She began kissing his bare chest, and with her hands, she opened the top of his trousers. First undoing his belt, then the top clip of his trousers, and finally taking the zip down.
Kevin lifted his back from the bed, anticipating her pulling on the trousers to remove them. The further down she pushed the trousers the further down she kissed him until at last she reached his ankles with his trousers, finally kicking the trousers off with abandon Kevin moaned with delight at the very thought of what was to come. She was so close to him now, lying full length on his body, the heat of her young firm breasts gently being used to tease him.
Just as he sighed in contentment at the touch of her and was reaching out to encapsulate her firm petite breasts, she moved off to one side just a little and traced her hot tongue over his private skin further and further down until she was playing tickling games with his navel. Kevin was delirious now, a combination of his earlier blood loss and the overwhelming sensations he was now experiencing.
Zuzanna began to move her tongue slowly up the length of his body all the time tickling and teasing, probing and enjoying every stroke she was making on his now naked flesh.
Kevin was in a euphoric state, no longer to able to control his body as it was swept away the phenomenal sensations now sweeping over his body. For all that Kevin was swept up in his feelings, he reached down to Zuzanna and by some mental contact for no word was spoken between them, she began to turn towards Kevin. Spreading her milky white thighs, one on either side of his head. Gently probing with his hands, he stroked the inside of her legs; tenderly he began to kiss the lower parts of her legs rising between her open legs now he had full access to her pristine body. Glistening in the half-light of the room, he could see that she was wet. My God not wet it was a virtual waterfall of love juice dripping from the lips of her pussy. Kissing the back of her legs and now so close to her pussy he could nearly feel the vibrations of anticipation from her he inserted first his tongue. What a surprise she was so tight that he had difficulty gaining any depth. He heard a low moan of pleasure as she stopped her rhythmic swaying back and forth for just a second, as she realised what he had just done. Moving his tongue back and forth over her exposed labia lips he explored all there was to offer finally arriving at her clit, reaching up with his hands he opened her pussy lips and placed his full mouth over her raised clit and began sucking slowly and rhythmically. First trying to suck it into his mouth and then as gently pushing it out again. More ands more love juice began running from her open pussy much to the delight of Kevin who lapped it up with great pleasure. Kevin then began to reach forward to Zuzanna’s breasts and cupped each in one of his hands. It was all too much for her with a great shudder her legs gave way beneath her and she collapsed onto Kevin. She had cum, the first time ever with man. Prior to this, it had always been some secret little pleasure in the bath or some erotic dream late at night. Pleasuring herself as best she could with her dexterous little fingers. She felt Kevin begin to slip out from under her still unable to move she lay face down on the bed still swimming in the emotions of the moment. Carefully caressing and gently and softly running his fingers along her back, she shuddered at his touch. Now he had mounted over her prone body. With a little pressure once again began to spread her legs. What more could he do that she had not already experienced in the last few minutes.
A little fear made her tense but again those fingers tickling her back and moving down onto her buttocks relaxed her. She could feel something alien to her applying a little pressure to her still wet pussy. A moments discomfort as he pushed the head of his manhood into her tight pussy, then she was stricken by another wave of Europhobia. Oh, my God, he had entered his manhood into her; she could feel every cm sliding into her. Why had she not done this before? It was amazing! As he began to slide out to start another push into her, she nearly screamed. “Don’t stop now”. However, she knew it was just to begin pumping that glorious piece of his manhood back into her.
The speed of his entering and pulling back began to increase and with every pump of his enormous member, she gripped the bedclothes in frenzy, all but ripping them to shreds under her nails.
Finally, with a great push Kevin climaxed and collapsed on top of Zuzanna. Both lay there panting for breath, unable to caress each other. Both were spent, their energy levels so low neither could lift an arm, both managed to come together to kiss.
Zuzanna was the first to recover looking at the window she noticed the darkness. “Oh my God I have to return to grandpa, he will wonder where I am to this time”. Zuzanna raised herself from the bed making her way to the en-suite toilet and collecting her clothes on the way.
Kevin lay back on the bed with the door to the toilet closed now, he smiled to himself, surely it was a dream this beautiful young creature was sharing his bed with him; not only his bed but also she had shared everything about herself, in a frenzied fit of lovemaking.
He knew without asking her that she had been a virgin, but her response to his every movement had been so natural and with such enthusiasm that he was bewildered. Sounds of Zuzanna washing her face and dressing filtered through the door, she smiled, as she came out, still worrying that her English so unneeded in the bed was not good enough to say all she felt. “I must go, grandfather will expect me home. I have chores to complete”. Kevin sat upright in the bed still undressed as he was. “Will I see you again?” The deep concern etched in his voice, the thought of losing this angel was too much to bear.
Smiling she reached down to the bed and kissed him fully on the lips, and with a free hand teased him in such a delightful way. “How could I afford to miss this?’ she laughed. Her laugh so deep and provocative he reached for her, once again aroused and ready for lovemaking. She nimbly danced away towards the door, giving a last shy look at his nakedness on the bed.
“2 c u l8r.” She called as she skipped out the door and closed it behind her.

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