“Thank you or I should say dziêkujê. I am afraid it is only one of the very few words of Polish I know. And now I have to make my way back to the hotel Piastowska, Prosze can you call a taxi for me”.
Zuzanna had to think he was speaking a little fast and with this strange accent it was difficult to understand what he was saying. He had tried to rise from the seat and made motions with his hands as if he was driving a car. It was then she had understood he wanted a taxi.

Of course, there were few taxis in Zegansi and those were in the town centre, with no phone in the house it was going to difficult to get a taxi. “Ah Aurek”! The boy who lived in the next apartment block, he had a car of sorts. Zuzanna explained she would go get a taxi for Kevin and disappeared out the apartment door. Somewhat bemused Grandpa tried as best he could to deal with Kevin.
It had not been hard to convince Aurek to use his car, and the promise of a small tip had weighed the balance in her favour. 10 minutes later with the help of Aurek and Grandpa, Kevin had been loaded into the car. Zuzanna explained to her Grandpa that she would see Kevin safely to the hotel and make her own way back.
The receptionist at the hotel had been a godsend she had studied English, was able to speak to Kevin after a short conversation she then spoke to Zuzanna, and explained if she would go to the room with Kevin, he would give her money for the boy Aurek.
Zuzanna dully took the money to Aurek and told him she would find her on way home, much to his dismay at Zuzanna not travelling home with him he accepted the generous tip and drove off.
Zuzanna was left standing outside the hotel wondering just what she was doing.
Kevin was in his hotel room he had access to the hotel staff so he was secure, why was she going back to see him. Smiling to herself, she made her way back to the first floor room where Kevin was staying. Her Analytical mind was doing overtime working out her motives in staying.
“Czesc, come in close the door”. Kevin said as he hobbled towards the bed to lie down, as he reached it he overbalanced and began to fall. Zuzanna tried to stop the fall but overbalanced as she was the both of them fell on to the bed together.
Kevin could smell the sweet perfume she had applied before school that morning. It aroma was of a slight flowering fragrance. He lay there on the bed holding Zuzanna embraced in his arms. At first Zuzanna had thought to rise quickly from the embrace apologising for not having been quick enough to save him. But his strong arms around her gave her such a feeling of contentment, she moved a little to look into his eyes meaning only to smile and rise up from the bed. However, as she raised her head his had bent down, their lips only centimetres away from each other. What could she do? She had to kiss him.
And kiss him she did, the passion she gave to the kiss and the passion Kevin returned was amazing.
Surely, she had known him all her life. She knew in that instant she trusted him completely.

His strong-arms around her his hands in the middle of her back, caressing her stroking her with passion and arousing in her feelings Jorgen never had.
This sensation in her loins the heat of it was driving her crazy she wanted to hold him.
Encapsulate him in her body to consume him without thought or care. Lying on the bed, they began slowly kissing his hands moving slowly up and down her back sending spasms and shivers of delight at his touch.
His hands reached the nape of her neck and he pulled her head gently towards him, all the time exploring her shoulders and neck, the sensations were nearly too much for her. Wave after wave of euphoria washed over her each stronger than the last.
His hands began to move down to her hips, now he slid them under her disarrayed shirt, the feel of his strong warm hands on her flesh feeding her own passions. The heat of her desire overcame everything. With abandon, she began to explore his body; she was in a frenzy now tearing at the bottom of his shirt in an effort to reach his skin.
Her hands reached inside his shirt touching his warm skin which drove her into even more exhortations.
Calmly Kevin reached down, took both her hands, and placed them on his chest. “Are you sure this is what you want? You hardly know me”!
She was just short of tears. Even though she didn’t understand the words she knew the meaning Kevin had intended. “Yes I feel I have known you all my life.”

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