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Ta-Ami part 23

What we weren’t told was that the Asov had captured a few of these launch sites intact. Presumably to keep the masses from panic, eventually my folk took off from our home world with no sign of pursuit from the Asov. Unbeknown to us Asov had mastered magic to a great extent as well and though their ships were not as fast or as well equipped as ours they were masked by Asov magicians. And slowly but surely caught up with us we were surveying your planet from space when the Asov ship fell upon us we had decided that your planet was as unsuitable as others we had come across. Mainly because your people were already here and occupying it with the size difference and all it was felt we would be incompatible. Now the Asov ship ambushed us from orbit around your moon. We opened fire on it and did considerable damage but the captain of the Asov ship drove on to us and crashed his stricken vessel into the Anna mortally wounding her. The Asov ship was without power and the orbit quickly decayed sending them spiralling down into the atmosphere of your world. I presume with the ship as badly mauled, as it was the last thing anyone was doing was watching in any detail what was happening to the Asov craft. It obviously crashed on your planet somewhere in the Southern hemisphere and many of the Asov survived enough that they were able to rebuild there numbers and continue the battle against us. Meanwhile the Anna our ship was also losing power but we had many lifeboats that were able to hold all the members of the Arc. Though the stories say that the captain of the Anna and a large part of the crew stayed to the last to see to the safety of all the rest and rode the ship down through the atmosphere of your planet eventually crashing somewhere in the northern hemisphere. And because of the captain and the crew over a controlled period of time the boats were launched and many clans landed on your planet to survive the collision in space. Each of the lifeboats would have been able to hold a large clan and all of their belongings. But as the lifeboats began to descend through your atmosphere many were pushed off course partially by storm patterns and partially by the fact they were launched at such different times and over different parts of your world and landed far away from each other some on different continents. Our group was a little luckier than most many of the lifeboats landed quite close some no more than a few days walk away others a little further. At first it was hard on the clans we were not used to the climate we originally came from a very warm planet with an orbit much closer to our sun. Many died from the cold in just the first few weeks we had landed in the northern end of your largest continent a place of many lakes and mountain’s. Here for many generations we stayed in the hope that more of our kind would seek us out and join us, some did but many did not. We managed to live there and do more than just survive we were beginning to thrive again as a community. That was when we found out that the Asov had also survived and were again hunting us. It was lucky that the Asov that found us were not much more than a large raiding party sent far ahead of the main column to scout. If there had been more we would not have survived that first assault, as it was many thousands died because of the surprise attack they launched against us. Had they waited for reinforcements we would have been totally annihilated. Forewarned now as we were our high command decided it was time to move and for reasons I am not aware of this land was our final destination. If you speak to commander Soste he can tell you more about the journey here his ancestors were the people who led us here. It has taken many generations for us to reach this land. Many were lost on the way but always we were told this was the Promised Land and here we would be at last able to live in peace. For a few years now that illusion has held true but now alas as you know it is no more and the Asov are once again upon us this time I can see no redemption there is nowhere else to run Kevin. When the Asov trace us to Ta-Amihome we will have the last battle and there will be an end to the Ami’s”.


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sol part 12

“No, I popped it myself as I was masturbating with a banana!” she replied. “I think you have already noticed how naughty I am!”
“Did you like that?” I asked in amazement.
“Super!” there was an immediate answer.
“What about you?” I was interested in how Zuzanna had done it as well.
“You know you were there!” I smiled to the girls and embraced them.
I knew that we would have many more times like this and I would keep on fucking them as often as I could.

It was Zuzanna that came up with the next idea.” To make things even more interesting” she said.
She had already discussed it with Karolina and both of them were in agreement. “Let’s get Edyta”. Things were getting out of hand, how would I manage three girls all at the same time? Was it even possible? What if Edyta didn’t want to know? What if she decided to spill the beans? Oh my god my head was spinning. Try as I did nothing would dissuade the girls they were going to introduce Edyta to our little group. We settled down for the night, all three of us in one bed. Morning came early as it will after a late night; I explained to the girls I had to go to work for a few hours. Leaving some money I asked if they would do some grocery shopping and when I came home I would cook something nice for all of us.
Arriving at the main entrance I was pleasantly surprised to find the receptionist spoke passable English, she took me through to the factory managers office.
Krizstoff spoke fluent English and explained to me how my main role would be to oversee production on the factory floor and check specifications’ intermittently. An office had been assigned to me and all I needed was fitted computer fax telephone etc. And one more item, an office secretary. Mysha had studied in England at Birmingham University and like the manager Krizstoff spoke English with only a trace accent. Most of the morning was spent acclimatising myself with the computer keyboard, for this Mysha was a godsend. The keyboard layout was a little different to that which I was used to plus all the operating systems were in Polish. Mysha explained that the local school had an English teacher and if I liked she would set up lessons for me. I thought the idea over and explained that my language skills were so poor I would make a fool of myself. Mysha smiled “what if instead of going to school I taught you here in the office, it was manager Krizstoff’s idea for you to attend school”. This sounded more promising “yes I would like that, It will give me more office time here and keep me in touch with what’s going on, do you want me to clear it with your manager”? Mysha laughed “you are my boss, I answer only to you I was assigned by the board to make your adjustment to Poland more comfortable and as easy as possible. They knew you would have language problems so they assigned me as you baby sitter ha ha ha “.
I spent a few hours going over new specifications’ of the new tools we were creating here in Poland.
Edyta met the girls at their favourite meeting place by the river, “What’s wrong? What have you two been up to?” The look of surprise on both their faces was plainly obvious to Edyta, “Ok spit it out what badness have you two been up to”? A light seemed to come on in Edyta’s head. “Both of you stayed at Mick’s house last night didn’t you”. It was more of an accusation than a question, “What did you do? Why didn’t you call me to come for the fun”? Karolina and Zuzanna both flushed at the same time. Face’s beaming red, Edyta had guessed what they had done within a very few minutes and without knowing anything for sure.
“I want all the details and I also want to know how both of you are going to make it up to me for leaving me out”.
The three of them began laughing. Ok said Zuzanna lets make plans, with that all three he headed off to the cafe in town hand in hand. Somehow Edyta’s smile seemed larger than the other two’s.
Kevin arrived home a little after 3pm, noticing the girls had been and gone by the groceries left in the fridge and cupboard. Kevin was just about to start making a meal for the three of them when he noticed a small note on the notice board “Don’t make tea for us we will be late home, have to go to college this afternoon to make final preparations’ for exams. C u about 7pm for more fun and…….. games all three of us”. Kevin pondered over the note for a few minutes was it Karolina’s less than perfect English or is there more to read in the note? Did she mean the three of us or three of them? Kevin gave up wondering and made his own tea, lying out afterwards listening to the TV with BBC prime on satellite. Before long he was fast asleep and dreaming.
At some point the dream took on a realism I could feel the real sensation of some one rubbing gently at my crotch, I started to wake sorrowful at losing the dream but my sorrow turned to joy when I realised that Zuzanna was sitting on the floor beside me and opening the front of my pants, reaching inside and cupping my cock in her sweet mouth. Gently she began to rhythmically move her head up and down the full length of my cock. I became aware of someone else close by and expecting to look around and see Karolina I was gobsmacked to see Zuzanna’s other friend Edyta standing wide eyed and eating the view with her eyes and mind, a laugh from the other side of the room brought me to full awareness. I blustered, “what’s happening”?
All three laughed at me in my distress as I tried to close up my trousers jumping to my feet.
Zuzanna stood directly in front of me not giving an inch, “You can handle two, and let’s see what you can do with three”.
The girls took seats on the couch leaving me standing there like a fish out of water and trying to compose myself. Edyta staring at me with one eyebrow raised, appraising what little she could see of me in an aroused state. I decided to take the bull by the horns, slowly undoing my belt and unzipping my trousers I let them fall to the floor. Looking straight at Edyta I said “Show me what you can do”. Edyta slid from the couch onto her knees directly in front of me at crotch height, she reached up and began pulling my shorts down inch by inch until I was fully exposed Zuzanna and Karolina had moved side by side with Edyta by this time none of them taking their collective eyes from my erect manhood. “Suck it, suck it” cried the other two in unison. Slowly Edyta reached up again taking hold of my cock gently starting to rub it back and forth, ever so slowly moving her mouth to cover it. The first touch of her lips on the head of my cock sent spasm’s through my whole body. I was vaguely aware of Zuzanna moving behind me and Karolina moving in close beside Edyta. Once more I felt Zuzanna’s hands kneading my balls gently and her lip’s playing with the cheeks of my backside. The sensation’s from so much hand’s on input were to overwhelming,
Sadly the weekend finished and the girls returned home, promises were made if time was available the girls would collectively or individually visit as they could.
Monday morning came as it does the office was inviting and comfortable and Kevin didn’t mind having to start early,
As always no matter how early Kevin arrived Mysha was sitting at her desk working on the computer, “ah Kevin good morning, I am glad you have arrived early, I have a replacement!” Kevin was bewildered “what replacement? I never asked for anyone else you have been perfect in your work here. What will I do without your translation skills?” Mysha smiled and looked towards my office “this may work out just as well for you “and winked at me in a knowing way, curious I walked towards the office entrance, A young woman of about 20 years was seated with her back to me but from the initial glance I gave her she was in all the right proportions, I gently closed the door to my office. “Ok what is happening? Who is this girl?” Mysha handed me a CV, and quietly she put her hand on my arm, I followed her out of the office to the hallway, “Kevin she comes from Poznan originally but has been living in Ireland this last three years, and has left there because her lover left her. she has come here home to start a new life and try to forget what has happened to her, but read her CV and I am sure you will not be disappointed with her office skills, and most important she speaks Polish as a native, courtesy of her mother and father,” Kevin smiled at Mysha knowing she had already approved the girl sitting in his office.

Sol part 11

I understood I should be the loser. At that time Karolina, pulling my T-shirt from me, stroked my chest and went on kissing. Taking my cock she made a mistake, because she was aroused, too. My finger found her little button; its stimulation gave her an ocean of great emotions. I increased the pressure on that wonderful spot and Zuzanna was on the edge in several minutes.
“Ahh, I lost!”
Karolina exclaimed. “Which way do you want to be satisfied?”
“It’s up to you!” gasped Zuzanna.
“To the fullest!” Karolina said.
We changed glances. Zuzanna submissively lay on her back and spread her slim legs. I knelt down between her legs and tried directing my cock into the place where the cock should be stuck. Zuzanna raised her ass and moved forward, but she failed.
“Why should I always be a teacher?” Karolina breathed out with a smile.
She took my cock and directed it straight into Zuzanna’s pussy. I thrust forward and my cock slid into her depths easily till it bumped against a tight membrane. My cock easily reached her obstacle and I didn’t want to pop her, but the thought struck me “What’s the fuck! If I don’t break it, then who will!”
With those thoughts I thrust and the hymen broke. So my cock went deeper and deeper. Zuzanna cried out quietly and bit her lip. I started moving back and forth slowly giving her time to get used to that. Her tense face became smoother and in a moment she was moaning with pleasure. “Wow! How great it is! I’m fucking!” I thought I would cum from that idea but I went on fucking. But it didn’t last long. Since it was my first time I reached the edge soon.
We were shaking from orgasm. I was Cumming straight into her without worrying about the consequences. After my breath was restored, I moved aside and noticed that Karolina sat near and watched the action with envy and caressed herself between her legs. Zuzanna and I lay near each other and collected ourselves.
“You two have cum again but not me!”
“Shall I help you?” I asked and was happy to serve them both.
“No, let her do it! She is the loser!”
“How?” Zuzanna was astonished.
“Like he did yesterday!” Karolina said and spread the legs.
Scared, Zuzanna bent down, collected herself and dipped between Karolina’s legs.

Watching it, I got excited again. “You can’t feel that as you jerk off. It’s interesting how many times I can stand it!” The girls went at it good and I couldn’t watch it long. Moving Zuzanna aside softly I took her place. Karolina’s opened her eyes and smiled. Then she stopped me with her hand and I started cursing myself that I had failed, but the cousin turned on her stomach and got on the fours. I caught on; I’m bright. My cock found the target at once. I thrust it into the balls and was full of sensations. Karolina began moaning and squealing as I grabbed by her hips and started ramming her young cunt.
Suddenly two hands embraced me from behind and started moving slowly to my cock. “Fuck, I forgot of Zuzanna!” it occurred to me. At that time she found my ball sacks and squeezed them to my rhythm. They had already been heavy and ready to explode. So, I moved my hand behind my back to her pussy. She began enjoying my two fingers sawing in and out of her popped-up cunt that was lubricated with my sticky sperm and it went out of her hot spot and down her thighs and my fingers.
This time our interaction lasted longer. At the time Zuzanna started squirting and covering my fingers in her sweet juices, she squeezed my blue balls so hard that it made my cock jerk and shoot a new portion of my baby-making cum. Karolina was excited so much that her cunt started milking my cock intensively. Phew, the three of us had cum together this time. After coming to ourselves, my sex partners moved over to me, knelt down in front of me and got down to sucking my cock clean like. I asked Karolina as we were lying down resting, “Ain’t you a virgin? Have you already been popped up?”

Sol part 10

The next portion of cum splashed on her amazing tits. I moaned with pleasure and fell on the floor. My head was spinning around.
“Yummy!” I heard Karolina’s voice.
“Now that was nice!”
Opening my eyes I saw Zuzanna stare at that with confusion and interest.
“What the fuck?” she exclaimed saying to Karolina.
“That’s unfair! Both of you have cum and enjoyed it but not me!” Karolina giggled staring at me.”What should I do?” surprised, I asked her.
“Try brining me off with your tongue” Karolina said, forecasting her wishes.
Karolina lay on the floor removing her bra and knickers as she did and spread the legs so wide that I got the point of my coming actions. What a sight it was!
“Lie down!” she ordered.
Intuitively I understood what I had to do. I lay between her legs and started licking the way I saw in X-rated movies. My tongue was swaying up and down. It was very easy and I enjoyed feeling her sweet juices. Karolina started moaning loudly and moved her body to mine. We were on the edge and didn’t notice anything else.
She started moaning so loudly and my tongue entered the places of her body. I was drunk by her taste and smell. Karolina’s body tensed, she grabbed my hair tight and screamed. Then she softened and stretched out on the blanket after an intensive orgasm.
I looked up and saw Zuzanna who sat on the sofa with spread legs and with her hand between them, I hadn’t noticed being so busy that she had also stripped off completely. The sight excited her so much. I was aroused and I had a hard-on again. Considering that no suggestions were needed I came up to Zuzanna who sat still and frigged herself furiously? I stood in front of her such that my cock was against her face, staining her pretty face with the rest of my cum that had been left on it. She immediately caught on and embracing it with her palm, another was on her crotch, and started stroking along it tenderly and then sped up.
I closed my eyes. I knew that the faster she frigged herself the faster she stroked my cock. After awhile I felt two hands embracing me: one took my balls tenderly massaging them, another stroked my buttocks. It was Karolina. That girl knew how to make hot moments hotter! Opening my eyes I saw Zuzanna open her mouth and take my tool in it. What bliss! I couldn’t stand it any longer that time.
Coming to the brink I watched the cousins. Karolina massaged my balls in her palms and bent to lick my cock with her tongue now and then. That was so exciting and pleasurable I had to cum.
Zuzanna didn’t wait for it to finish. She moved her head back and unlike Karolina relished as the cum splashed down her throat. Karolina seeing this dove down swiftly and surrounded my cock with her lips and drank the rest of my cum.
I was fully exhausted. I just lay on the sofa and lay still, hearing the girls getting dressed. With those thoughts I fell asleep till the next morning.
I was fully exhausted. I just lay on the sofa and laid still, hearing the girls get dressed and remembering what seemed like a dream. It was clear that our actions never would be forgotten. I had had a hard-on since morning and Karolina passing by touched the tent in my pants. Zuzanna stared at me all day long. After doing some work in the garden and having dinner, Zuzanna and I informed Karolina we were going shopping. Karolina decided not to accompany us and lay under the tree with a book. We were silent on our way to the shop. We talked on our way back. All of a sudden, Zuzanna struck up a question like a thunder in the clear sky, “Karolina wants to know if it hurts to fuck?”
“What did you tell her?” I said.
“My friends said it hurt, especially if it’s the first time.”
“What about yesterday?” I wanted to know about her first experience with a real cock.
“It was great yesterday. At first it wasn’t good, then it was cool!” she confessed.
“Do you want to fuck?” I asked the way I discussed the weather.
“Yes please but like last night again all three of us”
Our talking stopped at that, because we got to the house. Getting out the products, everyone did their duties. I took a book and went upstairs as Zuzanna and Karolina did their things. The reading went badly and I only thought about my girl’s naked bodies and pussies. I wanted to jerk off as I heard a creak on the stairs and Zuzanna and Karolina entered my room. They wore skirts and T-shirts and I could see they didn’t wear bras under them. Sitting on the bedside they asked what we’d do tonight.
“Maybe play cards again?” I asked carefully.
“No, it’s boring,” Karolina pulled a face.
“What else?” I asked, scared that they weren’t interested in our adventures any more.
“Let’s play a flower!” there was a suggestion.
“What’s the idea?” I asked and I didn’t have a slight notion about this kind of game.
“Whoever cums first loses!” smiling Karolina said.
“Okay,” I replied.
Karolina bent over to me and put her lips on mine gently. Her tongue pierced into my mouth and started moving. Oh my God! At that moment somebody’s arm started sliding up my leg. I put my arm on Karolina’s tit too and started squeezing it slowly. Zuzanna’s, it was her arm that stroked my cock through the pants, got up on the bed and knelt down, spreading her legs above me.
Stopping the stroking, she took the jeans and pulled them down. The pants and boxers went down together.
“What will a loser do?” I asked between kisses.
“The loser will satisfy the rest as they wish,” Karolina’s sentence Made me double my efforts. One hand slid under Karolina’s skirt, another under Zuzanna’s skirt. Neither of them had on panties. They were smart girls to have nothing in my fingers’ way. It was great to caress both pussies! The girls didn’t waste time either. Zuzanna immediately took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it slowly. She was great at it. “It was only her second time!” It occurred to me, “And she’s on her way to become an eager cock-sucker!” I was sure that she would improve her skills as we progressed.

Sol part 9

The meeting went quickly with the board members of the NewTul Company bringing them up to speed with the latetest developments and of course having previously informed them of my newly acquired position as a member of the board in Brighton tools. I found myself distracted all through the meeting. Zuzanna had sent me an intriguing sms, and I couldn’t wait to meet her again to find out just what the hell she meant by (Its not always true that 3 is a crowd, meet me tonight as planned, hmm dress loose lol)

That evening we met in the foyer of the hotel and went to the bar for a quiet drink.
I have a little surprise, we have company for the evening, Zuzanna gestured behind me and I turned to meet Karolina’s gaze.
“One more drink then we can all go to the house, by the way is it all right if Karolina and I stay tonight. Karolina was to stay with me for company as my grandpa has gone to visit his brother in Wroclaw”.
I smiled and agreed to the arrangement, at the same time thinking damn it.
When we arrived home the girls asked if they could have some music and another drink, “what the hell lets party” I laughed.
I knew this was going to be hard but I had no idea how we could be together without Karolina being there its kind of hard to intimate when there are three of you.
It is hard to explain in words but on the way home I could feel something about the situation, something was about to happen out of the normal.
“What about a game” cried Karolina, “something we all can play, cards maybe”? She translated this for Zuzanna and the two girls started laughing and watching me. My Polish was so poor that I didn’t catch very much of what was said. In truth even had I been proficient in Polish I think they talked so fast and without any break that I would still have missed what was said. I went in search of a pack of cards as Zuzanna and Karolina sorted out the rest of the details, a few drinks some crisps etc.
Not realising it I had walked into the oldest trick in the book, the two cousins had me hook line and sinker. We started off innocently enough, jack change it a popular game. After losing a few hands to the girls Zuzanna spoke to Karolina, again the giggles between them. Karolina spoke for Zuzanna, “do you want to make things a little more interesting, maybe a small wager between us”? I agreed, what harm could there be, anyway my mind was filled with Zuzanna and how soon I could get Karolina away to bed, maybe a few more drinks would tip the balance for her and we could put her to bed early and then perhaps……. mmmm.
I hadn’t been concentrating on what I was doing in the game “rozbierz sie! Rozbierz sie! Rozbierz sie!” chanted the girls in unison, stunned I asked Karolina what it meant. The pair of them laughing said we are playing strip poker so strip strip strip. I was so busy thinking about stripping Zuzanna that I hadn’t realised what game we were playing, so taking off one shoe I conceded the point. As I took the shoe off my foot I noticed the hungry look in both the girls’ eyes. So that was the game now I knew what was on their minds I decided to play the game differently. Several hands of cards later, and as many drinks both girls were down to bra and knickers. Neither of the girls was making much effort at covering their modesty, whereas I was still pretty fully clothed. Time to change the rules again, having played cards from a very young age and being quite manipulative with them it wasn’t hard to throw a few hands and let the girls win, for a while. The next rule change was that whoever stripped and lost from now on had to have someone else choose the item to strip and remove it themselves. Rather than putting them off this seemed to excite them even more. Now we were all pretty even me in underpants and the girls in bra and Knicks. I had just started dealing again when Zuzanna was returning to her seat having made a new round of drinks for us all, she stopped just close to my ear and began breathing heavy into it and whispering something I didn’t understand, but had a good idea of the meaning. Of course now I didn’t know who had what in cards, this last hand really was in the hands of luck. As it turned out I was the loser, the girls drew high cards to choose who would strip me, and Karolina won. Carefully she came close on her knees her head just in line with my groin; reaching up with both hands she teased my underpants to my knees. As she exposed me she gave a little gasp, Zuzanna was on the edge of the seat saying something to her. I asked what it was,
“Can I touch it?” Karolina asked and it distracted me from staring at Zuzanna.
“You can,” I agreed and couldn’t believe that she asked it. Or that I had so readily agreed
She knelt down and took my cock in her hand tenderly. I was shaking.
“I saw in some video women can satisfy men with their mouth,” she said without a shadow of shyness in her bookish way.
Suddenly, she surrounded the dickhead with her lips without saying anything. I had felt orgasm as her tongue touched the dickhead. I failed to say anything as I began Cumming straight into Karolina’s eager mouth. She jerked away quickly as soon as she felt the hot streams of my sperm and the cum splattered on her face in thick globs.

Sol part 8

Kevin stepped around the tree and out behind Edyta and Zuzanna and facing Karolina.
“Czesc” said the voice behind the girls, startling them both for a second but no more than this. Zuzanna whirled around and dived at Kevin jumping high into his arms and kissing him passionately. The girls just stood there smiling and giggling. “Well it seems I am the only one that’s not introduced here “said Edyta.
A few seconds later Zuzanna began speaking to Karolina “how? When? Where? Why?” everything came out in a rush.
With Karolina here she could speak to Kevin and understand all that was said, but did she really want that?
Kevin suggested a local coffee shop and the all went together after Edyta had finally been introduced.
After a few coffees and a lot of explaining from Kevin about what had happened and how he was now living here in Zegansi it was time to go home.
Zuzanna arranged to meet with Kevin that weekend and not having a phone gave the address of her apartment, explain that she had lots of course work for an exam on Friday, as did all the girls.
The week seemed to drag past slowly for both of them Kevin week being a little quicker because of all the newness of all his surroundings. But the evenings were a drag, so he often went for a walk and on a couple of occasions met both Edyta and Karolina going to Zuzanna’s to study. They promised to pass along greetings and left.

Friday night and Kevin drove to the south end of the park as arranged , Zuzanna was waiting .Zuzanna and I drove in silence as we headed for my new home. We reached the house in no time and as she exited the car I noticed for the first time that day how great she looked. She was wearing a white, spandex mini skirt and white pumps with an ankle strap that were easily 5 inches tall. On top she had a peach blouse and I was convinced that she was not wearing a bra. I watched as her tight ass wriggled in the fabric of her skirt as she walked to the front door. She opened the door and stepped into the house. I bolted from the car and quickly made my way inside as well.
I shut the front door behind me and watched as Zuzanna ascended the stairs in front of me. I was drooling as I stared at her ass. I wanted her and my whole body was throbbing because of it. I climbed the stairs behind Zuzanna and noticed that she stopped in the dining room. I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist. I kissed her neck from behind and pulled her tight to me. She spun around in my arms and faced me. She kissed me on my mouth, her tongue snaking around for attention. I planted my hands firmly on her ass, squeezing it tightly as we kissed. I could feel my body respond to her touch.
Zuzanna moved from my arms and walked into the living room. She sat on the edge of the couch and hiked up her skirt, revealing that she was not wearing any panties. I almost dropped when I saw her gorgeous bald patch under her skirt. I made my way to where she was sitting quickly and she immediately grabbed my belt.
Zuzanna tore off my pants and boxers while I ripped off my shirt and threw it to the side. She instantly took my rock hard cock into her mouth and began sucking it sloppily. I was in heaven as my shaft passed over her sexy lips again and again. She lubed my prick with her saliva as she engulfed it over and over. I sigh heavily as she removed my dick from her mouth and began to pump it firmly with her hand.
Zuzanna then leaned back on the couch and I knelt in front of her. I placed my firm tool to her opening and thrust forcefully inside of her. She was very wet and I was lightheaded from the pleasure I felt. I rocked my hips allowing my pole to enter and exit her moist love tunnel repeatedly. I continued to pound her right there on the couch, not wanting to ever stop.
Zuzanna wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her with each thrust of my hips. I forced my manhood into her again and again as she squirmed wildly with pleasure. It had been way too long since I had been with Zuzanna and I wanted to cum hard within her. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to me with each push inside of her. I was nearing climax.
Zuzanna was gasping and wiggling in front of me and I continued to penetrate her powerfully. I jammed my shaft into her box tight little love tunnel until I could take no more. I exploded intensely inside of her, spewing my spunk until there wasn’t a drop left in my rod. I looked at her firm body and gorgeous face and wanted more.
I pulled back, allowing my cock to fall out of her pussy. I then flipped her over without a word and pulled her waist to me. I entered her from behind vigorously and began pump my dick into her. I rammed her from behind again and again. I used every ounce of power I had to attack her body with mine. I crashed into her vagina over and over with my rock hard tool.
“OH GOD,” Zuzanna screamed loudly as I continued to thunderously insert my cock inside of her.
I am not sure at what point Zuzanna peaked, but I was rapidly nearing my second orgasm. I devastated her twat with each vicious thrust of my hips. I couldn’t hold out at all and I discharged my second load inside of her walls. Her pussy milked my stick of every ounce of cum that I had. I withdrew from her and crashed to the floor in the living room, completely spent. Zuzanna did not move at all.
I am not sure how long I laid there catching my breath but at some point I stood up and collected my clothes. I dressed and stared at Zuzanna, who had still not moved. I moved close to her and kissed her on the cheek.
“I have to go back to grandpa’s work comes early in the morning,” She whispered in my ear.
I turned and headed for the door.
“You are fucking amazing,” she called after me. Zuzanna turned her head and I saw her blurred glance. She lay without being shy. It was clear she was in heaven.
“You bring out my A game,” I called back as I went to get the car out and run her home.

Sol part 7

“Wait a minute you mean live and work there, no more travelling around the globe living out of a suitcase with half ironed clothes and waiting at airports for luggage nor attending meetings still jet lagged from the night before “?
The smile on my face said it all to Jim, “yep that’s about the height of it, of course you will have to make an appearance about once a month here at board meetings or special meetings but apart from that all is as said, you know your current stock you have been allocated is now worth about £1 million pounds as of the opening of the stock exchange this morning, as soon as we released details of the merger or stock price rocketed. You find a nice house centrally located with a few members of staff to run it and we pick up the tab for it, rent your old house here and make another few quid”.
My mind was racing all the bits I would have to attend to then I could return to Poland and Zuzanna, my mood was Europhobic as I left the building, not quite sure where I would start, walking into the transport managers office to ask for a car I was stunned yet again as he handed me the keys to a brand new Mercedes, of course I was a board member now.
So much to do and so little time to do it, the house the bank everything do it now or never.
“ZUZANNA”. I had no way to contact her she must think me a rat leaving as I did, well it can’t be helped just fix all my affairs as best I can and return to Zegansi with all haste and hope I can explain.

It took all Thursday and Friday I worked like a Trojan but I covered most things anything left I could deal with from Poland.
Monday morning and sitting on the plane at Heathrow I was like a kid on their first holiday I could hardly contain myself wishing to be airborne,
Landing in Warsaw and taking an interconnecting flight to Poznan, I expected to hire a local car and drive to Zegansi and the headquarters of NewTul, but as I emerged from the airport a chauffeur was waiting for me, in poor English he explained he was sent to transport me to Zegansi at the behest of the board of NewTul.
Two and a half hours later and we entered Zegansi; my eyes were scanning everywhere for a sign of Zuzanna, but nothing.
Having made my credentials’ clear to the NewTul board and been congratulated on my directorship, I made my way to the hotel Nadbobrzanski slightly better quality then the previous lodgings, The driver my chauffeur from Poznan, had translated that he would be at my disposal to guide me around and show me potential living accommodation within a short distance of the company headquarters.
That evening I dispensed with my driver I decided to walk around Zegansi and see if I could retrace my steps to Zuzanna’s grandfather’s apartment. Not a simple task in the twilight of the evening and not really remembering my way from the last time I was here, but I set off anyway.
The apartment blocks all looked very similar I had set myself an impossible task. Walking along the embankment beside the river I passed several courting couples, most were so engrossed in each other they never even noticed me. At last I came to the old bridge I had fallen through the week before when I met Zuzanna, I stood gazing into the black turbulent water racing under the bridge. “I hope you’re not considering throwing yourself in”. I was so surprised to hear a voice close to me that I forgot to be astonished that the language used was English, I turned around to find a girl about Zuzanna’s age smiling at me. “The reason I ask is because I am not a good swimmer and the nearest lifebelt is about half a kilometre downriver, I afraid you will drown before any other help will arrive”.
I began to chuckle “No I wasn’t thinking of a swim at this time of night, I am just trying to retrace my steps from the other day when I had a little accident here”. The young girl’s eyes went wide and again a massive smile spread across her face. “Are you by any chance called Kevin”?
What were the chances of this happening Kevin couldn’t believe his luck not only did this young girl know Zuzanna but she was also her cousin.
By chance she had met Kevin whilst on her way to rendezvous with Edyta and Zuzanna to plan the party details. “Wait here behind the tree and watch for my return, I will be back soon with Zuzanna”. With that she ran off in the direction of some apartments I knew I would never have found on my own.
10 minutes later I heard the high pitched excitement of some young girls making there way across the park in the dark I couldn’t make them out but I was sure I had heard Zuzanna’s voice among them.
Karolina had burst into Justy’s apartment giggling; both Zuzanna and Edyta were sitting in the front room waiting for her.
“Come on both of you I have a surprise to show you in the park but we have to be quick”. Karolina started out the door again the two girls following, both asking “what is this surprise you have to show us, and why the park”. Edyta was first to suggest. “Is it Jurgen making out with his new girlfriend”? Zuzanna’s face clouded over at the thought. “No something a lot better” Replied Karolina
All the way across the park Zuzanna and Edyta kept calling out guessing what the surprise was.
Reaching the tree Karolina Stopped and said “I am sure I left my surprise here”

Sol part 6

Edyta and Karolina met Zuzanna as arranged the day before, and the three of them walked down to the centre of town, a little more quiet than usual, eventually Edyta twirled round on Zuzanna and stopped her dead in the street. “Ok what’s happened? You are so damn quiet and it is not like you, out with it girl tell us “. Zuzanna looked at the pair and calculated numbers in her brain. Smiling she blurted out “I spent the whole night making love and it was wonderful. Edyta Karolina went wide eyed. Both of them with the same thought. Quiet mousey Zuzanna spent the night making love, to whom?
Both of them chorused “WHO! Jorgen “
“No not Jorgen, neither of you know him. He is from England well actually he is from Ireland to be precise, I met him by the river he had an accident and I assisted him.”
Talking about Kevin to the two friends Zuzanna’s heart began to soften, she knew in her heart Kevin would not just have gone off and left her alone like that without a word unless something serious had happened. She decided to wait a few days to see what would happen.
“Ok girls want to help me with a little bit of pay back on Jorgen and his little Flossie?” “But of course” chorused the girls “but first we want all the low-down about this Kevin.”
The girls went into the café and took their usual seats and ordered coffee and began to plot revenge, between them they would work out a plan.

It had been a long day between the delay at Heathrow Airport and then the journey to Poole in Dorset. Another night in a hotel, not his own bed, but at least it was solid and comfortable.
Rested and relaxed Kevin entered the board room of the Brighton Tool Company. The small blonde secretary had assured him the board was assembled and waiting for him.
Taking a seat near the door, Kevin waited patiently just outside the boardroom door. About five minutes later the chairman himself came out and welcomed him with a shake of his hand. Inviting Kevin to take a seat at the board table. The chairman nodded to Kevin from his seat and began to inform the other members of his most recent achievements’, namely securing a monopolised trading deal with the Polish Newtul company, only half hearing what was being said and day dreaming of Zuzanna, Jim logan nudged me in the ribs to catch my attention as the Chairman began with “To sum up it gives me and my fellow members great pleasure to offer Kevin a position on the board as senior sales executive, of course there will be a substantial remuneration package and a position of shares within the company stock”.
I blinked twice in complete surprise never did I imagine that I would ever be offered a position on the board.
So this is what that sly old fox Logan had recalled me for, keeping it a secret until I sat at the table, but what a surprise. The chairman was just finishing off his speech with “ I will let Jim Logan fill Kevin in on his new position and if he accepts will begin his new responsibilities on Monday morning, now if that’s all the business for the day I have a round of golf and lunch at the club waiting for me, gentlemen “.
Leaving the board room with me still in shock, not absolutely sure what I had just heard.
“Right Kevin my office and we will work out the details of all this and see if it’s still interesting to you “.
I nodded my head still unsure if I should talk or not, entering Jim’s office the young blonde secretary I had met earlier that ushered me into the board room brought tea and biscuits, congratulating me on my promotion.
Did everyone except me know about it?
“Here is the deal and how we see it working, you take up a position in Poland with NewTul and liaise with us here in Poole, between us we can make a killing”.

Sol part 5

The morning was fresh; a slight rainfall during the night had left the air damp, but not oppressive as mornings can be. Zuzanna walked along the main street towards the hotel Piastowska, nearly skipping in her excitement to see Kevin again. Last night had been terrible grandpa hadn’t asked what had kept her so late she had felt his eyes boring into the back of her head as she excused herself and went to bed early. Did he know? Alternatively, at the very least he suspected something had happened between them.
Dismissing all with a shrug of her head she continued on to the hotel, entering the foyer and approaching the reception she spoke to the receptionist. “Dzien dobry, umowilam sie z Kevin!” She faltered again for the second time she realised she did not know his name just his first name Kevin. She gave the room number instead. And asked the receptionist to call, “I am sorry Mr McCormack vacated the room early after a receiving a long distance call, he was in a great hurry. I don’t have any messages or forwarding address for him.” Seeing Zuzanna distress at receiving this information the receptionist added. “I do have some other information; I shouldn’t really give it to you but in the circumstances.” Smiling at Zuzanna, she turned the registration book towards her. “I am sorry but the registration book is private and confidential and I can’t TELL you what is in it.” With that, she turned away and walked towards another customer further up the reception desk.
Zuzanna pounced on the open book quickly found Kevin’s sign in information and copied some notes to a small book she always kept in her pocket for just this sort of situation.
Hurrying from the hotel, unsure what to do next her mind panicked. Can he have been so fickle to take her to bed, and then just walk away, and leave her? Had she meant so little to him?
OMG! One more thought had just struck her. Last night in their haste then had not used any protection, was it possible she was pregnant?
Nearly in tears now she hurried on down the street, it was Saturday morning and there were not many people about, with her mind unable to concentrate on the simplest of problems she found herself next to the café. The one Edyta and Karolina had talked about seeing Jorgen and his blonde-haired woman in.
Slowly at first but gaining momentum by the second, her confusion turned to anger, first at her betrayal then abandonment by Kevin, and now the same for Jorgen. Revenge on them all was the order of the day. But something at the back of her mind cried. “Danger!” Nevertheless, caught up in her anger she ignored this small lonely voice. Her mind clearer and was fully functioning again she smiled to herself.

Damn Jim Logan and Brighton Tool Company thought Kevin, as he flew over Berlin on the way to London. Half past four in the morning and everything had been top speed and a rush to make the plane. Why had he left his position as senior engineer at the factory? Because of the money of course this job as senior negotiator and sales director paid twice as much, but of course there was the travelling, this last year he felt as though he was a true gypsy, never staying anywhere more than a few weeks. The benefits were good he had seen most of Europe and even been to the Far East twice.
Zuzanna! He could not get her out of his mind, such an angel and the sex it was incredible even though he knew she was a virgin when she entered his room all had come so naturally to her. Well he was damn sure he would return after this emergency meeting in London. All the usual cloak and dagger stuff from Logan. The telephone call had been brief, return soonest board meeting and you are needed to attend. What could it be his sales performance was perfect so no problem there? Well time would tell, his meeting with the Polish firm had gone better than expected; he had sold nearly double the quota he had expected to sell and to cap it all had arranged for a near merger with his company and the Polish NewTul group so what then was the problem?
Tiredness took over and Kevin drifted off to sleep with the perfume scent of Zuzanna that had remained on his shirt haunting his dreams.