To Kevin’s horror a beast looking something like a wild boar but not as tall as the Ami in fact a little shorter than Kevin but with a larger girth than either Kevin or the Ami. This horror jumped from the mouth of the tunnel and started to attack the Ami guarding the exit. Several times the creature was struck with arrow and spear, and seeming to disregard the blows because of its heavy looking armour attacked the nearest defenders killing one outright with its first blow from a wicked looking blade attached to its forearm. Then another and yet another exited the hole from below, Kevin nearly wept as the beasts attacked the defenders apparently killing with each and every blow at least ten Ami could now clearly be seen lying prone on the ground. Then a sudden whooshing noise and screams and grunts came from below the ground as water had made its way to the mouth of the tunnel from the pump house. Under full flow now there was no stopping it. A geyser blast of water lifted into the air at the tunnel exit surprising all there. Taking a chance commander Soste moved into the nearest of the beasts and with a mighty overhand blow to the neck nearly took its head clean off. Sensing their victory and witnessing the first of the beasts to die. More of the Ami attempted the same, though several fell to return blows from the beasts, at last all of the beasts were slain. Kevin Harris and the few Ami still able to walk came down to the bloody site of the battle.
“These are Asov I presume, bloody hard to kill aren’t they and dog ugly boy am I glad we didn’t run into them in the tunnel”. Kevin was still trying to recover from his own exertions at the pipe house.
Looking now at the beasts or Asov as the Ami called them lying on the ground they were slightly smaller than the Kevin as he had noted when they came from the tunnel mouth, and more powerfully built. With a face more like that of a wild boar, without the teeth sticking out of the mouth. And so heavily armoured that Kevin wondered how they could walk let alone fight in such equipment. The strange armour didn’t have the look of metal and wasn’t brightly coloured. Kevin shuddered at the thought of having to defend him self from such a thing armed only with the blades the Ami carried.
Commander Soste tallied up the living and walking wounded only thirty-four of the original fifty that had started out on this survey and mapping expedition. And by the look of at least two of them they wouldn’t last the day even with the help of a mage. And Soste knew all to well that Harris was no Great healer.
So he applied mercy strokes from his short blade for two of the fallen Ami, for none would be left to the Asov. Only to well did Soste know how they treated any left alive after a battle! Some Asov prided them selves in the fact they could keep a prisoner alive for so long, but in so much pain they cried and begged for any death.
Kevin was stunned to immobility by commander Soste’s action, “we dare not leave them behind Kevin these Asov are crueler than you can ever imagine”. Soste turned away and ordered a few Ami to organise a burial detail and dispose of the Asov bodies slain in the fight.

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