Kevin had rested while Harris with the help of another Ami had administered to the Ami’s lying injured. Spying Soste at a distance conferring with other Ami, Kevin made his way toward him. “What must we do now commander, which route shall we follow and where will we go. It won’t be very safe to stay in this area for long”. Kevin’s voice made Soste turn around. “Yes Kevin we were just discussing that very problem. And against my patrol leaders wishes I must consult you on your knowledge of this area. We must travel inland many leagues, but our first hurdle is this river we must cross it as soon as we can, for it bends away from our destination. As you can see just there a line of cliffs start and follow the river for a great length apart from the fact it will add a considerable amount to our journey. Many will never be able to scale the cliff on the other side even if we find a ford to do so”.
Kevin turned to see Harris approach. “Kevin in order to return you to your original size it will take a greater understanding of magic than I have. The only one that can possibly undo what I have done is the Corta. He is the master of all magic within our lore, and only he and his acolytes of the Cortacrek our main group of magicians stand any chance of success. So as you can see you must aid us in our effort to return to our Ta-Amihome where we live, for your own sake as much as anyone”.
Kevin stared hard at Harris then Soste. “Why the hell did you have to involve me in your internecine war with the Asov”? All Kevin’s anger and frustration’s of the last few hours burst through as if a dam had burst. Many Ami’s close by drew weapons as if expecting an attack on either Harris or Soste. But at a flick of the commander’s head they stood down again sensing Kevin’s outburst to be of no real danger.
Softly Soste put his hand on Kevin’s shoulder. “Kevin we choose to make our attack upon the Asov just nearby where you lay we missed you in the shallow pit where you lay. But as you attempted to rise we new it would alert any Asov watching the beach and Harris acted without thought even he did not know what was to happen”. Kevin’s anger subsided and realising his plight laughed out loud, as much a relief as anything.
“If I return home now my children would use me as a plaything, I would like as not end up living in my daughters dolls house”. Not understanding the full content of
Kevin’s speech, but accepting his mirth many joined in laughing with him at the humour of his predicament.
But even as he laughed he turned to Soste. “Tell me I must know our destination if I am to aid you, I think I may have an idea that will see you all safely home injured and all and let me meet this Cortacrek that they might assist me in returning to normal”.
Harris looked to Soste and said. “What difference now commander we need him? Ta-Amihome is near to a village you call Glenoe many days’ travel as we count it”.
Kevin danced a little jig, both Harris and Soste laughed, “Ok here is how we go about it, there is going to be some danger involved but I think we can do it”. Kevin started to draw a map in the soft earth near the river to outline his plan.
Soste was stunned if his interpretation was correct Kevin was going to lead them down the riverbank to the old bridge straight back to territory controlled by the Asov. Then across the bridge to his house where he said he had a form of transport that would carry all of them home injured and all with a minimum of effort and at least three times as fast as they could make time on foot aiding the wounded. Neither Soste nor Harris could understand what he meant.
But they could tell by his enthusiasm that there was a real chance here. Both walked a short way off to confer and on returning commander Soste in his most formal voice said. “Kevin with these words I put the lives of all here in your hand’s fail us not”. Soste ordered out the pathfinders ahead of the main body and Kevin gave them directions as to what to look for. Harris and others assisted the wounded able to walk and a few more seriously injured were carried on make shift stretchers that Kevin had helped design.

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