Sacrificial Lamb

Lord Ahel returned to the main feast joining with his advisors to inform them of what must now be done. Caith oldest living Ta-Ami in all the clans and first advisor to the new lord Ahel listened closely to what his master had to say of the meeting. “And now my lord in a few moments you will be cordially summoned by the Cortacrek, presumably to answer questions of treason to the high council”. His words not fully finished Caith turned his back on his master and stared at the main door to the chamber. The doors opened with a flourish and a full squad of the Cortacrek guard swung through led by an officer all in full armour. Lord Ahel turned to Caith “how did you know they would come”? Caith smiled “I presumed in the chamber my lord Gil enacted the spell of cloaking which doesn’t include this hall and as you can see there is no longer any secret in this gathering. And the Cortacrek watch all with vigilance, especially such a gathering as this”. The plumed officer of the guard approached Lord Ahels Company. “My lord if it pleases you will you accompany me to the chambers of my lord Corta”. The young officer was polite and bowed to lord Ahel then standing back and with a wave of his arm indicated to lead him from the chamber.
Lords Gil and Aeladin both stepped up to the young lord and bowing in front of him spoke in unison “may you speak on behalf of us all”. Lord Ahel nodded and with his advisors turned to leave the hall to face the coming inquisition, under no illusion now that he had been thrown to the lions to face the Cortacrek on his own.
No lord whether strong or weak enjoyed the privilege of a meeting with the Cortacrek, and in the main hall and throne room with Corta himself present made the meeting all the more uncomfortable as it was designed to be.
The officer and his guard wheeled about and escorted the young lord and his advisor through the corridors.
“Ah my lord Ahel we believe you have a request to make of the Cortacrek”. Began Tase; always the first to assault a victim, secure in he knowledge he was safe within Corta’s chamber.
“Enough Tase we know well enough Lord Ahel is the sacrificial goat to Gil and Aeladin, what mischief are they up to now my lord”. Wiydif acting the friend at court approached lord Ahel in a friendly manner, But Caith watching from beside his master could see the feral light in his eyes he was only playing with him in the hope to gain all that needed to be known sooner rather than later. Caith signed a warning with his eyes to lord Ahel. For all the young lord was new to his position he had taken minor parts in the game of council since an early age by his father’s side, and was not taken in by the friendly demeanour of the mage Wiydif. Carefully taking in the fact that he was alone and without any personal guard and there were thirty or more of the Cortacrek’s personal bodyguards about him all fully armed. Lord Ahel addressed the assembly. “It has come to our common knowledge that we prepare for war, strange orders have been issued. And now the strangest of all to kill the returning survey group. Before they can even tell us what they have found if indeed anything, I understand your powers and that you have a foresight the rest of us lack but those powers should be to aid us not to have us destroy the very thing we all seek. Information! What is it that the survey returns with that puts us all in such jeopardy, if the Asov have landed then we need to know this thus we can make better preparations to defeat them. Instead you would have us murder the very Ami’s that bring us information. And what of the promise of the Cortacrek, that this at last after our many years of wandering. This the Promised Land where all would be fruitful and where we could live in peace from our mortal enemies the Asov”. Caith nodded in agreement at the statement His Lord Ahel had made.
Corta sat above the assembly his eyes staring off someplace as if not listening to a word uttered, slowly his head turned to face the young lord making eye contact with Caith in the process and pausing for a second as if looking into his very soul and causing Caith to shiver involuntarily. “Make no mistake that I know the authors of this treason young lord and that they will be punished there is no doubt. But you sir I cannot let pass scapegoat or not it is common knowledge that you are here in this hall to challenge the Cortacrek and myself. At whose bidding is irrelevant I cannot let you challenge me now or ever. It is the mandate of this body to protect all Ta-Ami by whichever method or means we can.
To this end I cannot let this challenge go unanswered”. Corta barely nodded to Tase who stepped forward and began to raise his arms.
As he began an incantation all in the hall could feel the hair on the nape of their neck rise a sure sign of magic being invoked.

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