Edyta and Karolina met Zuzanna as arranged the day before, and the three of them walked down to the centre of town, a little more quiet than usual, eventually Edyta twirled round on Zuzanna and stopped her dead in the street. “Ok what’s happened? You are so damn quiet and it is not like you, out with it girl tell us “. Zuzanna looked at the pair and calculated numbers in her brain. Smiling she blurted out “I spent the whole night making love and it was wonderful. Edyta Karolina went wide eyed. Both of them with the same thought. Quiet mousey Zuzanna spent the night making love, to whom?
Both of them chorused “WHO! Jorgen “
“No not Jorgen, neither of you know him. He is from England well actually he is from Ireland to be precise, I met him by the river he had an accident and I assisted him.”
Talking about Kevin to the two friends Zuzanna’s heart began to soften, she knew in her heart Kevin would not just have gone off and left her alone like that without a word unless something serious had happened. She decided to wait a few days to see what would happen.
“Ok girls want to help me with a little bit of pay back on Jorgen and his little Flossie?” “But of course” chorused the girls “but first we want all the low-down about this Kevin.”
The girls went into the café and took their usual seats and ordered coffee and began to plot revenge, between them they would work out a plan.

It had been a long day between the delay at Heathrow Airport and then the journey to Poole in Dorset. Another night in a hotel, not his own bed, but at least it was solid and comfortable.
Rested and relaxed Kevin entered the board room of the Brighton Tool Company. The small blonde secretary had assured him the board was assembled and waiting for him.
Taking a seat near the door, Kevin waited patiently just outside the boardroom door. About five minutes later the chairman himself came out and welcomed him with a shake of his hand. Inviting Kevin to take a seat at the board table. The chairman nodded to Kevin from his seat and began to inform the other members of his most recent achievements’, namely securing a monopolised trading deal with the Polish Newtul company, only half hearing what was being said and day dreaming of Zuzanna, Jim logan nudged me in the ribs to catch my attention as the Chairman began with “To sum up it gives me and my fellow members great pleasure to offer Kevin a position on the board as senior sales executive, of course there will be a substantial remuneration package and a position of shares within the company stock”.
I blinked twice in complete surprise never did I imagine that I would ever be offered a position on the board.
So this is what that sly old fox Logan had recalled me for, keeping it a secret until I sat at the table, but what a surprise. The chairman was just finishing off his speech with “ I will let Jim Logan fill Kevin in on his new position and if he accepts will begin his new responsibilities on Monday morning, now if that’s all the business for the day I have a round of golf and lunch at the club waiting for me, gentlemen “.
Leaving the board room with me still in shock, not absolutely sure what I had just heard.
“Right Kevin my office and we will work out the details of all this and see if it’s still interesting to you “.
I nodded my head still unsure if I should talk or not, entering Jim’s office the young blonde secretary I had met earlier that ushered me into the board room brought tea and biscuits, congratulating me on my promotion.
Did everyone except me know about it?
“Here is the deal and how we see it working, you take up a position in Poland with NewTul and liaise with us here in Poole, between us we can make a killing”.

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