I understood I should be the loser. At that time Karolina, pulling my T-shirt from me, stroked my chest and went on kissing. Taking my cock she made a mistake, because she was aroused, too. My finger found her little button; its stimulation gave her an ocean of great emotions. I increased the pressure on that wonderful spot and Zuzanna was on the edge in several minutes.
“Ahh, I lost!”
Karolina exclaimed. “Which way do you want to be satisfied?”
“It’s up to you!” gasped Zuzanna.
“To the fullest!” Karolina said.
We changed glances. Zuzanna submissively lay on her back and spread her slim legs. I knelt down between her legs and tried directing my cock into the place where the cock should be stuck. Zuzanna raised her ass and moved forward, but she failed.
“Why should I always be a teacher?” Karolina breathed out with a smile.
She took my cock and directed it straight into Zuzanna’s pussy. I thrust forward and my cock slid into her depths easily till it bumped against a tight membrane. My cock easily reached her obstacle and I didn’t want to pop her, but the thought struck me “What’s the fuck! If I don’t break it, then who will!”
With those thoughts I thrust and the hymen broke. So my cock went deeper and deeper. Zuzanna cried out quietly and bit her lip. I started moving back and forth slowly giving her time to get used to that. Her tense face became smoother and in a moment she was moaning with pleasure. “Wow! How great it is! I’m fucking!” I thought I would cum from that idea but I went on fucking. But it didn’t last long. Since it was my first time I reached the edge soon.
We were shaking from orgasm. I was Cumming straight into her without worrying about the consequences. After my breath was restored, I moved aside and noticed that Karolina sat near and watched the action with envy and caressed herself between her legs. Zuzanna and I lay near each other and collected ourselves.
“You two have cum again but not me!”
“Shall I help you?” I asked and was happy to serve them both.
“No, let her do it! She is the loser!”
“How?” Zuzanna was astonished.
“Like he did yesterday!” Karolina said and spread the legs.
Scared, Zuzanna bent down, collected herself and dipped between Karolina’s legs.

Watching it, I got excited again. “You can’t feel that as you jerk off. It’s interesting how many times I can stand it!” The girls went at it good and I couldn’t watch it long. Moving Zuzanna aside softly I took her place. Karolina’s opened her eyes and smiled. Then she stopped me with her hand and I started cursing myself that I had failed, but the cousin turned on her stomach and got on the fours. I caught on; I’m bright. My cock found the target at once. I thrust it into the balls and was full of sensations. Karolina began moaning and squealing as I grabbed by her hips and started ramming her young cunt.
Suddenly two hands embraced me from behind and started moving slowly to my cock. “Fuck, I forgot of Zuzanna!” it occurred to me. At that time she found my ball sacks and squeezed them to my rhythm. They had already been heavy and ready to explode. So, I moved my hand behind my back to her pussy. She began enjoying my two fingers sawing in and out of her popped-up cunt that was lubricated with my sticky sperm and it went out of her hot spot and down her thighs and my fingers.
This time our interaction lasted longer. At the time Zuzanna started squirting and covering my fingers in her sweet juices, she squeezed my blue balls so hard that it made my cock jerk and shoot a new portion of my baby-making cum. Karolina was excited so much that her cunt started milking my cock intensively. Phew, the three of us had cum together this time. After coming to ourselves, my sex partners moved over to me, knelt down in front of me and got down to sucking my cock clean like. I asked Karolina as we were lying down resting, “Ain’t you a virgin? Have you already been popped up?”

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