Piotrek took Kasia in his arms and gave her such a tight squeeze while kissing her on both cheeks, the breath squeezed out of her Kasia stumbled back nearly falling over a small occasional table. Gasping for air Kasia asked Piotrek “what? How? Why? When?” Hakan turned and spoke to his guards and nodded to Piotrek and turned and left them both alone. Piotrek sat down and indicated the seat next to him, Kasia sat opposite Piotrek so she could better gauge his body language. “Kasia I am the bearer of bad tidings for you, you are being led up the garden path! Let me explain, Bronski has conned you, it is his daughter that’s caught up in this, but she is not as he told you a dupe in all this, she is working directly for him. She met kasim in Athens’s Greece while she was studying there and genuinely took an interest in him, Bronski found out as he was keeping an eye on her surreptitiously via his operatives in that area. All he originally wanted her to do was report what she saw and heard but the girl decided to go further with it unknown to her father, to gain Kasim’s trust she agreed to convert to Islam and to do this she was to attend a Mullah in Istanbul, And here is where it all began to go wrong for Bronski, first she was unofficially there and in no way working for the department, so Bronski couldn’t reach out and grab her using our local operatives, he either had to cut her free and ignore her, something nearly impossible for a doting father, or he had to hire an outside operative namely yourself, you should know he approached both Darek Jabowlonski and also the Sadowski twins but none of them wanted to know, because of the Islamic connections. So stage left and enter Kasia, he played you if he’s caught he will lose everything and more than likely the girl will at the least disappear if not been killed, all of this to protect Kasim who just happens to be directly connected to the Saudi royal family, he is a regular visitor there, he has been on the radar for some time but we only took an active interest recently when it appeared he had constructed a small terrorist cell made up mainly from friends and acquaintances, most of what he has undertaken so far has been nuisance value, unconfirmed threats to various government’s but no actual operations, What worried Bronski, was a report from Athens that Kasim had been searching for Islamic chemical seniors around the university campus. This suggested his cell was preparing to move up the terrorist scale”. Kasia was stunned by all she had heard, that Bronski had duped her rather than telling her the truth was like a slap in the face to her.

Hakan had told them the girl was currently residing in a house in Cesme in a town about hallway down Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. Piotrek explained the best thing was for the pair of them to team up as “Husband and Wife” for cover stories. Hakan explained he intended to drive down to Cesme where he kept a modest villa and take them as guests, Kasia broke in at this point, “not a good idea as you’re quite well known throughout Turkey Hakan. No offence but it would be best if we just hired a car and drove down under our own cover, and if needs be we can run to you if were desperate or our covers are blown.” Piotrek and Hakan looked at each other and agreed with Kasia’s plan it seemed more sensible. The “Couple spent the day relaxing at Hakans black sea villa and Hakan arranged a hire car for them to depart the very next morning early. The journey the next day was pretty uneventful and Kasia and Piotrek chatted about old times. Then Kasia asked “Why did he send you?” Piotrek momentarily took his eyes of the road to glance at Kasia, “Well there’s several reason, not the least of which is we have worked together before, two Bronski trusts me as much as he can be said to trust anyone, and three I am to take over as head of directorate in Istanbul when this is all over”.

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