, Kasia attempted to open it and retrieve her small 22 calibre gun she had kept hidden in a secret compartment. To her dismay just as she reached for it the driver’s door was ripped open and she felt the cold of gun metal pressed against the back of her head. Her first thought was Magic what will happen to him now? “Sit up slowly and keep your hands in sight at all times” came the harsh male voice behind her, following instructions Kasia sat up and looked into the face of the man holding the gun. “Bronski told me you were a sharp operator, I just didn’t believe how fast you were” said the voice. Kasia thought for a moment, “Piotrek? Is it you”? Asked Kasia. The man with the gun straightened up and began to put the gun away, smiling now he reached a hand into the car to help Kasia out. “Lift the little one out and come with me, don’t worry about the car one of our operatives will move it” Kasia did as instructed and took Magic from the seat just as the large grey saloon pulled up beside her. Yes thought Kasia I should have paid more attention to my senses. The car had been following her and now she had no option but to get in and leave with this group, all but Piotrek were unknown to her, either they were black operatives she had never had contact with or as she thought of them newbies to the service, the later as she would find out was true. They had been picked for that very reason so Kasia would not “make them” as they trailed her. She wondered how long they had been watching her and from where?

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