The next portion of cum splashed on her amazing tits. I moaned with pleasure and fell on the floor. My head was spinning around.
“Yummy!” I heard Karolina’s voice.
“Now that was nice!”
Opening my eyes I saw Zuzanna stare at that with confusion and interest.
“What the fuck?” she exclaimed saying to Karolina.
“That’s unfair! Both of you have cum and enjoyed it but not me!” Karolina giggled staring at me.”What should I do?” surprised, I asked her.
“Try brining me off with your tongue” Karolina said, forecasting her wishes.
Karolina lay on the floor removing her bra and knickers as she did and spread the legs so wide that I got the point of my coming actions. What a sight it was!
“Lie down!” she ordered.
Intuitively I understood what I had to do. I lay between her legs and started licking the way I saw in X-rated movies. My tongue was swaying up and down. It was very easy and I enjoyed feeling her sweet juices. Karolina started moaning loudly and moved her body to mine. We were on the edge and didn’t notice anything else.
She started moaning so loudly and my tongue entered the places of her body. I was drunk by her taste and smell. Karolina’s body tensed, she grabbed my hair tight and screamed. Then she softened and stretched out on the blanket after an intensive orgasm.
I looked up and saw Zuzanna who sat on the sofa with spread legs and with her hand between them, I hadn’t noticed being so busy that she had also stripped off completely. The sight excited her so much. I was aroused and I had a hard-on again. Considering that no suggestions were needed I came up to Zuzanna who sat still and frigged herself furiously? I stood in front of her such that my cock was against her face, staining her pretty face with the rest of my cum that had been left on it. She immediately caught on and embracing it with her palm, another was on her crotch, and started stroking along it tenderly and then sped up.
I closed my eyes. I knew that the faster she frigged herself the faster she stroked my cock. After awhile I felt two hands embracing me: one took my balls tenderly massaging them, another stroked my buttocks. It was Karolina. That girl knew how to make hot moments hotter! Opening my eyes I saw Zuzanna open her mouth and take my tool in it. What bliss! I couldn’t stand it any longer that time.
Coming to the brink I watched the cousins. Karolina massaged my balls in her palms and bent to lick my cock with her tongue now and then. That was so exciting and pleasurable I had to cum.
Zuzanna didn’t wait for it to finish. She moved her head back and unlike Karolina relished as the cum splashed down her throat. Karolina seeing this dove down swiftly and surrounded my cock with her lips and drank the rest of my cum.
I was fully exhausted. I just lay on the sofa and lay still, hearing the girls getting dressed. With those thoughts I fell asleep till the next morning.
I was fully exhausted. I just lay on the sofa and laid still, hearing the girls get dressed and remembering what seemed like a dream. It was clear that our actions never would be forgotten. I had had a hard-on since morning and Karolina passing by touched the tent in my pants. Zuzanna stared at me all day long. After doing some work in the garden and having dinner, Zuzanna and I informed Karolina we were going shopping. Karolina decided not to accompany us and lay under the tree with a book. We were silent on our way to the shop. We talked on our way back. All of a sudden, Zuzanna struck up a question like a thunder in the clear sky, “Karolina wants to know if it hurts to fuck?”
“What did you tell her?” I said.
“My friends said it hurt, especially if it’s the first time.”
“What about yesterday?” I wanted to know about her first experience with a real cock.
“It was great yesterday. At first it wasn’t good, then it was cool!” she confessed.
“Do you want to fuck?” I asked the way I discussed the weather.
“Yes please but like last night again all three of us”
Our talking stopped at that, because we got to the house. Getting out the products, everyone did their duties. I took a book and went upstairs as Zuzanna and Karolina did their things. The reading went badly and I only thought about my girl’s naked bodies and pussies. I wanted to jerk off as I heard a creak on the stairs and Zuzanna and Karolina entered my room. They wore skirts and T-shirts and I could see they didn’t wear bras under them. Sitting on the bedside they asked what we’d do tonight.
“Maybe play cards again?” I asked carefully.
“No, it’s boring,” Karolina pulled a face.
“What else?” I asked, scared that they weren’t interested in our adventures any more.
“Let’s play a flower!” there was a suggestion.
“What’s the idea?” I asked and I didn’t have a slight notion about this kind of game.
“Whoever cums first loses!” smiling Karolina said.
“Okay,” I replied.
Karolina bent over to me and put her lips on mine gently. Her tongue pierced into my mouth and started moving. Oh my God! At that moment somebody’s arm started sliding up my leg. I put my arm on Karolina’s tit too and started squeezing it slowly. Zuzanna’s, it was her arm that stroked my cock through the pants, got up on the bed and knelt down, spreading her legs above me.
Stopping the stroking, she took the jeans and pulled them down. The pants and boxers went down together.
“What will a loser do?” I asked between kisses.
“The loser will satisfy the rest as they wish,” Karolina’s sentence Made me double my efforts. One hand slid under Karolina’s skirt, another under Zuzanna’s skirt. Neither of them had on panties. They were smart girls to have nothing in my fingers’ way. It was great to caress both pussies! The girls didn’t waste time either. Zuzanna immediately took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it slowly. She was great at it. “It was only her second time!” It occurred to me, “And she’s on her way to become an eager cock-sucker!” I was sure that she would improve her skills as we progressed.

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