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A friend and his son

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Recalled to serve – upon request

by request from a very SPECIAL friend I have continued writing Recalled to serve, here is my latest offering

Ta-Ami part 25


The rebelling Ami were nearly escorted out of Ta-Amihome by Lord Gil’s personal Ami guard along with the multitude of Ami that gawked and whispered among themselves as to the reason for their leaving. The lady Ka-An striding at the head of her own group never looked back but hurried to reach the head of the migrating column of Ami. Catching up with Lord DaeDann they talked little of their intended route and final destination neither was sure that the remaining Lords would not attempt some sort of ambush. At Lord DaeDann instructions a combined force flanked the whole group and scouts ran ahead to search out the route to be taken. When Lord DaeDann considered they had travelled a safe distance he called a meeting with the Lords and Ladies that had exiled themselves with him while the main body of the exodus carried on. “We are to travel to a point well beyond the waterfall through the woods, make no mistake the trip will be arduous and difficult if any feel they may have made a mistake in coming now is the time to turn around and head back. When we reach our destination we will have food and comfort I have been preparing for this very contingency in the vain hope it would not come to pass but even as we speak our new home is being completed. As I am sure many of you realise many of my clan is missing and has left long before to prepare for our coming. At first when we found this site I thought it would make a better site for Ta-Amihome it is easily defended and well away from humans and the surrounding has good game that we won’t starve. But as the weeks passed I became alarmed at the orders being issued from the Cortacrek. I decided not to inform anyone of the new location and it now seems I was right to do so. I wouldn’t put it past Lord Gil or some of his cronies to launch some sort of attack against us. So have all your people stay alert till we reach our new position. Any one that has questions may ask now if you intend to stay some I cannot answer if it is your intention to leave then leave now only those who accompany me shall know of our final destination.” The lady Ka-an was the first to Speak. “I represent the Clan Lukra as you all know and I will follow. But I do this only if we are all equally represented and once those that have decided to leave do so I wish to know the final destination and what our intentions are when we reach there.” Many in the group nodded and called in support unknown to them this had already been arranged between the Lord and Lady. As none were dissenting and all agreed to continue on to the new home Lord DaeDann briefed them on the new arrangements and how the new order of Lords and Ladies would be arranged. But this was to be done only when the new home was reached. There was a march of several days before them and a few dangers on the way. It was explained the exact position of the new home would not be revealed to them until they had arrived as a security measure so that none could sneak away and reveal their position to Lord Gil or his supporters.

Recalled to serve

I have stopped writing this book again until I hear requests 🙂 Smok

Down the Coast near Larne

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Sol part 4

She began kissing his bare chest, and with her hands, she opened the top of his trousers. First undoing his belt, then the top clip of his trousers, and finally taking the zip down.
Kevin lifted his back from the bed, anticipating her pulling on the trousers to remove them. The further down she pushed the trousers the further down she kissed him until at last she reached his ankles with his trousers, finally kicking the trousers off with abandon Kevin moaned with delight at the very thought of what was to come. She was so close to him now, lying full length on his body, the heat of her young firm breasts gently being used to tease him.
Just as he sighed in contentment at the touch of her and was reaching out to encapsulate her firm petite breasts, she moved off to one side just a little and traced her hot tongue over his private skin further and further down until she was playing tickling games with his navel. Kevin was delirious now, a combination of his earlier blood loss and the overwhelming sensations he was now experiencing.
Zuzanna began to move her tongue slowly up the length of his body all the time tickling and teasing, probing and enjoying every stroke she was making on his now naked flesh.
Kevin was in a euphoric state, no longer to able to control his body as it was swept away the phenomenal sensations now sweeping over his body. For all that Kevin was swept up in his feelings, he reached down to Zuzanna and by some mental contact for no word was spoken between them, she began to turn towards Kevin. Spreading her milky white thighs, one on either side of his head. Gently probing with his hands, he stroked the inside of her legs; tenderly he began to kiss the lower parts of her legs rising between her open legs now he had full access to her pristine body. Glistening in the half-light of the room, he could see that she was wet. My God not wet it was a virtual waterfall of love juice dripping from the lips of her pussy. Kissing the back of her legs and now so close to her pussy he could nearly feel the vibrations of anticipation from her he inserted first his tongue. What a surprise she was so tight that he had difficulty gaining any depth. He heard a low moan of pleasure as she stopped her rhythmic swaying back and forth for just a second, as she realised what he had just done. Moving his tongue back and forth over her exposed labia lips he explored all there was to offer finally arriving at her clit, reaching up with his hands he opened her pussy lips and placed his full mouth over her raised clit and began sucking slowly and rhythmically. First trying to suck it into his mouth and then as gently pushing it out again. More ands more love juice began running from her open pussy much to the delight of Kevin who lapped it up with great pleasure. Kevin then began to reach forward to Zuzanna’s breasts and cupped each in one of his hands. It was all too much for her with a great shudder her legs gave way beneath her and she collapsed onto Kevin. She had cum, the first time ever with man. Prior to this, it had always been some secret little pleasure in the bath or some erotic dream late at night. Pleasuring herself as best she could with her dexterous little fingers. She felt Kevin begin to slip out from under her still unable to move she lay face down on the bed still swimming in the emotions of the moment. Carefully caressing and gently and softly running his fingers along her back, she shuddered at his touch. Now he had mounted over her prone body. With a little pressure once again began to spread her legs. What more could he do that she had not already experienced in the last few minutes.
A little fear made her tense but again those fingers tickling her back and moving down onto her buttocks relaxed her. She could feel something alien to her applying a little pressure to her still wet pussy. A moments discomfort as he pushed the head of his manhood into her tight pussy, then she was stricken by another wave of Europhobia. Oh, my God, he had entered his manhood into her; she could feel every cm sliding into her. Why had she not done this before? It was amazing! As he began to slide out to start another push into her, she nearly screamed. “Don’t stop now”. However, she knew it was just to begin pumping that glorious piece of his manhood back into her.
The speed of his entering and pulling back began to increase and with every pump of his enormous member, she gripped the bedclothes in frenzy, all but ripping them to shreds under her nails.
Finally, with a great push Kevin climaxed and collapsed on top of Zuzanna. Both lay there panting for breath, unable to caress each other. Both were spent, their energy levels so low neither could lift an arm, both managed to come together to kiss.
Zuzanna was the first to recover looking at the window she noticed the darkness. “Oh my God I have to return to grandpa, he will wonder where I am to this time”. Zuzanna raised herself from the bed making her way to the en-suite toilet and collecting her clothes on the way.
Kevin lay back on the bed with the door to the toilet closed now, he smiled to himself, surely it was a dream this beautiful young creature was sharing his bed with him; not only his bed but also she had shared everything about herself, in a frenzied fit of lovemaking.
He knew without asking her that she had been a virgin, but her response to his every movement had been so natural and with such enthusiasm that he was bewildered. Sounds of Zuzanna washing her face and dressing filtered through the door, she smiled, as she came out, still worrying that her English so unneeded in the bed was not good enough to say all she felt. “I must go, grandfather will expect me home. I have chores to complete”. Kevin sat upright in the bed still undressed as he was. “Will I see you again?” The deep concern etched in his voice, the thought of losing this angel was too much to bear.
Smiling she reached down to the bed and kissed him fully on the lips, and with a free hand teased him in such a delightful way. “How could I afford to miss this?’ she laughed. Her laugh so deep and provocative he reached for her, once again aroused and ready for lovemaking. She nimbly danced away towards the door, giving a last shy look at his nakedness on the bed.
“2 c u l8r.” She called as she skipped out the door and closed it behind her.

Recalled to serve part 6

The older woman waved from her position in the doorway at the top of the steps and inclined her head slightly, then just as quick disappeared in the door closing it once again. As the young girl turned to follow the older woman she stooped and said “If the couple returned in the later afternoon she would come and join them for a coffee”, once more turning to Piotrek she said “and don’t be so mean to your young wife treat her to some nice gifts” running up the steps she was giggling as she run in the door to the rear of the house. Kasia turned to Piotrek and in English said pay heed to good advice husband and smiled at him, they drank their coffee paid and sauntered off down the narrow alleyway the coffee shop was located in, as she went Kasia remarked to Piotrek in English “what a lovely young girl” Piotrek shrugged his shoulders and replied “it would appear she has just cost me a lot of money in shopping” but all the time smiling at his ‘wife’. Out of hearing range of the house Kasia spoke in Polish again to Piotrek “well what’s your opinion of that?” Piotrek was a bit bemused “The words confused come to mind” said Piotrek. “She doesn’t appear to be under any duress she was quite happy and cheerful I thought. The only difference as she explains is that she met the partner here and not abroad in Athens”. Kasia went on to explain she had a completely different opinion, as she had been the one closest to her and had done most of the interaction she thought the girl was under duress, Kasia was extremely good at reading people even if she couldn’t see their face or body, something she had never been taught at the training school it had been natural with her for her whole life, she rarely misread people. Kasia couldn’t put it into words or even put her finger on what it was that the girl had said to give Kasia this thought but she was positive she was right on the money.
Quite unexpectedly Piotrek reached out and put his arm around Kasia just like a couple in love perhaps on a second honeymoon with an afterglow of love about them, the action did not displease Kasia and she presumed Piotrek was doing it as his bit in the cover story. As close as she was now Kasia could smell the manliness musky odour from Piotrek and she had to fight her emotions to stay in control and not let herself be carried away by it all, but God she admitted it was difficult having been without a mate for so long. Sensibility suddenly cut in, Piotrek wasn’t being in the least romantic he had spotted something and this was his way of warning her. Again speaking Polish and quickly she asked “what’s the problem?” There were still quite a few people around at his time of the day considering they were still in the old part of the town, with its gaudy displays and mostly shoddy gifts and knock replicas. All of a sudden Piotrek pulled her by the hand towards an extremely old looking shop with what appeared to Kasia as a lot of junk in the window, but Piotrek gasped, “Kasia look at these magnificent sailing craft, each one hand built I bet”, Kasia feigned interest typical of a woman shopping with her husband at any shop that didn’t carry a selection of women’s clothes. But Kasia was aware that Piotrek had stopped for a reason other than the handmade boats in the window. Piotrek began enthusing about it being a turn of the century Turkish Gulet, and how it was a two masted version, Kasia took out her make up mirror in boredom and began applying her make up as women are wont to do, it didn’t take her long to spot the pair of felons following her and Piotrek. Piotrek pointed out another sailing boat higher up in the window and began explaining how he could build a fantastic case for it to display back in Warsaw at their home, taking Kasia by the hand they entered the shop making sure not to turn around as the pair following them walked on past, Kasia remarked “not too good at tradecraft are they”? Piotrek smiled and broke into English and began haggling with the owner over a fair price for the Gulet in the bottom of the window. The deal done the pair left he shop with Piotrek rambling on about how he had dealt the owner down from his original price and what a find the boat was. It truly sounded like a typical tourist couple he finding something that interested him other than wandering around clothes shops all day.

Ta-Ami part 5

Kevin had rested while Harris with the help of another Ami had administered to the Ami’s lying injured. Spying Soste at a distance conferring with other Ami, Kevin made his way toward him. “What must we do now commander, which route shall we follow and where will we go. It won’t be very safe to stay in this area for long”. Kevin’s voice made Soste turn around. “Yes Kevin we were just discussing that very problem. And against my patrol leaders wishes I must consult you on your knowledge of this area. We must travel inland many leagues, but our first hurdle is this river we must cross it as soon as we can, for it bends away from our destination. As you can see just there a line of cliffs start and follow the river for a great length apart from the fact it will add a considerable amount to our journey. Many will never be able to scale the cliff on the other side even if we find a ford to do so”.
Kevin turned to see Harris approach. “Kevin in order to return you to your original size it will take a greater understanding of magic than I have. The only one that can possibly undo what I have done is the Corta. He is the master of all magic within our lore, and only he and his acolytes of the Cortacrek our main group of magicians stand any chance of success. So as you can see you must aid us in our effort to return to our Ta-Amihome where we live, for your own sake as much as anyone”.
Kevin stared hard at Harris then Soste. “Why the hell did you have to involve me in your internecine war with the Asov”? All Kevin’s anger and frustration’s of the last few hours burst through as if a dam had burst. Many Ami’s close by drew weapons as if expecting an attack on either Harris or Soste. But at a flick of the commander’s head they stood down again sensing Kevin’s outburst to be of no real danger.
Softly Soste put his hand on Kevin’s shoulder. “Kevin we choose to make our attack upon the Asov just nearby where you lay we missed you in the shallow pit where you lay. But as you attempted to rise we new it would alert any Asov watching the beach and Harris acted without thought even he did not know what was to happen”. Kevin’s anger subsided and realising his plight laughed out loud, as much a relief as anything.
“If I return home now my children would use me as a plaything, I would like as not end up living in my daughters dolls house”. Not understanding the full content of
Kevin’s speech, but accepting his mirth many joined in laughing with him at the humour of his predicament.
But even as he laughed he turned to Soste. “Tell me I must know our destination if I am to aid you, I think I may have an idea that will see you all safely home injured and all and let me meet this Cortacrek that they might assist me in returning to normal”.
Harris looked to Soste and said. “What difference now commander we need him? Ta-Amihome is near to a village you call Glenoe many days’ travel as we count it”.
Kevin danced a little jig, both Harris and Soste laughed, “Ok here is how we go about it, there is going to be some danger involved but I think we can do it”. Kevin started to draw a map in the soft earth near the river to outline his plan.
Soste was stunned if his interpretation was correct Kevin was going to lead them down the riverbank to the old bridge straight back to territory controlled by the Asov. Then across the bridge to his house where he said he had a form of transport that would carry all of them home injured and all with a minimum of effort and at least three times as fast as they could make time on foot aiding the wounded. Neither Soste nor Harris could understand what he meant.
But they could tell by his enthusiasm that there was a real chance here. Both walked a short way off to confer and on returning commander Soste in his most formal voice said. “Kevin with these words I put the lives of all here in your hand’s fail us not”. Soste ordered out the pathfinders ahead of the main body and Kevin gave them directions as to what to look for. Harris and others assisted the wounded able to walk and a few more seriously injured were carried on make shift stretchers that Kevin had helped design.

A little watermill

I was bored one day so I built this little watermill from some bits lying around my work shed, an old water pump and a child’s xylophone, some old wood and other bit’s.

the slipper under the bed

Watch under the bed for the pink slipper moving on its own while I am in the room, I nearly deleted this video unseen, the video has been shortened to fit on her but not by much.