Back to the bridge

Progress had been quick for the Ami party, most of the way along the riverbank was unhindered. The only real problem had been a rat scavenging along the bank. It had emerged from its hole in the bank just after the pathfinders had passed and before the main body of the group. A brief struggle later and the rat lay dead with no injuries incurred to the Ami warriors though Kevin had tried to avoid taking any part as the creature fought for its very life. Apart from that, the pathfinders gave early warning in good time there were no Asov patrols encountered. They now approached what Kevin viewed as one of the two danger spots on the journey, the old wooden bridge.
Darkness was at last beginning to overtake the party and in this there was some comfort, Soste had the pathfinders sweep the area and then cross the bridge in ones and twos in the twilight to do the same on the other side then stand guard and await further orders.
Kevin agreed with Soste that it would be best not to wait for dark before moving the main party across as they were slowed by the wounded, all settled down for a short rest.
Kevin spoke to Harris “this may seem crazy to you but I swear the sun isn’t moving as fast as it should”. Harris chuckled “Yes you are right Kevin from your prospective and your present state you are privy to our laws and we live at a different rate to you humans. As a rule of thumb one human day would be the equivalent to seven of our days that is why the sun seems slower. We have about a half-day yet to wait before darkness so get some rest”.

Ta-Ami home

In a grand chamber deep in a hill near the village of Glenoe what appeared to be an old man sat upon a throne atop a dais.
A master of ceremonies Cried “Let all of the Cortacrek attend, the high lord Corta holds court”. All in attendance immediately turned towards the dais where the high mage sat.
“We have omens brought to us by our brethren that we cannot dismiss reports of visions from the highest of our order to the lowest. Many of them regarding the survey we sent out to the coastline several weeks ago, we feel they will return safe but with the loss of troops and that they bring a prize. But this prize will have a price and after much thought I have decided the price will be too much to pay.
To this end I have ordered Lord Gil to mount his best force of pathfinders and seek out the returning survey party and kill them to an Ami. My greatest fear is they bring back with them an end to Ta-Amikind. So is my word law let it be done, this court is at an end”. With that the assembled mages began to leave the great hall, but all were discussing the command of Corta many broke into smaller groups and left to confer with each other.
Kek Tase and Wiydif were the only mages to remain behind, when the great doors to the room were closed Kek sealed them with a spell, Tase cast another spell of cloaking, while Wiydif set about servicing the throne that supported Corta. Checking power cells and fluid reservoirs and connections
Being over one thousand years old he had been unable to move from the throne for three hundred of those years.

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