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Bonfire at Loughs

bonfire at loughs bonfire bonfire 1

Just some fun bits

I hope to post a few short videos, I am assembling them via adobe after effects, and a paint editing program Gimp. watch this space in the next few days for an update, please feel free to comment on them.
Smok 🙂

jokes and fun items

virgin test A typical Irishman’s humour 🙂

A little ditty I have heard

hangover man1I woke up in the morning,
and felt a dire need.

To dream away the dreary day,
and drink a glass of mead.

Ignoring the sting of honey bee’s,
I drank and drank some more.

Till the very next day I woke up,
and my bloody head was sore.

An Irish drinking song 🙂