“Wait a minute you mean live and work there, no more travelling around the globe living out of a suitcase with half ironed clothes and waiting at airports for luggage nor attending meetings still jet lagged from the night before “?
The smile on my face said it all to Jim, “yep that’s about the height of it, of course you will have to make an appearance about once a month here at board meetings or special meetings but apart from that all is as said, you know your current stock you have been allocated is now worth about £1 million pounds as of the opening of the stock exchange this morning, as soon as we released details of the merger or stock price rocketed. You find a nice house centrally located with a few members of staff to run it and we pick up the tab for it, rent your old house here and make another few quid”.
My mind was racing all the bits I would have to attend to then I could return to Poland and Zuzanna, my mood was Europhobic as I left the building, not quite sure where I would start, walking into the transport managers office to ask for a car I was stunned yet again as he handed me the keys to a brand new Mercedes, of course I was a board member now.
So much to do and so little time to do it, the house the bank everything do it now or never.
“ZUZANNA”. I had no way to contact her she must think me a rat leaving as I did, well it can’t be helped just fix all my affairs as best I can and return to Zegansi with all haste and hope I can explain.

It took all Thursday and Friday I worked like a Trojan but I covered most things anything left I could deal with from Poland.
Monday morning and sitting on the plane at Heathrow I was like a kid on their first holiday I could hardly contain myself wishing to be airborne,
Landing in Warsaw and taking an interconnecting flight to Poznan, I expected to hire a local car and drive to Zegansi and the headquarters of NewTul, but as I emerged from the airport a chauffeur was waiting for me, in poor English he explained he was sent to transport me to Zegansi at the behest of the board of NewTul.
Two and a half hours later and we entered Zegansi; my eyes were scanning everywhere for a sign of Zuzanna, but nothing.
Having made my credentials’ clear to the NewTul board and been congratulated on my directorship, I made my way to the hotel Nadbobrzanski slightly better quality then the previous lodgings, The driver my chauffeur from Poznan, had translated that he would be at my disposal to guide me around and show me potential living accommodation within a short distance of the company headquarters.
That evening I dispensed with my driver I decided to walk around Zegansi and see if I could retrace my steps to Zuzanna’s grandfather’s apartment. Not a simple task in the twilight of the evening and not really remembering my way from the last time I was here, but I set off anyway.
The apartment blocks all looked very similar I had set myself an impossible task. Walking along the embankment beside the river I passed several courting couples, most were so engrossed in each other they never even noticed me. At last I came to the old bridge I had fallen through the week before when I met Zuzanna, I stood gazing into the black turbulent water racing under the bridge. “I hope you’re not considering throwing yourself in”. I was so surprised to hear a voice close to me that I forgot to be astonished that the language used was English, I turned around to find a girl about Zuzanna’s age smiling at me. “The reason I ask is because I am not a good swimmer and the nearest lifebelt is about half a kilometre downriver, I afraid you will drown before any other help will arrive”.
I began to chuckle “No I wasn’t thinking of a swim at this time of night, I am just trying to retrace my steps from the other day when I had a little accident here”. The young girl’s eyes went wide and again a massive smile spread across her face. “Are you by any chance called Kevin”?
What were the chances of this happening Kevin couldn’t believe his luck not only did this young girl know Zuzanna but she was also her cousin.
By chance she had met Kevin whilst on her way to rendezvous with Edyta and Zuzanna to plan the party details. “Wait here behind the tree and watch for my return, I will be back soon with Zuzanna”. With that she ran off in the direction of some apartments I knew I would never have found on my own.
10 minutes later I heard the high pitched excitement of some young girls making there way across the park in the dark I couldn’t make them out but I was sure I had heard Zuzanna’s voice among them.
Karolina had burst into Justy’s apartment giggling; both Zuzanna and Edyta were sitting in the front room waiting for her.
“Come on both of you I have a surprise to show you in the park but we have to be quick”. Karolina started out the door again the two girls following, both asking “what is this surprise you have to show us, and why the park”. Edyta was first to suggest. “Is it Jurgen making out with his new girlfriend”? Zuzanna’s face clouded over at the thought. “No something a lot better” Replied Karolina
All the way across the park Zuzanna and Edyta kept calling out guessing what the surprise was.
Reaching the tree Karolina Stopped and said “I am sure I left my surprise here”

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