The rebelling Ami were nearly escorted out of Ta-Amihome by Lord Gil’s personal Ami guard along with the multitude of Ami that gawked and whispered among themselves as to the reason for their leaving. The lady Ka-An striding at the head of her own group never looked back but hurried to reach the head of the migrating column of Ami. Catching up with Lord DaeDann they talked little of their intended route and final destination neither was sure that the remaining Lords would not attempt some sort of ambush. At Lord DaeDann instructions a combined force flanked the whole group and scouts ran ahead to search out the route to be taken. When Lord DaeDann considered they had travelled a safe distance he called a meeting with the Lords and Ladies that had exiled themselves with him while the main body of the exodus carried on. “We are to travel to a point well beyond the waterfall through the woods, make no mistake the trip will be arduous and difficult if any feel they may have made a mistake in coming now is the time to turn around and head back. When we reach our destination we will have food and comfort I have been preparing for this very contingency in the vain hope it would not come to pass but even as we speak our new home is being completed. As I am sure many of you realise many of my clan is missing and has left long before to prepare for our coming. At first when we found this site I thought it would make a better site for Ta-Amihome it is easily defended and well away from humans and the surrounding has good game that we won’t starve. But as the weeks passed I became alarmed at the orders being issued from the Cortacrek. I decided not to inform anyone of the new location and it now seems I was right to do so. I wouldn’t put it past Lord Gil or some of his cronies to launch some sort of attack against us. So have all your people stay alert till we reach our new position. Any one that has questions may ask now if you intend to stay some I cannot answer if it is your intention to leave then leave now only those who accompany me shall know of our final destination.” The lady Ka-an was the first to Speak. “I represent the Clan Lukra as you all know and I will follow. But I do this only if we are all equally represented and once those that have decided to leave do so I wish to know the final destination and what our intentions are when we reach there.” Many in the group nodded and called in support unknown to them this had already been arranged between the Lord and Lady. As none were dissenting and all agreed to continue on to the new home Lord DaeDann briefed them on the new arrangements and how the new order of Lords and Ladies would be arranged. But this was to be done only when the new home was reached. There was a march of several days before them and a few dangers on the way. It was explained the exact position of the new home would not be revealed to them until they had arrived as a security measure so that none could sneak away and reveal their position to Lord Gil or his supporters.

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