“No, I popped it myself as I was masturbating with a banana!” she replied. “I think you have already noticed how naughty I am!”
“Did you like that?” I asked in amazement.
“Super!” there was an immediate answer.
“What about you?” I was interested in how Zuzanna had done it as well.
“You know you were there!” I smiled to the girls and embraced them.
I knew that we would have many more times like this and I would keep on fucking them as often as I could.

It was Zuzanna that came up with the next idea.” To make things even more interesting” she said.
She had already discussed it with Karolina and both of them were in agreement. “Let’s get Edyta”. Things were getting out of hand, how would I manage three girls all at the same time? Was it even possible? What if Edyta didn’t want to know? What if she decided to spill the beans? Oh my god my head was spinning. Try as I did nothing would dissuade the girls they were going to introduce Edyta to our little group. We settled down for the night, all three of us in one bed. Morning came early as it will after a late night; I explained to the girls I had to go to work for a few hours. Leaving some money I asked if they would do some grocery shopping and when I came home I would cook something nice for all of us.
Arriving at the main entrance I was pleasantly surprised to find the receptionist spoke passable English, she took me through to the factory managers office.
Krizstoff spoke fluent English and explained to me how my main role would be to oversee production on the factory floor and check specifications’ intermittently. An office had been assigned to me and all I needed was fitted computer fax telephone etc. And one more item, an office secretary. Mysha had studied in England at Birmingham University and like the manager Krizstoff spoke English with only a trace accent. Most of the morning was spent acclimatising myself with the computer keyboard, for this Mysha was a godsend. The keyboard layout was a little different to that which I was used to plus all the operating systems were in Polish. Mysha explained that the local school had an English teacher and if I liked she would set up lessons for me. I thought the idea over and explained that my language skills were so poor I would make a fool of myself. Mysha smiled “what if instead of going to school I taught you here in the office, it was manager Krizstoff’s idea for you to attend school”. This sounded more promising “yes I would like that, It will give me more office time here and keep me in touch with what’s going on, do you want me to clear it with your manager”? Mysha laughed “you are my boss, I answer only to you I was assigned by the board to make your adjustment to Poland more comfortable and as easy as possible. They knew you would have language problems so they assigned me as you baby sitter ha ha ha “.
I spent a few hours going over new specifications’ of the new tools we were creating here in Poland.
Edyta met the girls at their favourite meeting place by the river, “What’s wrong? What have you two been up to?” The look of surprise on both their faces was plainly obvious to Edyta, “Ok spit it out what badness have you two been up to”? A light seemed to come on in Edyta’s head. “Both of you stayed at Mick’s house last night didn’t you”. It was more of an accusation than a question, “What did you do? Why didn’t you call me to come for the fun”? Karolina and Zuzanna both flushed at the same time. Face’s beaming red, Edyta had guessed what they had done within a very few minutes and without knowing anything for sure.
“I want all the details and I also want to know how both of you are going to make it up to me for leaving me out”.
The three of them began laughing. Ok said Zuzanna lets make plans, with that all three he headed off to the cafe in town hand in hand. Somehow Edyta’s smile seemed larger than the other two’s.
Kevin arrived home a little after 3pm, noticing the girls had been and gone by the groceries left in the fridge and cupboard. Kevin was just about to start making a meal for the three of them when he noticed a small note on the notice board “Don’t make tea for us we will be late home, have to go to college this afternoon to make final preparations’ for exams. C u about 7pm for more fun and…….. games all three of us”. Kevin pondered over the note for a few minutes was it Karolina’s less than perfect English or is there more to read in the note? Did she mean the three of us or three of them? Kevin gave up wondering and made his own tea, lying out afterwards listening to the TV with BBC prime on satellite. Before long he was fast asleep and dreaming.
At some point the dream took on a realism I could feel the real sensation of some one rubbing gently at my crotch, I started to wake sorrowful at losing the dream but my sorrow turned to joy when I realised that Zuzanna was sitting on the floor beside me and opening the front of my pants, reaching inside and cupping my cock in her sweet mouth. Gently she began to rhythmically move her head up and down the full length of my cock. I became aware of someone else close by and expecting to look around and see Karolina I was gobsmacked to see Zuzanna’s other friend Edyta standing wide eyed and eating the view with her eyes and mind, a laugh from the other side of the room brought me to full awareness. I blustered, “what’s happening”?
All three laughed at me in my distress as I tried to close up my trousers jumping to my feet.
Zuzanna stood directly in front of me not giving an inch, “You can handle two, and let’s see what you can do with three”.
The girls took seats on the couch leaving me standing there like a fish out of water and trying to compose myself. Edyta staring at me with one eyebrow raised, appraising what little she could see of me in an aroused state. I decided to take the bull by the horns, slowly undoing my belt and unzipping my trousers I let them fall to the floor. Looking straight at Edyta I said “Show me what you can do”. Edyta slid from the couch onto her knees directly in front of me at crotch height, she reached up and began pulling my shorts down inch by inch until I was fully exposed Zuzanna and Karolina had moved side by side with Edyta by this time none of them taking their collective eyes from my erect manhood. “Suck it, suck it” cried the other two in unison. Slowly Edyta reached up again taking hold of my cock gently starting to rub it back and forth, ever so slowly moving her mouth to cover it. The first touch of her lips on the head of my cock sent spasm’s through my whole body. I was vaguely aware of Zuzanna moving behind me and Karolina moving in close beside Edyta. Once more I felt Zuzanna’s hands kneading my balls gently and her lip’s playing with the cheeks of my backside. The sensation’s from so much hand’s on input were to overwhelming,
Sadly the weekend finished and the girls returned home, promises were made if time was available the girls would collectively or individually visit as they could.
Monday morning came as it does the office was inviting and comfortable and Kevin didn’t mind having to start early,
As always no matter how early Kevin arrived Mysha was sitting at her desk working on the computer, “ah Kevin good morning, I am glad you have arrived early, I have a replacement!” Kevin was bewildered “what replacement? I never asked for anyone else you have been perfect in your work here. What will I do without your translation skills?” Mysha smiled and looked towards my office “this may work out just as well for you “and winked at me in a knowing way, curious I walked towards the office entrance, A young woman of about 20 years was seated with her back to me but from the initial glance I gave her she was in all the right proportions, I gently closed the door to my office. “Ok what is happening? Who is this girl?” Mysha handed me a CV, and quietly she put her hand on my arm, I followed her out of the office to the hallway, “Kevin she comes from Poznan originally but has been living in Ireland this last three years, and has left there because her lover left her. she has come here home to start a new life and try to forget what has happened to her, but read her CV and I am sure you will not be disappointed with her office skills, and most important she speaks Polish as a native, courtesy of her mother and father,” Kevin smiled at Mysha knowing she had already approved the girl sitting in his office.

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